X-Train weight workout, oh how I love thee!


I'm trying to do the 90 day rotation, with modifications since I don't like working out 6 days a week. And I realized this morning that I actually look forward to doing the weight workouts in this set but the cardios have some dread factor for me, well not dread but less motivation to do them. When I do them I go all out but with the weights I'm really challenging myself, lifting heavier and heavier, need to buy new weights and all of that. I think it's because it's all dumbells, which I have so no need to modify extensively.

I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way.
XT weight work is THE BOMB! Give me the heavy, baby :eek:. FWIW, I would take a weight lifting session over cardio any day! No dread for me -- just pure awesomeness :eek:.

Xtrain + LIS rotation


I tried to stick to this one but it ended up mostly the weight workouts got done and the cardio portions got subbed. I really enjoyed the Burn Sets and the LB tri-set. ( Well I don't ENJOY LB Triset but I did it because it was so time efficient )
I liked Super cuts.
I am not fond of the weight work that was like several single sets but they do provide an alternative, so I did them.
By week 7 it bacame a XTrain strength with Combat rotation. And this I'm enjoying. I see my arms shaping up nicely and feel stronger in the core and my push ups are significantly better.


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