Workout Blender stuck in "Importing your video..."


I'm a new user of Workout Blender; installed it on Monday. I had already imported/uploaded my Cathe downloads (also yesterday) and created two custom workouts.

But when I opened Workout Blender yesterday (and again today), I immediately got the "Importing your video" message and the warning to not move the video I just dragged into the Blender from its present location. But I had not just dragged anything at all - all my downloads had already been copied over into the WB. (Screenshot with the "importing your video" message is attached.)

I tried closing the Blender and reopening it - same thing. I even restarted my laptop multiple times, and still no change.

What can I do short of removing the software and having to re-upload all my Cathe videos? And I think by doing that, I would also lose the two custom workouts I'd created...?


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Hello joanm105. We have been focusing our efforts on the online version of the Workout Blender in recent months. Once we complete work on it, we will be giving the old application some attention to try to get it to work with more up to date versions of Adobe Air, OS X, and Windows. Throughout the many updates to systems and software, certain functionality of the WB has been broken and is in need of fixing before it will function reliably, the problem you mention being one of them.

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just curious, will the older workout blender application be updated? I love the idea of it, but since I have downloads of most of the workouts, the subscription model doesn't quite work for me.
Hi AudreyQ, no, we have no plans to revive the desktop version of the WB. Technology has changed since then and streaming has become the new way to watch videos.

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