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I am 57 and my husband is 59. We have both been working out with Cathe since her MegaStep workout - early 90's. I am an ACE certified health and fitness coach and a personal trainer. (Second career - started in 2001) While mentally our ages freak me out, physically it is a non-issue. We both do all of Cathe's workouts without modification - my husband even does Cathe's step w/o. We work out about 5 days a week for 90+ minutes. I have yet to see a decline in strength or cardiovascular endurance. In fact I just achieved a personal best last week - chest flys with 35# dumbbells!

None of our peer group friends work out. They think we are lunatics, but I would much rather be paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking or biking riding than going out to dinner. I know that "exercise has added years to our lives and life to our years".

All of you "youngsters" out there - trust me, you will NEVER regret a moment you spent exercising.

Well said, fitdeb! High five! I love this: "mentally our ages freak me out, physically it is a non-issue." I am with you! Mentally, I'm freaked out too, but in my heart, I'm still that same girl that I have always been. :) You are SO fortunate that your husband is into fitness right there with you. I wish my husband was too.


Keep it, at least for now. You state TWICE that the social aspect matters to you, a lot. Until such time as the time factor outweighs the social benefit, if such a time ever comes, then ditch it. For now, and as long as your unease about ditching the gym remains, keep it. My preferred method of action is to change nothing until I feel strongly that change is desired, needed, inevitable or I'm failing to thrive without it.


Clare, thank you for the reinforcement! My husband and I just got back from dinner and during our conversation, I brought this up. His response was the same as yours. So, my decision is now made. I'll go back to the gym September 1st. Honestly, the facility that I belong to is wonderful. It's clean, it's an inviting environment, I enjoy my time there, I love the people, and there is a wide variety of classes from which to choose. I'll just have to start my days a little earlier so that I can squeeze in Cathe time too. :)

I turned 50 in May and I absolutely hate it. Sigh. Still, I keep moving, because, hell, what else am I gonna do!?!?!?!?!


I felt the SAME way when I turned 50 - six years ago! You'll always be younger than me, Clare!! ;)

jamie vaughn

I'm 48, been working out since I was 15 when a boyfriend got me into weight lifting at the gym - it was a small local gym and I was seriously the only "girl" there LOL! I go to a circuit class 3 times/week for the social aspect like some others but still have to do my Cathe's in the morning to put the happiness in my day!


I'll be 59 in November. I found Cathe in the early 90s. I still do her workouts at home, but I also go to the gym for strength training, do interval classes 6 days a week and run 3 days a week. I have never felt better. I think exercising is the fountain of youth!!
I'll be 48 in three weeks. I agree with all of you 100%, but, then, that's why we're all here -- like minds. I could never imagine my mother doing a Cathe workout at 48. Shoot, I can't even imagine my sister doing one. I look at my STS worksheets I printed back in 2009 and I'm actually pumping more weight than I was six years ago.


I found Cathe in 2005 after my first shoulder surgery and have loved every day since. I just had a health assessment done for out health insurance and my dr. could not believe the lab results. I'm overweight due to 12+ yrs of taking steroids for a health condition, and have the "buffalo hump" to prove it. So loosing weight is hard for me, but working out keeps it under control and me from going crazy. I've completely changed my eating the past year, so my labs are better now than 10 yrs ago. She doesn't understand how this is possible with my health issues and meds. She is even amazed that my bone density test came out perfect. So all I have to say is, Thank you Cathe and all of you for helping me try to stay in shape and making me lift weights for my bones.


I'm 36 but found Cathe on Fittv when I was 30. I had a gym membership ever since I was 18 and never thought I wouldn't have one. But now that I own almost all of Cathe's workout I don't need one. I love the convenience of working out at home plus the workouts are way more fun and better than any workout I could do at the gym. I recently got my mom, who is 62, into Cathe and she is obssessed. Her favorite being X10 :)

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30 here! I started with Cathe when I was about 25/26. I think the part of the age disparity is because most 20-somethings don't have the money to invest in equipment and can't afford a place with enough space to work out. It's much easier to go to a gym or just go running when you've got roommates and a top-floor apartment.

Perhaps more importantly, Cathe does not heavily advertise or get involved with television or social media appearances. She's not really actively trying to grow her audience in the way that other fitness folks are. Instead the brand is mostly just maintaining the customer base Cathe built years ago. I think all of the new download and streaming options are pretty brilliant and could rectify this situation and attract a younger generation IF combined with a more visible presence on social media/youtube/TV (maybe, no one I know under 35 even has cable anymore). However, that would require a big investment of energy and time, and it's not like Cathe's going to go under any time soon, so I can see why that's not a priority. We'll just have to do our part and name drop at every opportunity.
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Tootles, that is a very interesting take on this! I was wondering why that it looked as if there was avg. of 40! I thought for sure it was 25 to 35! As I was reading I was wondering why is there not more younger people on here and thought Cathe sure is hard enough. But you are spot on! It may be the room to do it and the expense. However I think working out at home is cheaper in the long run. I worked out at home as a twenty ur old but I didn't have Cathe DVDs it was mostly rebox and such I MADE me a stepper out of wood and I also used it for the kids to color on. Lol so it served as two things because yes space was tight so all I needed was the step I made and a pair of light dumb bells because back then I didn't know about lifting heavy! I can see at that age I could not afford all the weights I have now and it took a few years to accumulate them. But I would love for Cathe to get a larger audience for her sake. I also hate that I try to tell people in my excitement of her and people have no clue what I am talking about.

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I'm 53; made the leap to Cathe when I was 48 1/2. I never thought of myself as advanced enough for Cathe, but The Firm and Tracy Long were just NOT challenging enough anymore. I ordered the Hiit DVD and did 30/30 for the first time. I knew immediately that I had found someone to challenge me (BIG TIME) and that I would NEVER outgrow her workouts!
I, like so many of you, am sorry I didn't give her a shot back in my early days of working out; but I am ever so grateful to be part of her club with all of you now!


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36 here, soon to be 37, started with Cathe on FitTV about 8 years ago. She got me back to pre baby body, so much more enjoyable than the gym!! Love her personality and enthusiasm, she makes working out fun, something you want to do, not have to do!

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48 years young! I found Cathe about 12 years ago. Like others, wish I would have found her sooner. Better late than never. ;)
It has been an amazing experience and wouldn't change a thing.

Hoot.. hoot...to all of us Cathletes!! :p

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