Workout Warriors August Moves

This morning was Disk 8 Back & Triceps. DH has headed for the Upper Peninsula for 3 days, so the boys and I can relax and do our own thing. :D
Took a rest day yesterday as I hadn't had one in two weeks. This morning I did BM2 Cardio Timesaver.

Nick has his first Wooden Bat league games this afternoon. DH will be back later, but we've been enjoying our time. Last night we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Hadn't seen it in a LONG time. Amazing how young Dick Van Dyke looked. :D
Ok, I tossed my rotation and created a new one month one. Basic pattern is:

Sun - step
Mon - weights
Tues - MMA/Kickbox
Wed - Circuit
Thurs - Hiit & yoga
Friday - weights
Sat - abs/stretch

Today was Muscle Endurance and I was calling Cathe impolite names and making other rude comments. One bright spot was that I've always struggled getting 40 lbs on my shoulders with a barbell and generally didn't attempt more than 35 lbs except when using my tower to hold it. But, today I wasn't thinking and grabbed 40 lbs (just like she told me to) and got it up with no problems. Of course, she then proceeded to make me do squats for 10 minutes (it felt like), but I was able to lift it back off with no trouble! I was dying through some of the stuff though I did pretty much all of it. I did bow out of the last 7 rows in that insane set up rows/clean and presses. My forearms were just dead at that point. In my infinite wisdom, I have that workout again in two weeks. I hadn't done it in well over a year and had forgotten just how tough it really is.

And circuits! Haven't done them regularly in forever. Thought maybe once a week for a change would help - we'll see.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm off to read Cathe's latest article.


Hey Guys

I rested all weekend but my back is still feeling strained but not near as bad! I did workout this morning and it felt good at the time; however, I did add some stability ball back raises at the end and that may have tipped me over the edge. Tonight I am doing some more yoga!

The workout was a challenge by and I did video myself which has brought me to the conclusion that I need to modify my diet!!!!

WO: Burpees (minus push ups) x 25 reps
Push Ups x 25 reps
Reverse Lunge with Kick Up (right) x 25 reps
Reverse Lunge with Kick Up (left) x 25 reps
Side Bridge Raise (right) x 25 reps
Side Bridge Raise (left) x 25 reps
Sumo Squat Jumps x 25 reps
Crunches (floor/stability ball/stability disc) x 25 reps
Single-Leg Deadlifts (right) x 25 reps
Single-Leg Deadlifts (left) x 25 reps
Leg Raises x 25 reps
Dynamic Push Up with Jumps x 25 reps

Then I did a 6 min run in my Vibrams! I am going to go slow!

Cathy - Your planned rotation looks really fun and has lots of variety... that'll keep you going!

Janis - How are things??? I decided not to get core integration... I have enough trouble doing the vid's that I do have!

Tara - How was your weekend?

Talk to you soon
Heather! I was feeling very lonely here. ;) I do hope your back starts behaving itself soon. Definitely take it easy on it until it's feeling better. BTDT more than once and it drives me nuts until I can really use it again.

I hear you on the diet. I did really well yesterday and I'm hoping to build on that again today. I'm heading for my parents with the boys for the afternoon and then straight back to Nick's practice, so I'll be taking my food with me and if I don't take anything I shouldn't eat then I'll have no choice but to eat the healthy stuff! I know that the diet is what needs to change not the workouts. At this point in my life, it's ALL about what goes in my mouth. And can I just say that I really, really, really wish that wasn't true! :p

This morning was Kick, Punch and Crunch! Oddly enough (so far) the only place I'm really feeling my workout yesterday is my left inner thigh. Right a bit, but not as much and it's definitely just sore muscles and not an injury type of pain, so I have no idea how I managed to get one side more sore than the other. :confused:
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Hi Ladies!

I sort of fell off the grid. My apologies. It has been a super busy time. My son had friends come visit/stay for a few days and now is busy packing his stuff up. Today I will drive him down to Berkeley. He starts school tomorrow. It will be really quiet around here with two boys gone. My husband is traveling this week too, so it will just be me and ds12. So from hectic and busy to s t i l l n e s s. I plan on lifting and doing yoga tomorrow. Did I tell you I start physio on Friday?

I really need to get back in the game. I here ya, Heather and Cathy, about the diet thing, and getting back in-line. The blackberries are ripe, my husband and ds12 have been picking them when they can and I have been making blackberry peach pies! So delicious - but I also look like Winnie-the-Pooh after I have eaten a slice (admittedly - a huge slice).

Heather - I am glad your back is feeling better. Yeah, don't spend $$ on dvds, if anything buy clothes and equipment. How are your Lululemon items working out for you? Do you like how the Vibrams feel? Are you using them for anything other than running?

Cathy -You're not alone! I have been reading your posts, I just haven't had the time to log-in and respond. I haven't tried Muscle Endurance, I think I will have to give it a whirl now, but first I need to start lifting regularly. I hope your mom is feeling rested, and your dad too, for that matter. When do you guys start school?

Ok - my ds20 (soon to be 21) is starting to freak a little, I think he needs to eat and then focus. Gotta run.

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Heading back towards home in a few minutes from Kalamazoo and just checking a few things. Janis we will ramp up what we are doing school wise on September 7th when all the school kids start back here, but Nick does math all summer long and Derek does math and reading (because he's still learning.)

Janis you could just eat the blackberries and peaches and skip the pie. :p

Definitely give muscle endurance a try when you are ready for it. There is very little rest between things and it's all about endurance!

I hope your physio goes great! How much do you get?


Hey Guys

Today was a crazy day because the soil engineers finally came... still don't know anything about our house really but at least we are moving forward!

Hopeing to do some yoga to relax tonight. Okay... so I posted the response video. I am very embarassed but I really wanted to show Marianne who I am... and this way you guys can see who I am too. Just don't look at the workout part as I really don't looks as good as I thought I did working out :eek:.

Janis - I am so glad that your doing physio soon! We have been picking blackberries too:p. They are soooo good. I haven't made pie but I do make cobbler. I have worn my vibrams a few times when I worked out on the deck and they felt great for that too and I didn't get any splinters!
I actually love the lululemon bra's even though I choke at the cost!

Cathy - I would have to say that I am liking the Vibrams and am hoping that the pain across the toes goes away when I run more. It is supposed to. Sorry to leave you all alone on the weekend... that's not like me! I am actually looking forward to school starting and getting back into a routine... sort of! When I got up a 6 this morning it was dark and I don't like that!

Talk to you guys soon



You're GORGEOUS! What a beautiful smile. And such a lovely voice. I like how you look up and to the right (?) when you are carefully choosing your words. It comes across as smart and deliberate.

Your workout space is awesome, do you work in the same area too?

You're nicely ripped too. Lots of visible firm muscles.

Great video editing. Loved that.


Cathy - Hi, the doctor's physio orders say "1-2x a wk, for 3-4 wks". I am hoping the insurance company will cover a total of 8 sessions. The physio I am going to is 1.5 hours away; the doctor wrote the order this way because he didn't think it would be realistic for me to go 2x a week, he too is hoping I'll be able to go a total of 8 times.

I am doing Muscle Max today and following that up with Pilates.

I am still in bed, yet I am already thinking about having a nap on the couch later. :eek:


Good Morning Warriors!

Wanted to pop in for a few minutes since I was reading but realized I havent been posting...:( Ever have one of those moments where you think you had a conversation with someone, then it dawns on you later that you really only had it with yourself and not them? Its kind of like that with the postings. lol :p Says alot about my mental state lately. ;)

Anyway, I have been doing better on being consistent with workouts, but like all of you the eating has been out there, totally counteracting the effect of the workouts on the body. Must clean it up.

Heather, your video was great! (and despite what you may see, I didnt recognize any wobbly bits at all!)

Cathy, way to go on keeping up with the workouts despite all the family issues you have going on. I hope your mom continues to feel alright.

Janis, I am glad you finally get to go the physio and are slowly adding workouts back in. I know you are feeling a bit of the empty nest at the moment, but I must say I am pretty excited for your son, I would love to be going off to college again. I think I am jealous! lol Although I would like to go at the age I am now...dont think I want to live my 20's over again, barely made it the first time. lol

Alright, must run to a meeting. Going forward I will try to stop posting in my head and actually engage with all of you. :D
This morning was High Step Challenge - and yes it is. :p The only real issue I had with it are that there is really little to no time for changing equipment. At one point, she uses the barbell three exercises in a row and SHE keeps the same weight but I needed to change mine. Since I did weights on Monday and will do them again Friday I didn't want to go as heavy as I might otherwise. Janis I'm doing Muscle Max on Friday!

Heather I hope you adjust to the Vibrams. I wear mine sometimes, but even half an hour leaves me with major lines across my toes, because they just don't fit right there. :(

MJ! Glad to hear the workouts are going well - sounds like we could all use some kind of eating challenge to get us back on track. At this point, I just can't seem to manage it on my own and it's really frustrating.

Heather I'll try and watch some of your video, but on dial-up it takes a VERY long time for anything to load in. Crossing my fingers I can see it.


Hey Everyone

I finally managed to get my workout in today and I used my 12kg kettlebell!!! I had my hand on my 16 but decided to wait until I am completely pain free! Night time seems to be the worst. Not sure why.

Here is the workout today:
WU: lots of dynamic hip openers!!!
WO: 50 walking lunges
25 Ball Slams, Pikes on swing, Bulgarian split squat on swing each leg, Close push-up (on knees), Swings
next rounds, 40/20, 30/15, 20,10 (no ball slams after 2nd round)

Tonight I went for another Vibram run. Last night I went out with the boys and their bikes and we ran into 2 neighbours...only one asked "What the hell are on your feet" Gotta love causing a stir in Rural Ontario!

Janis - Thank you for all your kind words! I think that the reason I was looking off to the side was that the kids were making so much noise that I couldn't think straight and was worried that they might run into the video... So glad you are getting physio. Even if you go 2x a week we know that you have the resolve to do the exercises throughout the week. OH and by the way... ripped would not be a word that would describe my body!!! But thanks though for saying it! It made my day!

Cathy - Great job on your workouts! Too bad about your Vibrams. I don't get any lines but I know when my feet are done running as they really start to complain. Slowly but surly! Maybe you can get them widened a little and then they might not seem like a waste of money.... just a thought.

MJ - glad to hear that your in the land of the living! I know what you mean about how it is easy to read a thread but not make a comment and just think that you have! Just an FYI - there were not jiggly bits because I edited them out!:p.

Hello to Tara!

Talk to you guys soon


Hey Everyone!!!
This morning I got up at 4:30 to go to my audit, drove 1.5 hours and found out that they were mistaken and didn't need me for that trial after all!!!! So I have had an early start on the day - that is the bright side right? Last night I went out with the boys and ran the trails for about 15 min... with the Vibrams, Logan (6) ran the whole time too and kept up!
My workout was:
WU: dislocates, pumps, sumo stretch and runners stretch
WO: 8 min swings 16kg!!!!! At the top of each minute 20 swings then 30 high knees jump rope
CO: 45 sec on 15 off 2 rounds of:
Goblet squat 14, 13
KT ...Bust??? 15, 17
Spiderman push-up 17, 10 (turned into push-up then spider man)
Reverse Lunge with kick L/R 12/15,13/14
Back Extensions on Ball 16, 16
Hamstring Marches 31, 29
Oblique Jackknife 16, 16
Mountain Climbers 40, 40

Plank on Stability Ball with arms extended 1 min

Now off to clean my house for the party this weekend!!! Good times!
Heather I was able to see the video! You look great and young! So nice, to see you! Maybe I need to do a few video clips just to see myself for motivation.

This morning I did my wake up at 4:30 and not go back to sleep routine, so I flipped my workout with Saturday's and just did Stretch Max with the mat.


Hi Everyone

Well, today is the day for physio. I realized this morning I have high hopes, like I'll be shown super magical moves that will solve all my problems over night and get me back to running/cardio next week. Wishful thinking, huh? Then I swing to the cyncial other-side and worry that I will be shown squats, lunges, supermans, and deadlifts. I'll report back.

I did do Muscle Max the other day, and have some nice DOMS in the inner thigh and across the pecs. Makes me feel nostalgic and happy - and encouraged. I'll get it all back with patience and hard work.

Heather - Man - getting up early and driving 1.5 hours (a distance I drive regularly) would make me annoyed. I wonder why they don't confirm the dates/times with you the day before? Seems like common courtesy. How did the Vibrams feel on the trail? What do your boys think of them? How is your back after your 12k KB workout? Party? What party??? Do tell!

Cathy - Can you believe I still have not received the StretchMax dvd I ordered! Weird, huh! That was way back in early July, right around when I first hurt my hip. After a month I contacted customer service, they gave me the USPS tracking numbers, the dvd was still hung up in the NJ Postal Processing facility. I gave it another couple of weeks to see what would happen. Of course, it didn't arrive. Nancy, at Customer Service, graciously offered to send me a replacement copy. Oh, and did I tell you I am going to the SF Giants Sunday afternoon game? My sister and I are taking the ferry. It docks right in McCovey Cove. It should be fun. They are playing the AZ Diamondbacks. (I grew up in Arizona, but there wasn't a pro team there at the time!)

MJ- It is always lovely to hear from you! How is work going? Are you still thinking of finding a new position? Maybe we should make a 5 pound weight loss challenge to jump start our Fall rotations. Gosh - uh - maybe it should be a 2 pound challenge! ? Whaddya think?

Tara - Hey girlie girl - chime in anytime you like - even with a one line post, something like, "Living, breathing, working, dreaming." :):)

Alright, time to hit the shower and make my 1.5 hour drive down the curvy mountain road. The other upside is I'll see my middle son today. I am taking him furniture shopping. :D
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This morning was Muscle Max. Could she have varied the rep speeds more?!

Ok, booked the flights for the boys and I to go to Florida mid-October. That gives me SEVEN weeks to ditch some weight and get into my shorts/jeans I've had to set aside. Some of them are the same size that I'm wearing just cut different. I know I need to be realistic about the weight loss because it's not very long, but just dropping enough to get into those would thrill me at this point. Making a list and shopping Saturday, so from Sunday on please feel free to ask me whether or not I stuck to what I was supposed to eat for the day or did my usual deviations. :eek:

Janis I soooooo have my fingers crossed that your therapy session goes well and that you get someone who is truly knowledgeable about all the current information.


Hi All,

I'm living, breathing, working a lot & dreaming of getting back to a good exercise routine!!!! ;)

Hope to make it happen this week. Miss you all.

Heather, loved your u-tube video!! Looking good & your form is great!

I really plan to be back on Monday. :)

Tara! Looking forward to your return. :D

So yesterday I was going to make up 30/30 since I missed it on Thursday. Coyotes were kind enough to play alarm for me at the proper time. And then the delays started. I was pretty sure they were to the SE of us, but didn't need Sparty getting all excited and barking/howling, too. So, brought him back in and went downstairs after he'd peed. Made it almost through the warm up and he starts dropping his bone on the hardwood floor and pushing it around. Small house and 3 people still needing sleep, meant he couldn't be making that much noise. Back upstairs and put him in in the backyard, but I could tell a skunk had just walked through the area. He was interested in the tree line, so I gathered it was at least on the outside of the fence, but skunk spray can certainly bypass chain link. :eek: So by the time the skunk seemed to have moved on, it was too late for me to workout as it was my shopping day and I needed to shower and get ready to leave.

Dealing with Sparty on the weekend mornings in general is a PITA. Weekdays DH is up and can shuffle him in and out. This morning I didn't start my workout until after 7:00 as the coyotes did not play alarm and I slept until after 6:30. I had almost talked myself out of doing it, but I told myself there would be NO MORE EXCUSES. So, I popped in IMAX 2 and got started. As usual with that one, I told myself get through 5 and then take it one at a time. And I did the whole thing! Now I just need to take the no excuses thing to my eating!

Going to be 90 today and Nick's team has a DH. He still can't field because of his hand and we won't know till we get there if he'll be at least in the batting line up or if he'll just be pinch running like last week. Anyway, I've already got my waters in the freezer. Last week it got hot unexpectedly after a cool morning and I ended up having to buy it.


Hey Everyone

Today I was totally exhausted from yesterday's party prep and then the party!! It was really hot and humid and I was a little concerned that I was torturing my guests but it cooled down after dinner. By the time everyone left I was ready to fall down. I only lost it on my sister once... not too bad really. I didn't work out all weekend and my back felt fine but this morning when I went to do swings it was pulling. So I just did bodyweight stuff and windmills. I am planning on doing a short run tonight too.

WU: Usual
WO: 3 rounds 10 of each
Pike Jump Squat (Hands down then kick feet in the air and land into a squat then jump up)
V-sits with leg adduction
Plank Jump Push-ups

Then 3 rounds
Windmills, 5R and 5L
Side Jump wth Oblique Twist 15R then 15L
Elbow Plank Hops 20

Then we dashed off to go buy back to school shoes! Trying to create some excitement for back to school...

Cathy - Yeah!! for the Florida Tickets. I am sure that you will be back into those short by then! I am sure you are getting the same heat wave that we have. Just plain yucky - Good luck today! and too bad about Sparty messing up the morning!

Janis - So how did physio go? The party was for my parents 40th wedding anniversary that I remembered about 2.5 weeks ago. It got thown together and everyone seemed to have a good time. My parents were very happy!

Tara - Hope you can work in a workout or two this week!

Talk to guys soon
Heather, yes we are getting the heatwave! It was so hot at the fields yesterday and we were there for about 5 hours. I sucked down lots of ice cold water! At least I didn't feel like eating. :p Sounds like your party went fine. Hopefully your sister understood. Sorry to hear your back is still not back up to speed yet.

I did Supersets today. Another I haven't done in ages. That one could be called "Maximum Low Ends" :eek: If you could do them with the exercise, she did them.

I'm looking forward to FL, but not flying. Never been my favorite thing to do, but the boys had a good experience the only other time we flew and so they are totally relaxed about it. I just focus on them and forget the fact that my brain can't wrap itself around how something that big can go up and stay up in the air. :rolleyes: The thing I dread most is I've got to get a new swimsuit. Things are on clearance now, so I know I can pick one up reasonable, but I don't want to get it for a few more weeks. My sister has a pool and with the temps supposed to still be over 80 there, I'm sure I'll want to use the pool and the spa while I'm there. I know the boys will be using it.

Had to take Derek in and get one of his separators replaced today as it came loose and then finally fell out and he swallowed it. So, we spent 35 minutes in the car each way for something that took 30 seconds to do. And since DH had taken the van, we had to take the old Honda with no air. And I got "in trouble" because he knows that I drive it over 60. It's actually MY car, but he tries to make sure I never have to drive it because he's grown fond of it and thinks it needs to be babied. It's almost 17 years old and has 290,000 miles on it, but I find that it goes 70 just fine. :D

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