XTrain Rotations...which to do??

I haven't used XTrain in awhile so would like to incorporate it into my next rotation. I often get bored doing the same workouts over and over so I'm not always great at sticking to rotations involving just one workout set. There are alot of rotations that include XTrain (XTrain + LIS, XTrain + Fit Split etc etc). Which one have you done that gave the best results as in overall feeling good, some fat loss, improved strength and definition?
I'm starting the XTrain + RWH + To the Max & Cross Fire rotation starting tomorrow. I just finished the 4-week advanced ICE rotation with really good results, so I feel I'm up to a challenge.
I'm doing the Xtrain 90 day rotation and surprisingly sticking with it. I'm on Week 6. Ive done the rotation before but this time it seems easier to stick. Probably because if I don't feel like the premix on the schedule, I choose the one I prefer. I enjoyed Xtrain with CrossFire and LIS. I don't think you can go wrong with any rotation.

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