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    Cathe LIVE and Chromecast app...??

    I actually just got done doing a live workout, so it's definitely working for me.
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    Cathe LIVE and Chromecast app...??

    I know it worked for me yesterday when I did a workout. Maybe there are issues today that they know of and are working on?
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    Candice, I don't know. I have both cathe Live and On demand. Her On Demand has all her rotations but unfortunately, no way to do a search on them. I hated to see you ignored and hopefully someone will ipe in who has a better answer than I.
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    Cathe LIVE and Chromecast app...??

    I get that error on my phone using the Cathe On Demand App. I don't have any problems with the Cathe Live one. There are 2 separate apps. Cathe Live has a white Background with the words Cathe Live on them while On Demand has a black background with the words cathe on Demand . You probably...
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    What are your favorite live workputs

    Beth thank you for sharing your favorites. Being new to Cathe Live has opened up a whole new world of exercising for me. Sometimes one just gets tired and non-motivated to do the dvds. So Cathe's Live inventory is providing me with just the motivation I need to do something different. I...
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    What are your favorite live workputs

    Her Live inventory is awesome! I just started really using it this week when the workouts finally became chromecast compatible for droids. Yesterday I caught her 300th episode live!!!! My very first time doing a live workout with her. There were some buffering issues, but overall it was fun...
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    Thursday June 4, 2020

    Congratulations on your 300th episode. I was happy to be able to cast it to my tv using chromecast. So glad your live productions are chromecast compatible now. Just in time for me to enjoy the 300th episode live!!!
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    LITE Metabolic Blast Features 22 Premixes

    Yes yes yes!!!! Onward with the premixes! I retire next month, just in time to be able to take advantage of the longer premixes. Looking forward to having more time to work out longer. Thank you Cathe!!!
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    No Equipment Needed For LITE Cardio Party

    I don't like doing high impact aerobics at all, but I find with Cathe's cardio, I can easily modify anything she puts out to low. And if not there are so many other choices to choose from.
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    LITE Project Update - Nov 12, 2018

    I have to say, I am looking forward to the premixes. I just absolutely love and enjoy her premixes on her workouts. Just did ICE Mishmosh timesaver 31 minute premix today. It was perfect for the limited amount of time I had before having to get ready for work. She does such a great job...
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    LITE Project Update 11-5-18

    150 Premixes!!!! Wow!!! color me impressed. I am looking forward to this series. Although I love your workouts, I prefer your premixes most of the time. Thanks for taking out such time to make all of them.
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    Group Shot From LITE PHA

    I love the choreography of this picture. Red tees on the outside, black and gray inside and Cathe complimenting it all in the center with the red capris and black top. Nice combination.
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    Future Step. So happy ❤️

    I am so glad she's releasing this on its own dvd rather than mixed in with the series cardio. I am not a step lover but admire Cathe for accommodating her fan base with something just for them. Cathe, you rock. I have enjoyed these past 20 years aging with you. :)
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    So excited...order placed - anyone else?

    Just ordered. Can't wait. Be a great way for me to ease into retirement. I retire the end of this year and what better way to do it than jump into working out to a brand new series. More stretching, bonus weight dvd, I'm stoked! Looks like she took a lot of suggestions into consideration...
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    YES YES YES!!! Metabolic workout - definitely. Muscle Melts combine in a workout or have premixes. Love love the 30ish minute premixes in ICE. More of those please.