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    Late October vacation ideas??

    I second the idea of visiting Cape May, NJ, which offers an historic district with lots of Victorian houses and the beach but is quiet at that time of year. Years ago I stayed at The Chalfonte (Chalfonte Hotel Historic Cape May NJ Accommodations, Cape May Weddings, Family Dining), an historic...
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    Cheap Business Attitre

    Experts on workplace attire (I don't count myself among them) recommend going for quality, not quantity (i.e., investing in a few classic good quality pieces that are versatile rather than a lot of inexpensive ones that won't hold up or look as good). If you lose weight, take the garments to a...
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    Are they Ryka?

    I think the shoes in Intensity were Ryka Assist XT 2, which is no longer available. This past September, I sent an email to Ryka inquiring about a comparable shoe and was told that Intent XT and Endure XT are most similar to Assist XT 2, but I have not worn either of these newer shoes. For all...
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    Looking for supplements to take pre/post foot surgery for a healthy recovery

    I am a pharmacist and strongly recommend that your boyfriend consult with his surgeon about the use of supplements because they can interact with medications used during and after surgery. The ability to clot could be affected, resulting in bleeding. Following the surgeon's instructions for...
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    Second Impressions---Low Max

    Low Max is a workout that has never collected dust for me. I understand how perceptions of workouts can change over time. Someone once posted a comment (I'm not sure if it was here or on another forum) about how workouts that had become too easy eventually were useful again due to injury...
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    Party Rockin Step 2

    I'm just now learning PRS2 and find the choreography easy to pick up (more so than Low Impact Challenge and Step Moves) and the cardio challenge more substantial than those other workouts (complex choreography may pose a mental challenge but it does not necessarily translate into a cardio...
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    Anybody else give up alcohol for good?

    Alcohol is dehydrating, which adds to the headache from the metabolites of alcohol. I used to enjoy alcohol in my college days but my tolerance is now so low that I don't drink at all. I don't judge anyone else for doing so unless it interferes with their ability to function as a parent, at...
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    Rhythmic Step, Step Blast, Step Heat or Step Fit?

    Low Impact Challenge has very complex choreography that took me a long time to learn, but please do not overlook premix #4 (32 min) and premix #5 (41 min). These two premixes have very straightforward step-based cardio work that is very different from the complex stepping on the rest of the...
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    Cardio workouts

    Afterburn, Cardio Supersets, and Athletic Training are my three favorite workouts. A step is not used at all for Afterburn. As tlc93 pointed out, a step is used in the other two workouts only to engage the lower body and increase the cardiovascular challenge. There are no dance steps to...
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    Mega Step Blast?

    Step Jam is another oldie, but goodie that I return to occasionally. The choreography is straightforward (I have no trouble going back to it as I do with more complex step workouts), and the cardio challenge is intermediate to advanced (IMHO).
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    Anyone have Ryka Assist XT 2?

    Thanks for the detailed review, Gobias. It is very helpful.
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    Anyone have Ryka Assist XT 2?

    Please let me know how you like the two types of shoe (Intent XT and Endure XT) and whether the sizing is consistent with Assist XT 2.
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    Anyone have Ryka Assist XT 2?

    It took some persistence but I finally obtained the following reply from Ryka in response to my inquiry about "a shoe with the same wide toe box, lateral support, cushioning, and fit as the Assist XT 2": You will be pleased to know that we were able to locate two styles that we currently...
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    Flu shots...mandatory at work!!!

    The 1918 influenza epidemic killed thousands of otherwise healthy young adults in the United States. More American soldiers died from influenza, which spread like wildfire among troops living in close quarters, than were killed in combat during World War I. Epidemiologists warn of the high...
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    Anyone have Ryka Assist XT 2?

    Here's the reply that I received from Ryka on Aug 26 (I am still waiting for follow up and will post it here when I receive it): Thank you for your interest in our footwear. We're sorry for any disappointment the Assist XT 2 being discontinued has caused. We appreciate the time you have taken...