What did you all order?

What did everyone order?

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    Votes: 33 71.7%
  • DVD's & Downloads?

    Votes: 8 17.4%
  • Downloads only?

    Votes: 3 6.5%
  • Waiting for more details?

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Jennifer, Step Moves doesn't have any premixes on the dvd. I don't reach for the Shock Cardio dvd's like SM often. I don't remember SM going black on the dvd. I only bought the dvd bundle when it come out, back then I wasn't into downloads :). Cathe's premixes on her other dvd's goes black for a second too. The Step Move download shouldn't go black between the warm up and combo 1. I am going to have to pull that one out tomorrow I will let you know if the dvd goes black.I can't remember it going black
The Step Move download should play in this order.
Warm Up
Step Combo 1
Step Combo 2
Step Combo 3
Finished Product


Jennifer, checked my Step Moves dvd didn't see any blackouts. Maybe you want to contact Cathe's support team. I am not on Demand.
Hi bayerngirl,

Thanks for replying about Step Moves.

I have Step Moves the DVD and I know it has no premixes. On the DVD it doesn’t have any black gaps.

Since, you don’t have Cathe OnDemand then you can’t see the black gap it has when it goes to another section.

I was using Step Moves as an example. If I wanted to buy a download, I wanted to make sure that it didn’t have a black gap between sections like Demand.

Thank you for looking into it. I really appreciate it!

Jen Den


Hi Jen, you are welcome! Sorry I couldn't help you. I have Cathe's downloads not one of them shows any black gaps. All my downloads play fine. You can ask Cathes customer services or the OnDemand support forum before you buy a download. Maybe it's just a clinch on ODM?

Good luck!
Hi Belinda!

You answered my question!

The reason why I asked about the transition to next segment because the black gaps cause a problem, but there isn’t in the downloads.

I might think about buying a download in the future.

Thanks again!

Jen Den


Staff member
Hi Jen,

I want to make sure you get the right information about your question. Downloads don't have premixes, but streaming does. If you compare the regular workout on streaming with a download regular workout there will not be any difference in how the video looks or plays.

A streaming premix will have a very slight "black" gap between each segment. In 90% of the cases, you will not notice the "black" gap during the premix as it falls during a normal fade to black transition. When the transition falls between two segments that don't have a "fade to black transition" you will notice a very slight black gap on a streaming workout. You can't compare this to a download premix as they don't exist.

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