Weekend Check in Saturday August 1st & Sunday August 2nd, 2020


Today was moving day for my middle and youngest sons. So lots of cleaning after furniture was moved. I was sweating like I was at the gym. Their new place is nice.

Empty nesters we are now!


Hi Everyone,

Yesterday I did a milhoy lower body workout + added on a bunch of KB swings

Annette - all the best to your sons - big step in life moving out


Good Morning! Almost afternoon...

Annette congratulations on your empty nest! It’s wonderful that they found a nice place. They must be thrilled.

KY & RWH Lift it HIT it - C/S/T Amazing WO! Loved it! Thank you so much Lisa.


Hi all

Yesterday was a rest day. We Went to the beach and also had a wonderful reflexology session.

Today was pyramid pump upper body plus bonus abs and a Sydney Cummings stretch.

Lannister I am so glad that you are enjoying our RWH. It’s one of my favorite Cathe series.

Annette enjoy being alone with your husband. I love all the time I can spend with mine.

I am going to follow the August rotation with some Live substitutions

Have a great day

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