Way to measure band tension?


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I wore out two of my Cathe fitness bands and ordered more on line as we are no longer able to order directly from Cathe (insert sad face here). The "heavy" band that came in my pack of 3 was barely more than Cathe's pink band. Is there a way to know how much tension you're getting with a band? Is it the material? Is there some type of measurement I should be looking for? Appreciate any help.


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Hi Diver782,

We're in the process of manufacturing our own bands and fitness products, but this time we're going to directly control the manufacturing process. It will be several more months before we have product in stock, so this will not help you now.

The tension of a band depends on the material used to make it as well as the thickness of the band. We've gone through numerous samples in selecting the bands we will be selling and even though we gave the same specs to every manufacturer, every supplier sent us bands that were of different tension. So it's really trial and error. When we begin selling bands again they will be made to a tension that Cathe feels is appropriate for our workouts. So they are very similar to the bands we used to sell.


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Thanks for such a quick and thorough response. For now, I'll just double up my bands to get close to the tension level I'm looking for until I can order once again from Cathe.


I'm so glad Cathe is going to do her own bands again. I find that after years of working out with her it is easiest to gauge what I can do in comparison to what she can do. That goes for not only weight but band use. Unlike weights however, bands to eventually wear out and/or stretch out. I prefer to support Cathe and her team by buying directly from Cathe.com so I will be purchasing the new bands.
This is great news! My green band broke months ago, and I've been making due. Looking forward to being able to replace it properly.

And then there is the fact that my son tied the blue one around a post in our basement when doing the exercises to rehab his broken foot, and it's still there because it's so tight the knot won't come undone. :rolleyes:


Oh this is great news. Any update on when this might be available? I just tore my heavy band apart this morning with my own two hands! Guess Cathe has made me super strong.


Will there be other products as well? Clothing or accessories? I always wanted that little keychain that was a boxing glove w/ Cathe's logo.
I have the Cathe boxing keychain, however the keychain link broke off. Also think the boxing gloves would make cute Christmas ornaments or gym decor :)

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