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    Weight Wachers

    I'm a WW lifetime member, although not currently at goal, and am now attending meetings weekly again. One of my pet peeves with WW has always been the activity points. There never seemed to be a good ways to calculate them. Most of the leaders don't do anything near Cathe style workouts and...
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    Need Help Moving Weights

    Thanks for the suggestions. I guess I'll just put them in the truck wherever they fit. We're moving from AZ to So. Cal. My last move was from one house to another on the same block so I just moved them a couple at a time in my car. This time we're renting a huge U-haul - the biggest one they...
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    Need Help Moving Weights

    We are moving this week and I have no idea how to pack my weights. The smaller ones I can figure out but what do you do with the heavier ones. Do you put them in boxes with other stuff or just pile them in the truck loose? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I really didn't think I'd...
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    Beachbody products from ebay or amazon

    Not true. If you buy from Amazon Marketplace there is the A to Z guarantee, but usually the seller will refund you without resorting to that. You will be refunded in full if the product is defective and if a third party seller is selling bootlegged copies the will be kicked off. Amazon is...
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    Need Some Non Fitness Advice

    Well, I'm on my way to Italy. I'm bringing jewelry as gifts and some Arizonan wine! There are actually a couple of AZ wines that are very good and it's the last thing anyone would expect from here. As for my friend, I bit the bullet and called. Once her mom figured out who was on the phone...
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    The meaning of your user name

    Because the ones I wanted were already taken, including the names of all four of my cats so I add an 's' to one of their names and got Jaffas. I recently got an account on another site and got the user name Cathlete!
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    Use a walker as a dipping station

    That's such a great idea. I always see walkers at the Goodwill. And I'd love to see the looks on peoples faces when they see one in the workout room hanging out with all your other fitness equipment!
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    Need Some Non Fitness Advice

    I was thinking along the lines of some Southwest jewelry or pottery too. I think I'll stick to jewelry because Italian apartments are usually pretty small and I have no idea what would fit in with their decor. I kind of already knew the answer to the second question. I'll just have to bite...
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    Need Some Non Fitness Advice

    Over the years I've been on these forums I've marveled at the amazing insightful advice Catheletes have to offer on everything from parenting to summer reading. Well now I turn to you with a couple of things I need help with. The first should be fun, the second - not so much. So here goes. This...
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    OK 'fess up, who's caught royal wedding fever?

    Oh man, I wasn't going to post on this thread 'cause I have no interest in watching any weddings; not even my own (I did the quick Vegas thing). But traditional English breakfast? That's something I'd get my butt out of bed for! Seriously, I don't have a single photo of my wedding and yet I'm...
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    If Cathe was President of the United States, _______________.

    We'd all have to quit our whining.
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    Any medical professionals out there who can explain

    And where do they find those receptionists? I've actually changed doctors due to the rude front office staff who act like their job is to keep you away from the doctor. And why does the receptionist always ask why you want an appointment, then when you finally do get into see the doctor the...
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    Anyone else eat the same things most of the time?

    Breakfast and lunch are pretty much always the same with slight variations. Breakfast is usually hot cereal with 1/2 banana and blueberries or cold cereal with yogurt and, of course, coffee. Lunch is either soup and a sandwich with a side of raw carrots or soup and an egg with toast. Once in a...
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    What things can you NOT live without?

    We watched "The Road" a few days ago. It is very disturbing. I actually am less disturbed by those kind of movies than DH. He's been telling anyone that will listen to NOT watch it!
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    What things can you NOT live without?

    If you really want to get serious about being prepared ask a mormon. I occasionally teach solar cooking classes and they are my core audience. Most of my classes are sponsored by stores that sell preparedness products, including Sun Ovens. Every mormon household is supposed to have a year's...