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    Our 272nd Cathe Live Broadcast

    Which model of gloves and what weight are these, Cathe? The workout was spectacular, and now I want your gloves!
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    Nov 7, 2019

    Love love love the pic. But which model of gloves (and weight) did you use???
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    Boxing Gloves question

    Hi, Cathe, I just did your latest Live kickboxing workout (the one with Nate) and it is amazing! I'm wondering which model (and weight) of the UFC boxing gloves you're using, since I'm in the market for a new pair. Thanks so much! Annie
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    How much do black boxing gloves weigh?

    I was at work when I posted earlier, and when I came home, lo and behold! the weights were listed on the blue and red gloves (duh!). So the next ones would be 16 oz. Does anyone use 16 oz. gloves in the Cathe group, or is that overkill for kickboxing?
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    How much do black boxing gloves weigh?

    I've used the blue and the red Everlast boxing gloves for quite some time, and am now ready to up the weight. Are the black ones 12, 14 or 16 oz? Thanks, Annie
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    PHA 2 - time not showing?

    I've tried on Chrome, Firefox and safari on all three of our macs. Same problem. Only some workouts show the time as it goes along, a lot of them don't.
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    PHA 2 - time not showing?

    Most of the ones with the time showing are gone. I, too, love knowing where I'm at during a workout. And if I stop, where do I pick up from? Cathe, what's going on here?
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    Spri Stability Ball - how to inflate????

    My last ball was sub-par, so checked this forum for what Cathe uses, and it was the Spri ball. Bought it and was happy to get it...until I started trying to inflate it. I have an electric pump that has always inflated my other balls, but the hole in this ball is too small to take either tip...
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    Link to Equipment??

    Thank you so much!
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    Link to Equipment??

    Hi! There was a link on pinterest to equipment Cathe used for her workouts, but it seems to be gone now. Is there another place to look? I'd love to know which brands she uses for stability balls, bands, etc. Thanks to anyone who can help! Best, Annie
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    Cathe, which workout sneakers do you wear?

    Thanks. Yes, I noticed in the live classes and the DVD's that a lot of the class were wearing Nikes. I'd love to know which ones!
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    Cathe, which workout sneakers do you wear?

    I've worn Ryka for years, but they seem to be made differently in the last couple of years. I think you mentioned once that you wear Nike. If so, which ones? I'm open to all brands, but need to know which cross-trainers to buy. Thanks so much! Annie
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    Wondering how you put the Live workouts together

    Cathe, I have no idea how you manage to come up with so many innovative ideas every week for the Live workouts. You keep fine-tuning and changing it up so that they're never boring, and the workouts continue to challenge us. So my question is: how do you decide which type of workout to do...
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    Nike shoes in new series

    I actually posted something similar yesterday! Wondering which shoes Jai is wearing (black and white) in the Fit/Splits. Rykas used to be my only choice, but everything's gotten narrow and less well-made in the last couple of years, so I'm branching out.
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    Video Clip of Cathe's Mixed Impact Cardio & Pull Day Workout

    This looks great, as they all do. Can't wait to do them! Quick question: which brand and style are the black and white sneakers Jai's wearing? I was a diehard Ryka fan, but for the last year or so, they've completely let me down. So ready for something comparable to the older ones!!