What about Make Your Own Squat Rack??


Since the post about making your pace weights, I got to thinking about a squat rack. I've already spent a small fortune on Cathe DVDs since I am starting fresh and had a lot of catching up to do, and am ordering more equipment. The papers are in the mail to cancel my gym membership. Then I had to have STS - that was the cheap part! :) I don't have the room for a regular squat rack but if I use STS to its full advantage, I may need one after all. I think it was Kathryn that posted about a rack that is in two pieces but still, that is $189. So, I am going to the Home Depot and seeing what I can build. Here are my thoughts thus far. Buy 2 of their orange buckets, and two bags of Quicrete (sp?), or however many would be needed. Then I'm going to get either the heavy duty wood fence post or chain link post and set in the concrete. First of all, I have to decide what would work for the poles to hold the bar - that will determine which type of post material I get. I would allow for several positions to place the bar, depending on what type of exercise it would be used for. Now that I understand exactly what the squat rack does, maybe I want one after all. I'll keep you posted on the idea I have. The DH is not the least bit handy with stuff like this but with some direction, he can be a good helper ;-) Meanwhile, I appreciate any thoughts.
I admire your ingenuity but, think about how heavy it's going to be when it's done. Are you going to want to move it out of the way after workouts? I think those buckets with quicrete are going to be pretty heavy. My husband is really into woodworking, and is on some woodworking mailing lists. He also does some metal working. If you want, I'll run this by him and see if he has any advice or if he wants to ask his cyber-wood-mates (I just made that up) about it.

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Beth - thank you! I had thought about the weight of the buckets, but I think it would be doable - maybe not pleasant though... (I'm trying to build big muscles anyway!) :) Too bad I couldn't make them like those healy shoes and pop some wheels out as needed! If your hubby can come up with anything, I would sure appreciate it. Maybe just a good, sturdy wood or metal base would work. I will have spent a good $1000 when all is said and done - mostly on DVDs but also some equipment. If I can save some cash here, that would be great. I am also looking on craigslist for used ones in the area but I really need the kind that is in two pieces, like what I am trying to build. Thank you again ! Shana
RE: How about this for a squat rack?

This is the one with the removable squat rack for $144. It's by Gold's Gym


I thought about having my husband build me one, too. He's a great carpenter, and has built me a ballet barre on the wall that I could literally SWING from, if it wasn't so close to the wall. He has it fastened into the wall studs with LONG screws in several places and it's not going ANYWHERE.

I have no doubt that this barre would hold upwards of 60-70 pounds of weight, which is probably as much as I would EVER dream of squatting with. Right now, I have a hard time hoisting 30-35 pounds up and over my head to squat. Actually SQUATTING with that weight is easy, I just can't position any additional weight on my shoulders by myself (thus the need for a squat rack :p). I am positive he can contrive a carpentry solution with brackets (either strong steel or braced lumber), and if it's against the wall and fastened 4-5 feet off the floor in our workout room, it really WON'T be in my way for cardio on the floor.

If he can design the bracket system, and it's safe, I'll post back to let you know.
RE: How about this for a squat rack?

I'm just tossing this out there. I know some people are considering buying a pull up bar or something to do pull/chin ups on. About 2 years ago, I bought a Power Tower from Dick's....something very similar to this one (and cheaper too).


What I've been doing for seveal months now, is ALSO using this power tower as a SQUAT RACK. I put my barbell on the handles of the dip bars in the front. I figure if the dips bars are built to withstand a 200+ man doing dips, it can hold my measely 120# barbell for squats. It works PERFECTLY, and now I have a dip section, an ab section where I can do hanging leg-lifts, a handle bar for pull ups and chin ups, and A SQUAT RACK!

RE: How about this for a squat rack?

LittleMoFit - thank you! If you come up with anything, please let me know. I am pretty much to the point now of rigging something b/c all of the things I look at are so big, and I don't like anything out when I'm not using it - unfortunately, I don't have a room for working out only. I do like the looks of what you posted though. I used to have something similar to that but gave it away b/c it took up too much room. Plus, I was spoiled from the gym and the leg work on it was not comfy at all - I had to decrease the weight used just so it wouldn't hurt my legs, due to the design of the one I had.

I am trying to think of options still - STS won't be here for a while anyway. I do want to get the most out of it though.

Gayle- I like your idea of using something that you already have. I don't have room for the equipment you mention, but maybe it will inspire me to look around here with new eyes :)

Thanks everyone!
RE: How about this for a squat rack?

>LittleMoFit - thank you! If you come up with anything,
>please let me know.

You're welcome, and I will! Yesterday, he was "engineering" out loud with me about this, and came up w/ installing two metal poles, floor to ceiling near the edge of the room, w/ holes that he can drill, to insert sturdy hooks or something. There's NO WAY that would collapse.

OR we might just bite the bullet and get the Gold's bench & rack. Still analyzing the situation!
How about watching the Red Green show archives and buying some duct tape...that should do the trick ;)
I think during meso 3, I will simply make my husband wake up early with me and lift the bar and help me position it! No need to buy a squat rack, but I suppose I will have to listen to his mouth.... Hmm....
>I think during meso 3, I will simply make my husband wake up
>early with me and lift the bar and help me position it! No
>need to buy a squat rack, but I suppose I will have to listen
>to his mouth.... Hmm....

Now THAT made me giggle! If I did that, my husband would be so sleepy, he might (accidentally) drop it on my head!
I had my father-in-law make me a custom squat rack several years ago. My workout area is very small, and I have to be able to move it. I am only 5'1", so a full-size rack isn't really needed. He made me one out of lightweight steel. I love it. It works great for me - I've had over one hundred pounds on it, and it's very easy to move. I think it cost him (me) $50.

Your squat rack made by your FIL is awesome! My husband was SUPER impressed w/ the picture & design. He's decided to not make one for me after all (see my post above), since we ended up buying the Gold's Gym bench & separate squat rack at Wal-Mart that has been talked about so much; even though it's footprint is still rather large. The squat rack portion is pretty wide, and my husband is going to cut the center bar down w/ a hacksaw, and re-drill the holes, so that it can be made about 12" narrower. That way, it will work with a 5' bar and have the weights on the OUTSIDE of the rack supports so that I can load & unload them. Right now, as put together right out of the box, it's really designed for a 6'-7' bar, which my 5'2" height (on a tall day) just cannot manage easily! And my exercise room has mirrors on the walls I don't want to bash into w/ a 6' bar, either! :eek:

The rack/bench combo was "only" $134 in the store instead of the $144 at walmart.com, and we didn't own a good inclined bench anyhow. So all together, we are both REALLY satisfied w/ the purchase! :7 I even wrote a review for it on walmart.com, since another reviewer had incorrectly stated it could not be used w/ standard weights, only Olympic. I have standard plates, and it's awesome.

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