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    Home Hair Color question

    I like L'Oreal Excellence! My hair is super fine and pretty fragile and it seems to not damage it too bad.
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    Feeling like a weakling- able to lift half of Cathe's weights

    UPDATE!!! One month later and I'm now lifting about 80% of Cathe's weights on the Stacked Sets workouts. 80% the first round and about 70% the second time through. It is DEFINITELY a challenge but I'm improving :)
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    Body Max 2 revisted - Woah!

    Wow- how long did that take you? I'm trying to make one up and I'm starting to realize I may be retired before I work my way through all of them!
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    Feeling like a weakling- able to lift half of Cathe's weights

    Thank you everyone! It seemed like on all the posts about the new workouts people were like "oh, I used weights a little heavier than Cathe..." and I was feeling a little down. I'm very excited to see what the future holds because I am most definitely going to stick with it! :p
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    Feeling like a weakling- able to lift half of Cathe's weights

    I have recently gotten back into taking my workouts seriously after a really crazy 5 year period of my life. I got the LITE series and and absolutely loving it, have done every workout and am finding myself *very* challenged using about half of the weight that Cathe suggests. Like, barely able...
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    Series for beginners.

    I like those- ha ha maybe I need to reconsider my own personal motto of "check yourself before you wreck yourself" (thanks Ice Cube) perhaps it's too limiting:p
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    Series for beginners.

    I hope to get there one day. Make that...I PLAN to get there one day-the 50 year birthday plan. I see the LITE workouts as a good stepping stone as I work my way up the levels. I've recently made a new commitment because my own persistence was not where it should have been as far as becoming...
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    Thanks Cathe!

    I'm happy!!!!!
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    Series for beginners.

    I've been doing the Firm since 2003, Cathe since 2005, and Ultimate Yogi since 2012 and I am LOVING this. I'm 47 and do not feel the need to kill myself with workouts. In fact, I still can't do many of Cathe's workouts, namely high intensity cardio ones! But I own them all...bought them for...
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    Wow! Awesome Series!

    I am loving it too. It's like Cathe and the FIrm had a baby and it's the most beautiful baby EVAHHHH
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    Fit Tower with CATHE10 code

    i ordered a fit tower last week, using the code for free shipping and free weight bar clips. it arrived yesterday, but no weight bar clips[emoji24]Has anyone else done this, and will the clippers be arriving separately? i thought perhaps they would as the tower was very strategically packed...
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    Anyone use TransFirmer step for Cathe videos?

    We are getting ready to move cross country and I'm considering getting rid of my club step and just keep the firm TransFirmer blue and green bench step. I've done a few cathe workouts with this step and don't recall having any problems, does anyone use theirs regularly for Cathe? I'd do a...
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    Bring back the Blue!

    I'm not a fan of pumpkin anything and this color is a little nauseating to me o_O
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    1 week down!

    Aaaaaauuugh I did it! Even hung in for the bonus burn at the end. I think my butt is already smaller lol. Wow. Time for yoga relax and a hot bath!