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    sneaker advice

    I do my workouts in my basement on carpeting, and my go to sneaker is Asics. Any of their styles works for me. Never have to try them on. Always a perfect fit and perfect support.
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    Are the cloth bands less prone to twisting and tangling?

    Holy moly.....are you a night owl, too? Wasn’t expecting such a quick reply! Thank you so much for your response, and I will certainly consider the cloth bands.
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    Are the cloth bands less prone to twisting and tangling?

    It seems like the cloth bands are more substantial than elastic ones, which would be amazing! I recently purchased elastic loops, and I have been unhappy with how long it takes me to get them into place (specifically around my ankles and thighs), twisting and tangling and ending up with me...
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    The Viper Workout - WOW!!

    Agreed! Definitely a tough workout. My favorite on the DVD was The Gauntlet. It’s a great workout if it’s time for a New Year’s Resolution, or time for a major change. Tough, but fun.
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    Cathe, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    It was great to see you in the newsletter today, to see that you are doing well and focusing on your healing. Wishing you all the best for a smooth and speedy recovery. You have always spent so much time taking care of us, now it is time to take care of you. Best wishes, Cathe.
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    Low Weight, Low Impact

    Hi, Stacy! There is no need to try heavy strength training with your lower body if you are unable, I tore my ACL several years ago, and my physical therapist was amazed how strong my legs were, in spite of not doing traditional weight lifting. I had only been doing karate and body weight...
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    STS question

    If you have the Slow and Heavy series, you could substitute Slow and Heavy Legs for Meso 3. Not exactly the same, but possibly better than having to modify too much.
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    Fave workout clothes?

    Sports bras for larger chested favorite at the moment is SHEFIT. So adjustable, the shoulders have Velcro, the chest has Velcro, plus the front is zip-up so there is no ugly struggling out of a sweaty bra. If you don’t know your proper size, SHEFIT will send you a measuring tape so...
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    Covid in USA

    I'm so glad the vaccination went well for you, rhbrand!
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    Cathe's new tubings

    Buyer beware......the color of the tubing isn't always the strength you should be using. In Perfect Pump upper body, I followed along with green tubing since that is what Cathe and crew seemed to be using, yet more than half way through the video she mentions she is using medium tension (which...
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    vitamin for women over 40

    Every woman is different, but the vitamin that has worked for me is GNC Women's Multivitamin Active Without Iron. It has all the B vitamins for energy and none of the iron which is not required after no longer having a period. I love this vitamin, and can always tell a difference when I have...
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    Covid in USA

    Posting again because I am nervous about DH receiving the vaccine tomorrow. He is "forced" to receive it because his job requires travel. A few of his co-workers have already been so sick from the vaccine that they had to take a few sick days. I would love a reliable vaccine, but I feel that...
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    Update to Cathe’s Bodybuilding Rotation

    I am obviously not Cathe, but I do have an idea for updating this rotation. I haven't tried it yet myself, but this is what I've been thinking: Do STS in its entirety Take one week off Do Xtrain for one month (but NOT Burn Sets or CLB) Do the ICE series for two weeks Do Fit Split series...
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    New Year's Eve

    Late reply.....I live near the Herr's snack factory, which hosts a holiday lights display every year, so DH and I spent New Year's Eve driving through it. Then, after enjoying some wine at our house, we celebrated the New Year in my family's the stroke of midnight we opened both...
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    Covid in USA

    I have read that the new strain of Covid is more infectious, yet much less serious and deadly and virulent than the original. As for the Covid vaccine.....the last few times I received the regular flu vaccine, I had horrible reactions to it that my doctors couldn't explain. So why bother...