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    how to eat veggies? (from a potato-lover)

    I find spinach simple to add to lots of things. Scrambled eggs, ground turkey, a smoothie. If I'm having chili I'll even serve it over a bed of spinach. Can't taste it that way ;)
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    STS Pyramid Results and/or sts 6 days/week

    I've done the regular 3 months of STS and done pyramid style of 1,2,3,2,1 twice. I just finished the second round last week and I love it. When I go back and do 2 and 1 I increase the weight by 5% for every exercise. I'm sore pretty much every week. And my arms are ripped!
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    Lower Back Pain

    I get significant low back pain with STS. Mine seems to be caused by tightness. I'll do hip and leg stretching and it makes all the difference (usually a yin type yoga)
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    Which Cathe Videos have Barre Work?

    Meso 1 legs has some things like that as a bonus after she finishes the weight work. Pretty sure there was a paper plate involved
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    Workout Manager Rotation Saving to Calendar Problem

    Phew! I've been struggling this for the last 30 minutes. Glad I checked the forums.
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    RWH + XTrain 8-week rotation

    I'm not sure how to share the link, but the 30 day rotation of this is in the workout manager - posted 2104-12-08
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    Need to find some yoga

    I second Travis. I've done about 3 rounds of his Ultimate Yogi. Once I got used to his ... yogishness!... I really like his instruction.
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    Yoga Experiences...please share

    I hated yoga... and because of that figured it's exactly what my body needed. I found The Ultimate Yogi 108 day program and gave it a shot a few years ago. It provided enough power yoga for the "burn" I needed. Balance improved greatly, flexibility improved, back pain got better and I leaned out...
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    Tennis elbow ... workout suggestions

    what is a mace weight?
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    Tennis elbow ... workout suggestions

    I had this in my other elbow a few years ago. 2 months of physical therapy did nothing. i was getting prolotherapy injections in my back for pain there. I asked if he used that to treat tennis elbow. He did, and it just took that one round of maybe 3 shots in that area and within about 2 weeks I...
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    Tennis elbow ... workout suggestions

    those are great suggestions! thanks:) see - i just needed a fresh perspective!!
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    Tennis elbow ... workout suggestions

    I'm suffering from wicked tennis elbow - had to stop xtrain 2 weeks before I finished. Ice, heat, massage, blah blah blah. Trying all of it. Last time it was nearly impossible to get rid of. After 2 weeks of doing nothing (frustrated and depressed) I have to keep working out. So, can't lift...
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    DVDs skipping

    I had several discs from Xtrain that skipped/paused. We (still!) have a store here that rents DVDs ... and they have a machine that resurfaces DVDs. I had them do it to the 3 that caused me a problem and worked perfectly! There might have been like a $3 fee. Maybe you could find a place near you...
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    Menopausal-Slimming Down All Over what's up with the Core

    There's a sense of achievement when I finish Whole30! If you do it my advice would be look at your calendar carefully and plan it during a time you don't have a lot going on. And if you're working out be sure to follow the whole30 for athletes!
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    Menopausal-Slimming Down All Over what's up with the Core

    I'm 46 and peri myself. I typically follow a paleo type food plan but got off track for a few months. Yikes. A good lesson that as I age it's more important to not do that!! Last year I did a 6 month rotation of STS, HiiT 2x a week and metabolic one day. I also threw in a round of Whole 30 (a...