Workout bras?


Great informative review. I am on vacation now but will give one of these shefit a try when I'm back home. Ive lost some weight and my current bras are getting a little loose besides.


No,LOL, I do not work for Shefit but I thank you for the vote of confidence in my sales ability. (Never been in sales of anything). Just wanted to give you a well rounded review. And honestly, I love my Wacoal front zip with an underwater but they aren't going to last forever and Wacoal hasn't come out with a decent replacement.

So trying this with no underwire was a risk at my size. But I think it will work. I can always try the moderate Shefit (vs the Ultimate that I bought) that has less support and use it for weight days. We'll see.


They are my favorite workout bra, once I figured out I had to make sure to line up the straps so they don't rub,


long term update, the only significant wear is the zipper garage on the bottom, and as I said before, I don't use the zipper, at all. a bit of chafing from the metal, I'll have to sew extra material there, surprising this area is so flimsy, I've never had and other front zip sports bras, so I can't say if that's typical, but shouldn't be for the price. thought you might keep an eye on that. I wash these separately, in the bag, and air dry.

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