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Hey Warriors

Today has been a bit crazy. We went to the Science Centre yesterday and it ended up being a very early morning so no workout...But we did have a good time! This morning was medium day but unfoutunatly a little person must have been over stimulated from his day of science that he woke up 5 times I did have a leg workout planned for after the swings today but I was beat!

WU: dislocates, pumps, sumo stretch
WO: 4 x 5 C&P then 1 x 4 with assisted pull-ups
CO: 10 min swings 16 Kg 24 swings for 40 sec on 20 off.

I actually started to feeling a little pukey near the end and decided to call it a day. Maybe later tonight I'll fit the leg workout in. Today is a holiday here so I am going to just hang out with the family.

Hope things are going well Cathy!!!!

Janis: What's up - How is your recovery going??

Waves to MJ and Tara
Heather sorry to hear you had a rough night. 5X is a LOT. I only had to deal with one trip with the dog to go outside. The boys had raced him around right and bed time and he emptied his water bowl. Told them no more doing that at that time of night! Usually he makes it through without having to go out and I like it that way. Kudos for doing something after a messed up night!

I finally did something this morning. 4DS LIS Cardio. Pretty minimal as things go, but it felt good to do something. Was going to do it yesterday, but Saturday night after a whole day of my back feeling pretty normal I hit small ball to Nicholas and woke up Sunday morning all stiff again. :( Not as bad as it was, but it's still somewhat stiff. Decided I wanted to do something anyway.

Hope everyone else is doing well. I'm off to K'zoo early tomorrow morning, so I probably won't back on here until Wednesday.
So who's in for the new workouts? I'm going to get them. I'm most interested in Intensity and Lower Body Blast, and if the other two are all weights, it'll give DH something new to do, too. Anymore I really prefer not working total body, but maybe I need to spend a few weeks doing that to change things up when I get them. Wonder if they'll stick with the same background for these as STS & Shock Cardio.


Good Morning Warriors!

Thought I would pop in and say hello since I have a few minutes before another to love the endless meetings... *sigh* Anyway, sunday I did LIS and pyramid lower body, then yesterday I did lowmax combos premix in the morning and then had tennis drill class for an hour and a half last night...needless to say, I am a bit wobbly legged today, but in a good way ;).

Heather- great job on workouts despite the little person issues :)

Cathy- hope your back feels better and that your mom's surgery goes smoothly. your parents are lucky to have you to look after them. :)

Janis - How are you?

Tara - hope you are well.

As for the new workouts, I will end up buying them all as usual, can't resist. Although, I am not so thrilled about the high reps one since I have a hard enough time mentally getting through regular endurance weights let alone an uber-endurance workout (guess thats a sign that I probably need to do what I resist -- darn universe telling me these things :p) but the others sound pretty good.

Alright, back to the salt mines. Have a good day.



It's been a mixed up day so far... I had an early morning audit and slept horribly so when I got home I had a nap and then got up and did my workout. It was a killer one from I was actually gasping for air and sounding like I was having an asthma attack!! The good thing was I tried some more of the Core performance movement prep stretches and I was able to do jump lunges without knee pain!!!. My Reptile push-ups turned into a push-up then two reptiles and the planks were actually supposed to by dynamic close push-ups but I can't do that many of those on my toes so I switched it. I took a 20 min break between the workouts to let myself cool down and try to increase the calorie burn... one of the sites that Melissa sent me info on said that doing two shorter workouts separated by 20 min would increase metabolism for the way to know if this is true but I am trying it!!!
WU:arm circles, Runners lunge - hip opener, Sumo stretch, pumps and wall squats
WO: 55sec on 5 sec off 16 rounds
Evil Jumps (2 jumping lunges with a dynamic squat)
Reptile Push-ups
Alternating side lunge with Power Jack
Elbow to Hand plank
CO: 10 of each 3 rounds
Windmills R/L, Goblet Squats, Cursty Squat (20lbs) R/L, Stability Ball Roll in for Hamstrings R/L

Cathy - Hope everything is going well today!!! I found out keeping up with my workouts helps me in times of stress...
I think that I am going to hold off on the Cathe DVD's as I am not really using very many of mine right now. A couple of them sound interesting though!

MJ - Great to hear from you! Have fun in your meetings...if that is possible. I used to always want to carry a water gun for meetings so when someone was being an idiot or would not stop talking then I could just squirt them... :rolleyes:.

Janis - Are you out there??? How's it going???

Tara - Hope you are having fun!
Mom's surgery went well. Just have to wait and see if the lymph nodes show any sign of cancer. If not, then she's pretty much in the clear. She was more than a bit challenging while in recovery, but by the time she got to her room she was in a decent mood. Hopefully, she'll stay that way.

I'm off to bed and then hopefully a cardio in the morning.

Back to chat tomorrow.


Hi Ladies

My apologies for being MIA.

Cathy - I am so glad your mother's surgery went well, I was thinking about you and her, and your dad a lot yesterday, and hoping everyone was doing ok. When will she hear the results?

Heather - Any amount of a workout is better than nothin', right? right. I've read that before - about having a break between workouts to increase metabolism. This guy - writes about it. He recommends doing a Hiit followed by steady state to target the hard to reach fat. Are reptile push ups similar to military push ups, but you stay low in a hold position?

MJ - How lovely to hear from you and that you are taking a tennis drills class. You sound like me - inching back in slowly to a routine of some sort, my route is much slower though. I did the pre-sale too! I am hoping I'll be in much better shape by October.

Tara - Hey honey, are you out there?

As for me -I've been really melancholy the last week. This empty nest thing is a lot harder when you are also side-lined from exercise. I just finished Travel Fit, which I had not done before. It was the PERFECT rehab/return-to-fitness - workout. I'll be doing it again sometime this week when I am not doing yoga or Pilates. As a matter of fact, it might be time to advance my yoga to an actual routine beyond the Jill Miller dvds.

In other news, I called the Orthopedists office, finally, to request a physio referral, as I had still not heard from them following my bone scan. The doctor's assistant said, in a surprised tone, "Oh, I don't think we have even looked at your results, let me talk to the doctor, he might want to see you again before he refers you to physical therapy." WTH? What have they been doing, and why did I have to initiate the call and the referral?

Enough venting.

I am determined to get through this. Does anyone want to start a round of STS with me in September? I want to feel Warrior strong again, not Warrior-diminished.




Hey Everyone

Sorry I have been MIA. I took yesterday off after my "Heavy" Kettlebell day. It knocked my socks off and yesterday I really felt off and achy. I hope I am not getting sick! Anyways, today I am not sure what I am going to do as I didn't get much sleep last night and then had to get up at 3:30. We went to the beach Wed. and then I cleaned the house and made a bunch of Dill pickles yesterday. I am just trying to see how much I can fit into my days!

Cathy - Here's hoping for no effected lymph nodes!!! I think that waiting is the hardest part. The chemo my Dad did was not horrible but it would be way nicer not to have to do anything!! Hope you got your cardio in and were able to de-stress a little.

Janis - That is so frustrating about the doctors office! I was wondering if that was what had happened. I hope that you aren't too down and out about all this. It great that you have some goals set! I am going to stick with kettlebells for a while yet and I am going to ask for a TRX for my birthday this year so I think I will wait to do STS again. I am really noticing my core strength improving and I am getting leaner too. Hopefully with the change in weather I'll feel like running again. I have been neglecting it. Anyways, keep venting and keep us posted on what you are doing!

MJ and Tara - Hope your having a great week!

Talk to you soon


Hey Everyone

This morning I just did 36 min of yoga to try and stretch out. Today I am going to keep things low key, as I have a tonne of yard work to do. Yesterday, afternoon I did TGU's for 12 min with the 12kg (8R/8L) and then did a jump rope tabata. I am just too behind on sleep and need to catch up. About two days ago I realized that it is my parents 40th wedding anniversary is in "22" days. So I have been doing some high speed party planning and freaking myself out.

Anyways, I hope everyone is staying out of trouble and enjoying their Sat!!!
Sorry I've been MIA multiple reasons for that. They did find cancer in my Mom's lymph nodes. So, now she has to finish up her recovery time in the hospital and then find a cancer doctor. :( She was doing better Wednesday night and then found out Thursday morning. Didn't help that the doctor was there before my Dad and told her while she was alone. Last couple days have been pretty rough. They have a tendency to isolate themselves from us and not want help. My sister's in FL, but isn't working so she can fly up and help out. I'm an hour away and can go down when needed, but offers get refused. We're going to give them a few days and let her get settled at home before we push that a bit. The last thing they need, especially my Mom, is to cut themselves off socially.

Janis I'm hoping to start a new rotation using STS upper body tomorrow and I'll still being doing that in September if you want to join me. I wanted to do something that would get me through just about the time the new workouts are shipped. I just went ahead and ordered them when they opened the link because I knew i'd do it anyway, so I might as well be in the first group shipped.

That's really lousy about what happened with the drs. office. Very good thing you took the initiative to start doing some things on your own. So, from what you are saying doing something like 30/30 followed by Step Moves would be a way to go. I'm still tinkering with my cardios so I may consider that. I'll check out the link. I definitely need to do something! I depressed myself today by attempting once again to find some jeans. Tried on 3 different pairs, same size as I was wearing and none of them fit. I think that's the most frustrating thing about women's clothing - there is no consistent rule about what a size is supposed to be! Need to ramp up the workouts AND deal with my diet once and for all. Going over to the neighbors for a birthday party tonight and I know that won't help. Sam puts on a fantastic food spread at parties.

Heather sounds like you are still plugging away - I need to channel that! Have fun planning your parents anniversary.

MJ & Tara how's it going?


So this morning I was feeling like not working out but I convinced myself anyways... so I did a workout with a couple additions and substitions and it was great!
WU: I started the workout and then had to stop and do my sumo stretch and runners stretch.
WO: 3 rounds for time
20 Burpee (no push-up)
10 Stability Ball Push-up (hands-on ball)
20 Sumo Prisoner Squat Jumps
20 Stability Ball Extensions
20 Evil Jumps - 1Dynamic squat 1 Right lunge jump then left= 1 rep
5 Explosive Push-ups
10/10 Stability Ball Hamstring Curls
50 Jump Rope
10/10 Side Crunch on Ball
10/10 Bulgarian Split Squat on Ball
32 min.

I started outside and then it rained so my time is all messed up as I had to head to the basement. It was much better there as the mat was wet and I was sliding all over the place. As I watched her video I noticed that when she did the Hamstring ball curl in she would have her non-working leg pointing skyward when the ball was in but lower it as the ball rolled out. This made the move much harder!! I was really huffing and puffing... but I am in a much better state of mind now!

Cathy - I am so sorry that your Mom didn't get better news. Parents can be frustrating when it comes to medical stuff. My mom is great for forgetting to tell us important stuff. I hope once your parents have gotten used to the idea they will allow you to help them out. It is really important that you be able to be there with them right now. I think it's important to that you get to talk to the doc as well... as people get older or even when they are sick.. they don't always remember of listen to what is being said...Thinking of you and sending hugs

Janis, Tara and MJ - Hope all is well!
Finally I got a really good workout in this morning! Athletic Step followed by AC Yoga abs. Cardio wasn't pretty, but I did it. I have the whole rotation typed up and day one is now checked off.

Then I went down and stayed with my Mom for a few hours so Dad could go home and get some things done. He ended up staying at the hospital last night as she'd had a bad day. Lots of gas pains and they put a tube down her throat to relieve them. Much better today. Dad was going to take her hall walking when I left. My sister is flying up Tuesday for a few days. It's driving her crazy to be down there. She was originally supposed to be home by today, but it looks like another day or two before that will happen.

Heather to bad you had to switch locales in the midst of your workout, but you did it and that's what matters. I'm telling myself that there will be no fluff excuses with this rotation. I need to get my butt out of bed every morning and DO IT!


Afternoon Ladies
This morning was a pretty slow morning unfortunately...I couldn't get back to sleep after my 4 am wake-up call... Anyways, I decided to do light day today. It is super humid here so that is suiting me perfectly!
WU: Dislocates, pumps, sumo stretch/runner stretch, wall squats
WO: C&P 3x2 with Pull-ups (assisted). (1 push-press)
CO: 6 min snatches, Ladder up 3x5.
Then I did some weeding for the party until it started to rain... I think the boys and I should play some board games!

Cathy - I was thinking alot about your situation. I have been on the good side of cancer and the bad... My dad made it through, Jason's Dad didn't. When Jason's Dad got sick we never for a moment thought that things might not go as planned. As a consequence many things got left unsaid that needed to be said. My advice is to say everything that needs to be said even if it feels dumb or too much. Jason and he brother have both regretted not saying what they wanted to. OKAY that's my heavy and I'll get my big nose out of your business NOW!!!
Keep up your workouts even if it's something small!

Janis - How are you??? Are you okay out there... I hope you are at a physio right now!!!

Hello to Tara and MJ!
Thanks for your thoughts Heather - I appreciate them. Latest message from my sister said that they think her latest problems are from her intestines being twisted. Doing a scan this afternoon and if they are, she'll have to have another surgery. She's not wanting my Dad to leave the hospital and he's exhausted and can't sleep there, so my sister will be able to spell him at that and hopefully Mom will be home before she has to go back to FL.

This morning I did Disk 16 Chest, Shoulders and Triceps and I had to lower my weights on a few things. Only in small part due to not having done weights in awhile, more because I must have ate a bowl of super wheaties the day I did my 1RM's because they were definitely too high. 16 lbs for kick backs. I think not! Followed that up with 1/2 an hour of yoga. I've been headachey and tired all day and I think I got dehydrated yesterday. It's one of the few things that will give me headaches as I rarely get them. I've taken a couple short naps, drinking water, and it's much more tolerable.

Hope everyone else is out there doing well!
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Hi Heather and Cathy

thank you, both, for your sympathy and commiseration.

~ Cathy -I am so sorry to hear the biopsy results were bad news.:(:(:(:( I think parents don't want to burden their children with their problems. It is really great your sister can fly out to offer help for awhile. Your poor dad. How unbelievably UNETHICAL the doctor was to share the results while your mother was alone. Even is she pressed him to do so, he should have known better. I wish I was closer to you, I'd come help you so you can help your mom and dad.

Let's plan on a September rotation of sorts. Yes, I will have to start s l o w l y with easy workouts first, but no step or 30/30 until I build up some muscles.

~Heather - Your workouts are rockin' even with sleep deprivation, work schedule, inclement weather and party planning. Your energy level makes me feel like a tortoise in comparison. I need exercise induced energy and endorphins! So what are you doing for your folks 40th?

As for me - the weekend went by very quickly. I can't even remember what I did on Saturday...except for bake six loaves of bread on the grill, and I made a blackberry peach pie from wild blackberries picked locally, and other general house hold stuff. Sunday we left bright and early in the morning to drive down to Stanford University to visit with my youngest son (12 y.o.) who is doing a two week academic camp as part of his upcoming high school curriculum. He is really homesick, and was begging and CRYING to come home. It ripped my heart out. But he's 12 for chrissakes. Anyway, we just received his academic testing placement results. He is skipping a lot of freshman level classes and moving right into 10th grade work.

This morning I had the housecleaning ladies come first thing, so no workout from me. I am benefiting from Pilates and yoga, but I miss, miss, miss working out and all my muscles are gone. I see the Orthopedist on Wednesday, then he'll (hopefully) give me the physio referral, then I can begin physio. I know I'll get through this, but in the meantime I feel like I am devolving.
Janis you're so sweet. I'd love to have you close enough to help. Mom is having another surgery this morning. The problem apparently is a rupture this time. They said it's an easy 20-30 minute surgery, so much fast than the 3 hour one. My sister is coming in this afternoon and intends to send my Dad home as soon as she gets there. Last night he called and said he was home, going to bed early and would be up there at 6:00 this morning. Sent another message at 10:00 that he was going back up to the hospital because he felt guilty leaving her there along! My sister is not one to mess with. She's going to make sure he rests and eats something more than hospital food while she's here.

Had a rough night due to being alternately overheated, sweating and then chilled. Such fun. Woke up with my headache still lingering. But, I did MMA Boxing and by the time I was done it was gone. Feeling much better than I did yesterday. Boys are having friends over this afternoon, so they will be occupied and I can just chill on the couch, since I'm guessing my energy level will be dropping by then.

Janis I hope you have very positive results from your visit with the Orthopedist tomorrow!

Heather what torturous sounding workout have you done today? :D

MJ & Tara putting out an APB on you guys!


Hey Guys

Here is today's torture! I had to get up early as I had a morning audit but I managed to do it before I left at 8.

WU: hip openers, dislocates, sumo's
WO: 18 rounds of 30 sec on/ 10 off
Sumo High Knees, 88, 77
Reptile Run 28, 34
One legged Squat Alternating Legs 10, 12
Push-up with Knee Tuck 12, 12
Foward/ Backward Jump with Touchdown 20, 23
Oblique Burpee 7,9
CO: 140 Band Walks, 140 Firewalkers

I forgot to record the first rounds numbers.

Cathy - Wow your mom is going through alot! Intestinal surgery is not fun! My Dad had alot of gas issues afterwards for quite a while. I really hope your sister can persuade your Dad to get some rest! You need to make sure that you take care of you too. Your body will be stressing out too. 16lb kick backs are for mutants!!! Hope your day lets you have some down time!

Janis - I bought another Eionn Finn DVD as I was at Lululemon today... I actually bought some outrageously priced bra's too. I have to say I love them! I got the pursuit of happy hips... we'll see. I find that I actually want to his yoga sessions so I am going with it!
Hope your doctors appt. goes well!

Hello's to Tara and MJ!!!
Talked to my sister last night and she said Mom had a really good day and was fine with them leaving to go home. The surgery was so short that she came out of it much sooner and they were even letting her get up and go to the bathroom. My sister and Dad had gone shopping and she was going to fix him some food. He's been eating nothing but hospital food for over a week. Apparently, it was a hernia like issue this time and easily fixed. Now that that is taken care of hopefully she'll be able to start eating again and be home by the weekend.

Heather - reptile runs? Is that slithering, waddling or plodding along? :p Trying to picture a human imitating a reptile. :)

This morning I did Butts & Guts Leg Blast premix. I'd forgotten how nasty that workout is. :eek: Followed that up with the stability ball abs.

Enjoy your day all!


Hey Everyone

We went today and visited a friend at their cottage and I think I baked my kids . It was sooo hot out and we had the brilliant idea to take everyone paddleboating... There was alot of whining and alot of sweating!. Anyways, it was really fun to be out near water but we couldn't just jump in to the river so all the kids looked overheated.

I didn't get up as early today as planned as yesterday was a VERY long day. I had an audit 3 hours away. So there was alot of driving and alot of standing and watching. Then all the usual kid stuff when I got back. By the time evening came I was done in. So sort of a rest day.
But this morning went well...Medium Day
WU: usual (realized that I have been doing sumo stretch wrong and had to raise my heals so hopefully that will get better)
WO: C&P 16 3x (1,2,2) with assisted pull-ups. There were a couple push-presses but otherwise not too bad.
CO: Swings 16: Approx. 30 swings 20 sec jump rope 10 sec rest for 12 min. I did about 18 swings per round. I had planned on doing 12 min but then this morning I decided I should roll the dice to see what that suggested... and I rolled double 6's! Funny how that goes!

Cathy - Reptile runs are kinda more like a out to the side mountain climber but your feet actually touch at the top of the movement. They are tough! Glad to hear that the surgery went well and your mom is feeling better!
Keep up the workouts!

Janis - We gotta get you outta your funk!

Hello to MJ and Tara!

Heather your description of the reptile runs had me giggling. They sound like something you wouldn't want to do with an audience. :p Though I'm still not sure how they could be similar to mountain climbers and have your feet touch. Are you alternating legs?

Had a message from my sister today that Mom was going home this afternoon, so when I go down there tomorrow I can visit her at home. Yay!

This morning I did Step Moves and Med Ball abs. It was lower 60's and I had the window open and fan in front of it blowing on me, but the humidity has been just so high in the mornings that I was dying. I was dripping sweat after the warm-up! Had to take extra towel/water breaks. The only thing that was sore from my leg workout yesterday was my calves. That was probably because I did it barefoot, because there are no actually calf exercises in it.

Heather unlike your boys who you tried to fry, I can't get mine outside. They've been very busy downstairs playing this week and as hot as it's been I haven't discouraged them other than making them go outside and play with Sparty a few times a day, so that he doesn't drive me nuts.

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