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    New step advice

    Thank you
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    New step tread

    Thank you
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    New step advice

    I need to buy a new step. The top has a pebble top instead of the old tread. Does anyone prefer the pebble top over the old tread?
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    New step tread

    I need to buy a new step. Does anyone have the new pebble top? Do you like it more than the tread top?
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    Hair Color

    Some hairdressers have been dropping off the color to their customers.
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    Hair Color

    As someone who has always colored her own roots, I say go for it. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube and honestly it is not difficult at all. In 25 years of doing it myself, I have never messed it up. And saved a ton of money.
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    I am scheduled to get my tubes and right ovary removed

    I had my uterus, a tube and an ovary removed. They could not do it laporscopically so I they did a full open. Recovery was a breeze with just the expected soreness. I could not lift anything over 10 pounds for two weeks. After that, it was business as usual.
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    Cathe Live Spreadsheet 01/30/2017

    me too, please! Thanks.
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    Gall Bladder Polyp

    I started having stomach issues at around 52. I got to the point where, if any fat was present in my food, I would be in pain. Eventually, I would throw up all my food. My gallbladder was removed and found to be be very inflamed and infected. The operation was a breeze as was recovery. I have...
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    What do you substitute........

    Lunges and squats kill my knees.
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    What do you substitute........

    For lunges and squats?
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    Did I lose my Cardio Fitness?

    So would the perfect workout be two days hiit, 2 days steady and two days weights?
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    Have you ever updated your lose weight rotation? I know that's not the correct title, but you know what I mean.
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    Body Beast and Petite Women

    What programs/rotations gave you a lean look?
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    Any recommendations for a dishwasher?

    which models of Bosch and Maytag do you have?