Any step routines coming to Live soon?


Hi there! I was wondering if there were any plans to film a step cardio routine for Live soon? I just did the Power Step workout the other day and LOVED it. It's probably the 3rd time I've done that workout and it is my favorite Live one! It's easy to follow with fairly basic, athletic choreography and it's super intense and sweaty! It reminds me a lot of Cathe's Intensity step dvd which is one of my favorite workouts for amazing cardio! I would love to see more step workouts on Live in this vein. Low on the complex choreography, high on the intensity! I thought the closer we got to releasing Step Boss we would start to see some of this in the Live workouts but have been disappointed so far. It's been a really long time since a pure cardio step workout was filmed. Any plans to do so soon??


Staff member
Hi cokonkel, we don't really plan Cathe Live workouts in advance. I'm sure at some point Cathe will do another step workout on Cathe Live, but I'm not sure when that will be.

Also, step workouts are difficult to do on Cathe Live as most of our club members are afraid of messing up on camera and will avoid the class. Cathe always likes to introduce new step choreography to them in her regular step class first so that they can become familiar with the moves before launching on Cathe Live. This takes time to do.


Another vote for more step! I love choreography! I for one don't care if folks mess up some. It's human and it makes it feel more like a class. I find I can only do so much of drills type cardio....harder on the body and step is just so FUN.

Cathe Friedrich

Hi Everyone! I’ve tried to warm up my class regulars to doing another step for CatheLIVE and I don’t get a very enthusiastic reaction. I tried twice since summer, lol. After Step Boss is released I will do another step workout on LIVE but just be prepared for me to do it either solo or with a small handful of members I’d like to eventually do one with more advanced choreography and then another one with more basic choreography mixed with blasts.

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