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This morning was MMA Kick Box. I do wonder greatly about the calorie burn shown in the workout manager. It has me burning more calories with that one than something like Step Blast which is similar in length with no abs.


Hey Warriors
I wasn't feeling like working out this morning but after a little while I was ready so I went for it... no kettlebells, but hey. It's a mix of Zuzana stuff and then I really wanted to go for a run. I got myself a food journal today as my plan this fall is to write down what I am eating...not count the calories or I will rebel but just write it down and hopefully when school starts, plan ahead!!!

WU: walking knee hugs, runner's lunge etc stretch, sumo's
WO: 6 rounds 10 crab kick-ups, 10 jumping mountain climbers 2:18
4 rounds 10 Pike Press, 10 One legged Jump Squat (alternating legs) 3:39
20 Twisting Over Push-ups (Push-up, then flip onto your back - crab like position then flip again to push-up position, next time other way). 2:14
CO: Interval Barefoot Run, 2min medium, 1 min sprint, 1 min walk for 5 sprints each time increasing speed and cool down 2 min. Total 13 min.

Overall approx 21 min.

So for not wanting to workout I think I did okay!! So hot today... Yuck!

Cathy - I have no faith in the numbers from the workout manager... I am pretty sure that the accuracy is very low... and it doens't take into account what your body does after which can be pretty substantial. I used to do alot of mathematical modelling of nature and there are so many factors that are not measured... Sorry for the long answer! I think I am too hot.

Waves to everyone else!
Gotta get to work
Heather that's great that you weren't feeling like working out, but got yourself to do it anyway. It can be so easy to talk yourself out of it when you aren't feeling like it.

I've always taken the calories burned in the workout manager with a big grain of salt because it simply cannot take into account individual variations from one person to the next. But you would think there would be more logic to which workouts burn more calories. Less intense ones, shouldn't burn more than more intense ones.

Does writing down what you eat work for you? I find that when I'm doing it I do ok because I don't want to have to confess even on paper when I ate something I shouldn't, but then when I do eat something I just abandon the writing down idea. So, it's only a temporary help at best for me. :(
This morning was Drill Max. And I have to say that I was feeling really good. My stamina/endurance everything was in full swing. During the 5th drill I totally got a second wind and felt like I was just starting out and then after the 6th drill, when she does those lovely squat thrust, tuck jump, jump back and forth over the step moves, on the 6th round coming back over the step, I slipped and landed in a glorious heap sideways over the step. :rolleyes: I did get right back up though and only missed out on one round. I think I'm intact. I iced my knee after I was done just as a precaution, but it feels ok at the moment. I must say I rather liked what the workout manager showed for calorie burn on that one! Blows most of the other workouts away.


Hi Everyone

I can't believe it's Wednesday already!

My appt with the physio, last Friday, went very well. I have some structural anomalies that likely played a huge part in my injury. We are going to work on stretching out the illio-psoas and strengthening the gluteal medialis. This is the exact area of concern I originally diagnosed myself with, but when it didn't improve with bed rest I thought it was something worse and high tailed it to the orthopod. Basically, I have very weak anterior thigh muscles, because of the way my legs rotate in the hip socket, those muscles are rarely used. Turns out that I am in the 10% of the population whose hip flexibility is extreme in one direction and rigid in the other. For visualization purposes, I can sit in a full hero's pose - with legs splayed to the side, but cannot sit comfortably with legs crossed in front of me. So - she gave me specific leg lift exercises to isolate and target the butt, and stretching exercises for the iliopsoas, later we will address the anterior thigh...she doesn't want me to adduct the thigh for a while yet.

Sorry for the long winded report.

Heather - I completely forgot about the last minute Anniversary party. I bet your folks were happy and pleased, your sister will forgive you for any mild spats, just as you would forgive her too. So it goes, right? Your back is still achey??? When I told the PT the weight of the kettlebell that I was lifting, she was shocked, she said - "that's about as heavy as you should ever go". I guess there is some formula she used using my height and weight. I'll have to look it up. I was surprised. Truly.

Cathy - Drill Max is a lot of fun, and a huge calorie burner. Just to be extra safe, keep icing your wounded parts and take some ibuprofen. Hey - I went to the SF Giants game on Sunday. What fun. It was a great game too. It was also "Bark in the Park" day. Folks who brought their dogs could sit in the bleachers to watch the game. There were some fantastic dogs there. You may have already shared this, but have you taken the boys to a professional game yet? The Giants do all sorts of fun things for kids and most especially for youth baseball players- letting them run the bases at the end of the game, before the game letting little league players "warm" the bases or positions up for the players and therefore giving them an opportunity to have a ball signed, etc.. It was all very inspiring. Did you find a swim suit yet for your trip?

Tara - LOL! :D:D:D:D How is the week going for you? I managed to do Gym Styles legs on Monday, and Back Shoulders Biceps yesterday. Today I am going to do Yoga and tomorrow Gym Styles Chest-Triceps.

MJ - How are you dear? Did I tell you I am getting a curly little red head in a couple of weeks?

I am saddened to hear that Jim Maclaren passed away. I will have to listen to the "press play" workout in his honor.

Time to eat and do something.


Happy September Warriors!

I cant believe it is the 1st of September already. I guess we need to change up the thread too since we are still posting in August. :)

This morning starts a new rotation, along with an intense tennis schedule as well. August was a decent month of workouts, helped build a base back in so now I am ready for alot more. So until Thanksgiving I am doing morning Cathe workouts of some form or fashion depending on the rotation and then in the evenings, its walking in or outside or its tennis. I am taking a minimum of two 1 1/2 hour tennis drill classes a week and then either another drill class or a private lesson during the week as well. Plus I am playing at least once or twice a week outside of lessons. Drill classes are quite insane. You do all kinds of tennis hitting drills, game play scenarios and then a ton of footwork hitting drills until you want to lose your lunch. :p

I have just found over this last year that what really works for me is having something to work towards that is more then just the weight loss goal, so instead I am trying to change my mindset so I am turning myself into an athlete! (I am completely insane lol). So by nature of the goal, must get the extra weight off so I can play better. I am setting a goal for myself to actually start competing in league play in the beginning of the new year. Also, with all the job issues and stress until I am able to figure out what I want to do about the situation, I need to focus on something outside of my career for some satisfaction. Okay, enough of my rambling about myself..

Janis - I am glad the physio had good news for you. At least I think its good news because it is something you can help through exercises and get stronger in areas so you can get back to doing what you want physically. You are getting a curly little redhead? I am assuming you are talking about a dog of some sort, unless I have been so disconnected that I missed a new child on the way lol ;) Just fair warning, all redheads, regardless of what part of the human/animal kingdom they come are handfuls to deal with in their own special way!

Cathy- Excellent job on drillmax! I loved your glorious heap description, sounds like something I would do. Glad you are not hurt. Yet one more reason I enjoy working out at home without witnesses ;)

Heather - Great job on the workouts. I hope the food journal helps. I completely understand the rebelling with the calorie counts. I am going to give it a try without one for a while and see how it goes, I can always start again if I need too.

Tara - Glad to hear from you again!

Alright, I guess I need to get back to work. Check back later. :cool:
I keep forgetting to ask if you guys have been following the pics and info about the new workouts? I get the updates on Facebook, so I can view each pic as it's loaded. I love the background and all the beautiful bright colors they are wearing. Intensity and Lower Body Blast look like they will be very fun and I'm loving the add ons to LBB using the tower! What a great idea. And they are done filming a full two months ahead of the original estimated availability dates, so they should be on time for that! Really looking forward to getting these.
MJ!!! Sounds like you've been doing great with the workouts and tennis. Wonderful that you are setting tennis goals to work towards. You're right that it's so much better to focus on goals beyond weight loss. I need to think of some of those myself.

This morning I did yoga. Sparty has been on a roll with creatures again. I really wish he would simply become an observer to the world around him. Last night he went crazy digging out a toad he found in his kennel. Actually picked it up and tossed it at least once before we could drag him away. Don't think he liked that much and hopefully the taste of it'll cure him of bothering toads. Not real hopeful on that. The toad was covered in dirt and we rinsed him off and still have him contained and watching him. He doesn't have obvious injuries, but he was pretty traumatized. Then after I ate breakfast this morning I looked out and I could tell he had something. Ran out there and I could see wings and thought it was a small bird, but it turned out to be a very big moth. A hummingbird moth perhaps, I have to look it up. Had taken off his collar because it makes too much noise when people are sleeping, so I had to just grab him and drag him all the way back up to the house. No easy feat and probably burned more calories than the yoga. :D Went back and got the moth and put it in the garage where it can also recover from trauma. It's actually intact - only because of his size given that Sparty picked him up at least three times! However, I can't tell if he has damage that'll keep him from flying. So, I'll be spending the day checking on my two patients.

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