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    Cathe, best wishes for a speedy recovery!

    Yes. Get well soon.
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New Boss Bands, Loops, DVDs & Downloads

    I am trying to order the $69.97 bundle but it appears that "free shipping for over $50" does not apply to this pre-order, is that correct?
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    new series in the works????

    She is the other Jen who also appears in Perfect 30.
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    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    It seems like an exciting video is coming soon: Cannot wait.
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    Workout Manager missing Fit Tower / Ripped with HiiT / Strong and Sweaty 30 Day Rotation

    This is the rotation I was asking about. Still wondering if there is a way to download it.
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    Workout Manager missing Fit Tower / Ripped with HiiT / Strong and Sweaty 30 Day Rotation

    Is there a way to download Fit Tower / Ripped with HiiT / Strong and Sweaty 30 Day Rotation to the Workout Manager? I was not able to find it among the Cathe Rotations to download.
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    April 2021 Rotation

    Thank you Cathe. I had been looking forward to an updated Rock Bottoms rotation. It looks great. I will also incorporate Xtrain Hip Thrust 100 rep challenge into the rotation once a week in light of your multiple blog posts on the importance of hip thrusts for strong glutes. I would love to hear...
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    Favorite rotation ever?

    Yes, indeed. I myself do not have enough experience to share a favorite. Though I discovered Cathe in late 90s, I was training with her on and off, and not following a rotation until about a year and half ago when I did train with her. Since November 2019, I completed LITE/ICE One month...
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    Favorite rotation ever?

    I wonder if there has been any updates to this list in the past six plus years.
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    another DVD devoted to stretching/mobility

    Yes, and especially with a foam roller, peanut, muscle roller stick, peanut, lacrosse ball, etc.
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    Where did you order your P90X from/

    I don't have one yet, but I plan to order it from jen at among other things, I ordered clx from her in the past, so I am guessing she should be able to sell p90x as well. she is very pleasant to work with.
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    Opinions on the use of Chewing Gum

    It is a bit expensive but Spry gums contain 100% xylitol which is a sugar alcohol that reduces cavities according to some studies.
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    The Truth About Cardio

    I heard back from PN. Apparently PN cannot release additional information, because the information belongs to TRX. I suppose the study must have been funded by TRX (not that there is anything wrong with it, but it may potentially affect how one interprets the results/conclusions--so it would be...
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    The Truth About Cardio

    this is a very nice study, but it is a bit vague. the following is the main part of the email I sent to PN in response to it: .... I read the article describing the study and the results. Granted, this is not for an academic audience, but inquiring minds would like to know more. For...
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    questions for Vrinda (Vee)

    Another update: though RipIt was able to rip to a file that can play on my computer, I couldn't add the file it created to my iTunes library. Apparently RipIt is unable to rip to an MP4 file that is needed for iTunes/iPod. Overall for some purposes (such as taking the videos with me when I...