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    Barbell Workout

    Me too, I'm in. Barbell work with slower rep counts, and heavy weight.
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    If Cathe made an STS 2...

    STS 2 First i like all of the idea's that the ladies above have suggested. I would also like to have an STS where you have the option to work body parts twice a week. A slower rep speed e.g. 2 count down 2 count up so you can handle more weight. A squat rack option for meso 2 as...
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    I thought you should know....

    Cathe So very sorry to hear of the loss of your dad. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. xx
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    Prayers For ReneePruitt

    Renee Sorry for your loss. Thoughts, prayers and hugs to you and your family.
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    STS 2

    STS 2 great suggestion. I would order today.
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    Flu shots...mandatory at work!!!

    I have to ask, but what about visitors to the hospital that have not been immunized? Seems double standard to me to expect hospital personnel to have shots, but then let the public in that haven't been immunized. Just a thought.
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    STS Part 2??

    Good question. I would also love a follow up of the STS program and the slow and heavy series. I have all Cathe's dvd's, and I also never get sick of doing her workouts or series. Hill
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    Slow & Heavy II

    Yeah Slow and Heavy 2 I agree angie_nrs slow and heavy is a fantastic workout, and a great suggestion. I'd pre order for sure. Love that workout. Hill
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    Just to do it - or progress it

    Lorrie You look fantastic. I've been lifting weights for years and have not come close to looking anywhere near as good as you. The gains you have made are amazing. I suppose it is possible to max out, but even if that's the case the achievements you have made will stay with you for ever...
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    Mindy's Intensity Overload!

    I have been looking at getting that dvd. I have never done any of Mindy's workouts till I recently purchased Mindy's Tabata Trek, that too is a great dvd. It consists of bike and floor tabata's alternating between the two. There is also the option of either doing just the bike tabata's or the...
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    Shadow Theatre

    Janie thanks for sharing, bought tears to my eyes also. Agree with CeciFifi wow amazing.
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    Thoughts and Prayers to Boston

    Senseless. Thoughts and prayers to all.
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    How about a sequel series?

    Slow and Heavy Pyramid Push Pull & Supersets Hiit Travel Fit Another STS series Muscle Max
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    Questions for Cathe

    100 rep challenge Hi Cathe I would like to ask how many times a week can you do the 100 rep challenges? For example Hip Thrusts, could I do these 3 times a week or would that be too much? Thanks for all you do. Have a great day
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    order #112892

    Order no 113023. Can't wait.