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    Pre-Order Cathe's New STEP BOSS Exercise DVDs Starting Thursday, May 9th

    There are lots out there, but my favorite one is one that isn't available for Windows 10, so I can only use it on my old computer. The link to it has changed since I downloaded it and the new one isn't nearly as user friendly in my opinion. I like VERY basic, snip and be done software. I...
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New STEP BOSS Exercise DVDs Starting Thursday, May 9th

    Hi there! I really don't miss the dvds, although I do wish we could download premixes sometimes. For the most part, I can make my own premixes if I want to with the downloads, though. I have video editing software where I can snip the workouts (similar to the Workout Blender) and recombine...
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    Pre-Order Cathe's New STEP BOSS Exercise DVDs Starting Thursday, May 9th

    Hi! For those of us that no longer use dvds, will we be able to buy these as downloads only? I purchase only downloads these days. Thanks!
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    Upcoming Step series?

    YASSSS! I agree! I love the RWH step cardio level of intensity! The RWH Circuit Lower Body is one of my favorite workouts! I love that I'm working my legs and still getting breathless, anaerobic and sweaty all in one workout!:D
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    How about an IMAX 4?

    I'm so excited for this! I'm finally starting to get some of the more basic, athletic type choreography after all these years. lol I've been loving the step workouts in Live! The Power Step Live workout is a favorite!! There is another one that reminded me of Athletic Step from the STS...
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    Upcoming Step series?

    Oh interesting! I've been getting into her Live step workouts lately and have been patting myself on the back for finally getting some of this choreography stuff after years and years attempts. lol I still can't do her dancey or complex choreography but I'm getting the athletic based ones...
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    Suggestion for Cathe Live filming

    I like having the exercisers in the background as that does make the workout fun. However, I can't tell you how frustrating it is trying to learn choreography when the camera pans away from Cathe and onto background exercisers that are struggling, stopping and doing the wrong move just as much...
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    Suggestion for Cathe Live filming

    I've been enjoying Cathe Live lately but I wanted to point out something that could be improved with the filming of the workouts. I was doing the Imax Live step workout this morning and found the cameraman was constantly panning away from Cathe and filming the other exercisers. This has been...
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    Who is 2nd to Cathe with HIIT Workouts?

    Another vote for Julia!!! Fit Body by Julia is my all time favorite workout channel. Julia whips me into shape like no one else. It is because of her that I finally got better at push ups because she encourages you to always complete the push up in a burpee. My overall strength and fitness...
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    Best workouts for working out anger/stress/sadness

    I'm so sorry about your brother. I know during times of stress and upheaval I really need my workouts to distract me so my brain stops fixating and obsessing over my problems. Kickboxing of course is great to work out aggressive feelings and anger, but I wanted to suggest step workouts to help...
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    More advanced workouts/and another cycle dvd....please

    I would LOVE another series similar in intensity to Ripped with HIIT!! That one is my all time favorite series. ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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    Would you consider selling Cathe Live individual workouts as downloads??

    I love downloads, too. Linda Wooldridge from Barlates is a good example. She provides youtube streaming (for free) for many workouts but also offers her workouts for purchase in download form for those of us that prefer playing our workouts offline versus streaming from the internet...
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    Cathe Live workouts individual downloads for sale option??

    I understand, but I think it's important to remember not everybody likes streaming. I most definitely understand getting away from dvds, but that's where downloads come in. I LOVE LOVE LOVE downloads! I hate streaming, but the instant gratification of getting my workout right away when I buy...
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    Cathe Live workouts individual downloads for sale option??

    Hi there! I asked this in the Ask Cathe but thought maybe this was a better place to ask the question. I was wondering if you would ever consider selling the Cathe Live workouts as individual downloads. I vastly prefer owning my workouts and playing them using my external hard drive and media...
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    Would you consider selling individual Fit Split downloads?

    I was wondering if you would consider selling the Fit Split workouts as individual workouts in the downloads? I am interested in some of the workouts, but not all of them. Unfortunately, the only option for that series is to buy the entire thing (similar to 4 Day Split, which was also...