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    Dismissing chest work due to breast implants.

    I have implants under my muscle which I got in 2010 and still train chest and never had any issues. My doctor told me after surgery to allow 12 weeks for recovery before adding chest exercises back in.
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    Any other pregnant ladies out there looking to stay fit?

    Sorry for the delayed response. I didn't see this. I'm not doing a cathe roatation now. I will be 33 weeks Saturday. I've been doing a ton of spinning because any jumping is just uncomfortable to me. And the low impact stung with the slide-n-glide discs cause me pelvic pain. So I've been doing...
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    Any other pregnant ladies out there looking to stay fit?

    Hey there! Congrats on getting through your first trimester. I'm currently 7 months pregnant with my first. So far I have continued with my usual workouts just modifying when I felt necessary. I've been very consistent since the beginning often finding that no matter how crappy I feel or tired I...
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    Any new cycling workouts on the horizon?

    No I was talking about a different website that specializes in spinning, not cathe. Here is the website
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    Any new cycling workouts on the horizon?

    Have you tried studio sweat on demand? They have some pretty kick butt spin classes with Great music and awesome spin instructors
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    Pregnancy advice

    Thanks! I am well. Approaching 22 weeks. I follow this competitor on Facebook. Thank you for the article. It was a great read!
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    Spin Bike Recommendations

    I have this spin bike Absolutely love it! I've had it for 2.5 years with zero issues. You can't beat the price either.
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    Total body weight workouts

    If one does a Cathe Live or DVD total body workout twice per week, do you feel as though there is enough lower body work or should a leg day be added? I workout 5 days per week and was planning on doing 2 total body weight workouts and 3 cardios. Wondering if that will be enough legs or if I...
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    Pregnancy advice

    Thank you all for your advice! It's so nice to read stories about people who have already went through it. I'm going to shelve ripped with hiit for now. I'm a member to Cathe on demand so I know there are endless options. Also I will stick with Kelly Coffey workouts as well. As far as diet I...
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    Pregnancy advice

    Hi ladies. It's been a long time since I've posted. I am 10 weeks pregnant with my first. Eeeekkkkk. I've always done high intensity workouts: cathe, spinning, plyometrics, running etc. My doctor said in the first trimester I can continue since my body is used to these activities but to take it...
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    Nov 12, 2015

    I did this workout tonight and loved loved loved it! This was by far your best full body weights workout. I see myself doing this one regularly
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    Video Clip of Cathe's PHA Training Live

    Just did this workout. It was awesome! Love the concept. I wanted to let you know though the video cuts out like at the last 5 minutes. Audio still plays but it's just the " cathe live" screen
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    Athleta fitness clothing

    I'm totally in LOVE with Athleta. Definitely on the pricey side but it's worth it to me. I wear their clothes even when I'm not working out. I allow myself either 1 or 2 new pieces of workout clothing every pay period. It's really the only thing I spend on myself so I don't feel to guilty...
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    Yoga DVD? ADVANCED- Power or Vinyasa?

    I'll add to my original response that I agree with the others about the ultimate yogi. Amazing and challenging yoga set!
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    Yoga DVD? ADVANCED- Power or Vinyasa?

    I really like all things Shiva Rea when it comes to vinyassa yoga. Her Surf Yoga soul is a nice challenging practice that is chartered so you can create longer and shorter practices.