Working out with my dog...


This morning I did Butts & Guts Leg Blast Premix, so I had jello legs. During the stretch, I was doing down dog with one leg in the air, and my dog (a sweet black lab/border collie mix) comes up and licks my armpit! Needless to say, I lost my balance. Anyone else have pet stories?


Our first dog Oscar (a boxer) used to come in to the room when I was done working out and was trying to stretch. He would lay down in the middle of my mat so I had to do my stretches around him. The first workout I did after he passed, I about lost it when I got to the stretch segment because he wasn't there.

When I first adopted my dog Ozzie (a boxer), I wasn't sure how he would do alone with our other dog Maggie (a lab/pit mix) so I kept him in the room with me while I worked out doing Cycle Max. He spent the first few minutes trying to bite my ankle/foot while it went round and round. He eventually calmed down and went and took a nap.

Ozzie also has a habit of thinking everything is a toy and has tried on numerous occasions to steal my medicine ball and stability ball. It was quite comical watching him try to grip them in his mouth unsuccessfully. He has also ran off with my lifting gloves on quite a few occasions. He is a quick and sneaky fellow.


When I do forward fold type stretching, my golden retriever will back up her hind end toward me and want me to rub her rump. She will also try to weave through my legs when I am in a static lunge. She also stares at me when I'm on the treadmill with a look on her face " that looks like fun, but too scary for me".


My two (a pointer and a lurcher) keep out of the way when I'm doing strength or cardio - but they LOVE yoga. They show me how it's done! We're quite often 3 down dogs in a row....
Perhaps they sense that I'm a calmer person during yoga?

The red setter that I had used to drag his dog bed into my workout room and snooze - I was often tempted to just curl up next to him.


I have 3 australian shepherd dogs. My oldest (14 yrs) just lays by the door to watch. My 8yr old likes to do certain moves with me, like suicide runs in cross fire or fast jogs like in drill max. She likes to run behind me like she's chasing me so when I turn, it's like I'm chasing her. Then of course she likes to bark (or laugh I think) at me. My 6 yr old loves boxing, esp. when I have my gloves on and my bag out. She stands on her hind legs and hits the bag too. I think she thinks she's a boxer. But they all love the stretch and yoga, esp. when they get next to me and I rub the belly. I just love dogs, they have the best personalities. Not that cats are bad at all, I just don't have any and haven't since I was a kid. I'm loving the stories I've read so far. Keep them coming.

jamie vaughn

I love these stories! My cat noodle loves to jump on my chest during chest flys and does the "kneading thing" with her paws. Then if I'm face down during a stretch she'll jump on my back and play with my hairband. Yoga is impossible as she expects belly rubs and cheek scratching at that time...


My dog will run back and forth when we do the suicides lol she will bark while chasing me back and forth. And during the time we do a drill I think on BOot camp 4 ds were we lay out different objects for land marks and as I start going back and forth to get the object my dog will grab it before I can get it or try to! It's so cute. Finally she will lay on couch and watch tip stretch time then if I am doing down dog she will lay under me on her back wanting me to pet get belly!!


I love all these stories! Keep them coming. It's nice to know I'm not the only one constantly watching out for my dog. He has a way of being underfoot. I work out in my walk-out basement, so he's always wanting to be let in or out.


I, too, become a k-9 lollipop during my cool downs and post workout stretching. They love licking my neck and ears, and one of them actually GRUNTS, tail going full force! Sometimes when I'm doing planks, Fiona will press her nose down on my back (resistance!).

During yoga, they bring their nylabones over to my mat, settle down (always touching the mat---in the way), and chew away.

Three beautiful golden retrievers!

I don't let them in the same room w/me when I'm doing cardio or lifting heavy. Safety first. :D


My dog Maisy often steals my yoga mat too when I am stretching. At times, while doing a bench press or fly, she'll come over and start sniffing my ear so closely that it tickles and makes me giggle. It's very distracting. She also tries to push her slobbery, goobery toy against my bare back (I sometimes wear spaghetti strap lululemon tops) if I'm on the floor - that's just gross, cold and wet yuck! When we first got her I repeatedly tried to barricade her upstairs but she would break through the trap every time. Dogs sure make it interesting.


Love this thread! My chihuahua loves to be involved especially when I am doing chest presses/flys while laying on my step bench. She often jumps up and sits on my abdomen and stares at me while I am doing them. My DS actually took a picture. Pretty funny!


My cat Misty used to "help" me with my core workouts. She would get under my head when I was doing crunches and situps so that I would lay back on her. She would also walk back and forth across my stomach when I was laying on the mat. She died in October and I was in tears for the first few core workouts that I did after that. It's better now, but still not the same without her.

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