Whose bright idea were those one legged squat thrusts in Meso 3 plyo legs?!


Three guesses and the first two don't count ;-) I could hear Cathe's giddiness in disk 32 (meso 3 - week 3 - plyo legs) as she set up the one legged thrusts! Those were absolutely killer and my right leg was definitely my weaker leg! Though I am "complaining" about them as they were tough, I was actually pretty pleasantly surprised that I could keep up (the last two I had a hard time eking out, I admit it!) and felt how strong my hamstrings felt!

How'd everyone else do with these?? Anyone else think they were borderline pure evil? ;-)


Great, I'm starting week 3 this week. Although I think Plyo legs is fun and is clearly a good workout, I actually have a love/hate relationship with these discs. They make me feel like crap because I can't keep up. Legs are my weakness and the cardio burst aspect of these is killing me. I can do all of KPC, but these workouts I feel like the most out of shape person. I end up feeling bad about myself when I'm doing these. Argh.


Plyo legs is definitely challening, but I think you will be pleasantly surprised at the strength gains from the other mesos that really help with the plyos! :)


I agree - I looked like a total moron doing some of the plyo leg moves in disc 32 last night! It sure was amusing to my husband though who was watching to see how I did - he did his while I was at work so I didn't have the pleasure of watching him struggle through. ;) I will say, though - he couldn't manage the one-legged crazy combos and I managed to get through them all. Score one for me! ;)


I personally think 1 legged Squat Thrusts should be reserved for 1 legged people (no disrepect to those with only 1 leg). Those were killers.



LOL! that is funny, jean. i think they should be reserved for someone who is NOT 54!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEAH, it was funny alright, i almost did a somersault among other things, as i was falling all over the place.

and, if you want to know what i think about cathe's evilness, check out the thread, "OUCH, MESO 3 WEEK 3"


Hey, I know that plyometrics is just about synonymous with high impact, but can you give an idea of how just how high impact Plyo Legs is?


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