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    Hair Color

    Luckily, I had my hair color done the week before we were all placed under house arrest, but I too am worried about having to color my own hair (and feeling guilty and spoiled for worrying about that!) I not only cover the grays, but have highlights too. Eeeek! My suggestion would be to look...
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    Best Smoothie Maker

    Another vote for BlendTec. Admittedly, I only use it for my morning smoothies with almond milk, protein powder and fruit. Quick, efficient, and easy to clean.
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    Lower Body Workout to Pair with Ramped Up Upper Body

    I had to laugh when I saw this thread because I was creating a new rotation for myself today, and I needed a lower body workout to balance out Ramped Up Upper Body. I think Lower Body Blast would be a good choice. I also like the premix in the Kick Punch and Crunch / Legs and Glutes DVD that...
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    October 2019 Rotation

    Or... Fire It Up Friday (or Firm It Up Friday, or Fierce Upper Body Mix Friday) Sucking Wind Saturday (:p), or Scorching Calories Saturday Great idea, Nanbo! I had fun with this.
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    October 2019 Rotation

    How about.... Fry Your Upper Body Friday Sweat It Out Saturday with Hiit
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    1 Month Rotations or 2+ Month Rotations?

    I find that doing longer rotations like STS is more effective for me. If I do a 1 month Cathe rotation, I will extend it to 2 or 3 months, because it takes that long for me to see sustained cardio/strength benefits.
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    STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

    Ok, so I've done both the standard STS rotation and the pyramid. With the standard STS rotation I got results, but with the pyramid I got RESULTS!! Difficult to describe, but I think with the standard rotation it was easy to lose muscle strength and definition if I chose to move on to a...
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    Favorite Cathe Step Workouts?

    Oh my, this post makes me feel so old o_Oo_O because I can no longer do what I once did. Back in the day, my all time favorite step DVD was Rhythmic Step. Still love it, and wish I could do credit to it. Other favorites that I still occasionally do are IMAX 2, and High Intensity Step and Low...
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    Looking for some help and suggestions

    I agree with desertambrosia, STS is the way to go, especially Mesocycle 2. Whenever I feel that I've lost muscle strength/tone/definition, I do an 8 week round of STS Meso 2 in which I repeat each week twice. Works every time with firmer, rounded, more visible muscles.
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    Rest week

    For my rest week, my main goal is to avoid any kind of strength training so my muscles can rest. I do stretching, yoga, pilates, walking on the treadmill, light elliptical training, or any of my cardio DVDs that are at the beginner or intermediate level.
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    Feeling like a weakling- able to lift half of Cathe's weights

    Congratulations on your progress, That is fantastic! So many Cathletes have given you great advice. My advice would be....have you considered trying STS? With that program, I still can't lift what Cathe does, yet I feel so accomplished because she instructs how much weight I should begin with...
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    Hello! Does Butts and Guts Workout DVD Give you bigger legs?!!!!

    I know this is an older thread, but I wanted to add my input. I've been doing a SANDS rotation and including B&G once a week. I would have to say that B&G has definitely not added any size or bulk to my legs or butt. In fact, I think I am losing some of the hard earned muscle I gained when I...
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    Yes, yes, yes, I completely agree. As I've said in another post, it is easier to modify an advanced workout (for me) than it is to ramp up a beginner workout, so please bring on the advanced stuff!
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    I agree that Cathe is the wizard of "advanced" workouts!!! Honestly, after ICE, Fit Split, and LITE, I think we are due for a more advanced, comprehensive series. My ultimate dream would be STS 2 with shock cardio, or any type of Hiit/Liit cardio. Just saying, it is easier (for me) to modify...
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    3 day rotation?

    My suggestions would be: Day 1: Short upper body strength combined with short cardio segment (from Cardio Slam, kick box, etc.) Day 2: Depends on your goals. If more weight loss, then 60 minute steady state cardio such as step workout, kickboxing or cycling. If more strength training, than...