Wooo Hooo! who's going to Daytona Beach 2014?!??


I am Thomasina from California and I'm so excited to be attending my very first Cathe Road Trip!:D I've been a Cathe fanatic for 9 years! she's the best!
I'm going too! I live in Florence, AL. I started exercising with Cathe on FitTv in 2005. This will be my first roadtrip! I'm excited!!!
I'm going too! My name is Tracy and I live in Olympia, WA. This is my second RT but the last one I attended was 6 years ago at Cathe's gym in NJ. SO excited to do this again and meet you all! And do a little workout on the beach. :)
Me too, I got in. My name is Diana and this will be my third RT. I went to NJ in 2007, and then San Diego a few years ago. I'm from the Denver area! I'm looking forward to a beach vacation in October, with all the cathletes!!!

I'm looking forward to meeting you cathletes as well, and Cathe!! ;) I wanted to go to the Glassboro a few years back and couldn't get in. Just as well because I think this Daytona one will be a much better experience for me because of the location and beach workout etc. etc :D.
I'm in! I'm Jody- and I'm looking forward to meeting Cathe and forum/check in friends in real life. I'm also using the DB RT as reward and motivation to get back to my former Catheletic shape. Here we go ~ insert music voice from fast feet during drill max.
I am using the Roadtrip as a motivator as well! I'm excited and a little nervous at the same, because I hope I can keep up with the classes! Ha! Looking over rotations this weekend or going to plan my own. Anyone have success with the rotations?

Jody, do you have corgis? My daughter has a 4 yr old female corgi, cutest grandoggie evuh, and I get to keep her sometimes. Always fun especially since my Golden Girl (Golden Retriever) passed away - a couple of years ago.

Happy Saturday, all! :cool:
Those were my corgis who passed a few years ago, see the halos? : ) I don't usually complete rotations but I've started a few.
I'll be in Daytona! I'm Lisa from the Denver area. Jody twisted my arm (ok, she didn't have to twist too hard :D ). Looking forward to meeting new fellow Catheletes and seeing Jody in person, she's such a hoot on our checkin thread. I used to be major Cathe exerciser since 2007 until an ACDF neck surgery almost a year ago (injury I incurred at age 5 finally caused me problems). It's been a tough recovery and I never would be as far as I am without my fellow Catheletes support.
I hemmed and hawed over the Chi RT but never did...then did the same for this, lol... but finally committed, lol. I'll be there! Woot!! :eek:

My last RT (I think) was 2012...my cardio capacity isn't the best (never is! LOL) but I guess I'll have to step it up a notch as the time gets closer...so I'm not passed out in the back somewhere, lol.

Can't wait to meet you ladies! :D
Oh no, sorry about your corgis, Jody, and I did not see the halos in pic. Yeah, I'll see if I start a rotation and finish ha! ;)

Hi Kiki & Lisa. Glad we're getting more catheletes checking in. Can't wait to meet everyone.

Lisa, I was going to ask if I could join you ladies in that check-in. I am over 40! Lol I used to belong to the cheetahs checkin 5 years ago, but they've all gone now i think :(. Could use a good Cathe checkin after coming back to the site after a break.

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!
Thomasina, we are always happy to have more in our 40's checkin :) I think this checkin has been going since 2007, and it's because of the fabulous ladies! A couple of us are hitting the big 5-0 this year (me included), and (shhhhh), Jody is over the 5-0 (sorry Jody). But we all decided to stay together, those 40 ladies have been such a life saver for me this past year!

Wondering if we should have an official thread for DBRT checkin so we can all get back into CATHE-shape since it seems I'm not the only one who has been sidelined (for one reason or another)......

Kiki, my cardio capacity is down too, haven't been able to do any high impact stuff. I'm hoping the fact I come from the mile high city to sea level to help me out....but then I remember how hard it is breathing through all that moisture in the air :p
woo hoo is right! I'm in and SO excited! It will be my 2nd RT but my first Destination RT. Glassboro last year, which was awesome, was my first one.
I'm from St. Louis, MO and looking forward to meeting and sweating and working out with you all and Cathe -- in a beachy area especially :)
Hi there, I live in Orlando, Fl and this will also be my first Cathe Road Trip!! I am SUPER excited!!! :eek: This is going to be such an awesome weekend!! I have been a fan of Cathe's since she was on FitTV 10 years ago! I may be early pregnant during the rode trip because my husband are going to start trying for baby #2 soon, but I did my Cathe DVD's all throughout my last pregnancy and felt wonderful and such a great pregnancy and such a fast and easy labor. Can't wait to meet all you girls!!
Sorry to echo you so much but I also live in Orlando, it's also my first cathe road trip, and I discovered cathe on go-to nearly 10 years ago. Looking forward to meet everyone!
Question - I'm flying to Orlando and am planning to take a shuttle service to the hotel. Do you have any experience with the shuttle services offered? The hotel doesn't have shuttle service.
Any advise would be appreciated. Thanks!

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