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    I am scheduled to get my tubes and right ovary removed

    I had my uterus, a tube and an ovary removed. They could not do it laporscopically so I they did a full open. Recovery was a breeze with just the expected soreness. I could not lift anything over 10 pounds for two weeks. After that, it was business as usual.
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    Cathe Live Spreadsheet 01/30/2017

    me too, please! Thanks.
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    Gall Bladder Polyp

    I started having stomach issues at around 52. I got to the point where, if any fat was present in my food, I would be in pain. Eventually, I would throw up all my food. My gallbladder was removed and found to be be very inflamed and infected. The operation was a breeze as was recovery. I have...
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    What do you substitute........

    Lunges and squats kill my knees.
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    What do you substitute........

    For lunges and squats?
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    Did I lose my Cardio Fitness?

    So would the perfect workout be two days hiit, 2 days steady and two days weights?
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    Have you ever updated your lose weight rotation? I know that's not the correct title, but you know what I mean.
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    Body Beast and Petite Women

    What programs/rotations gave you a lean look?
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    Any recommendations for a dishwasher?

    which models of Bosch and Maytag do you have?
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    Any recommendations for a dishwasher?

    I need a new dishwasher but I am so confused reading all the reviews. Anyone know of any good ones? Thanks
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    Pull-Ups with Band Assist

    Thanks for the info. I had no idea where to start!
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    Pull-Ups with Band Assist

    I looked at the bands. How do you know which band to buy? what did you start with?
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    Announcing Cathe's Next Video Series!

    Was trying to fight the urge, but why bother. The one time that I did not place a preorder, I regretted it. So, I might as well go ahead and order. The timing couldn't be better since my birthday is in July! Thanks Cathe!
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    Hysterectomy and weight gain

    Renee, I had a hysterectomy 20 months ago. I need a colon resection and that operation could not be done until my uterus and fibroids were taken out. The plan was to remove my uterus and fallopian tubes. My doctor said that the current research believes that ovarian cancer starts in the...
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    Solid cardio of your choice?

    Thanks everyone for your help.