Was meso 3 disk 34 supposed to be 85% 1RM?


I did disk 34 today - the last chest/back DVD in meso 3/week 4 - and was sort of confused by it being 8 reps at 85% 1 RM. Shouldn't it have been 90% or so since it's the last chest/back DVD in this cycle, and should be the heaviest? My workout card was right and HEAVY, but just confused? Did I miss something? It was a fab workout, as always, I just got a little confused!

Can't believe I am two workouts away from finishing my first STS cycle!!!


If you have the STS user guide, you’ll see that actually week 3 of meso 3 is supposed to be your heaviest weight. The final week has you using the same weight as week 2 of meso 3, so that you are now lifting 8 reps like in the first week but at 5% heavier weights. So now you are supposed to have increased your strength by 5% in one month. Does this make sense? :)

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85% is correct for week #4. The way the 5% method works is in week # 4 you do the same number of reps as week #1, but up your weight by 5%.


Oooh now I remember - thanks for clarifying! I fast forwarded the first minute or two, where she must have explained it - that'll teach me for fast fowarding ;-)

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