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    Who wants step tutorials?

    Yes, please. I've always wished I would have been "into" step aerobics but I didn't start when it was I feel completely left out! I adore you, out with you every single day and have for 20+ years! Please teach us how to "step"!!!
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    Video Clip From Cathe's Oh My Quad Workout

    Oh my Quad, my hammy, my glutes, my inner thighs....holy cow - just completed this workout and it is one of my favorites! I had to have elbow surgery so I can't do any lifting whatsoever so I did this workout without weights and I am so....sore today! Give it a will totally work those...
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    Cathe Live Spreadsheet 01/30/2017

    Is there an updated spreadsheet to include 2017?
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    Rock 'em, Sock 'em - triceps won't download

    I have been able to download all of my workouts but for some reason this one won't download, I get a message that says "augh, we are unable to connect you to this page". I tried a couple times yesterday and again today. Anyone else having a problem and what can I do to get this workout...