Video Clip of Cathe's Total Body Barre Intermediate-Advanced Live Workout


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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, October 7, 2021, at 9:30 am EST we’ll be doing “Total Body Barre Intermediate-Advanced”. This total body intermediate-to-advanced level workout is designed to improve overall muscle endurance, develop core strength and improve posture and flexibility through the use of barre-inspired high rep, light weight movements.

Equipment Needed:

A set of light and moderate dumbbells (I’ll be using 5’s and 8’s)
A fit tower (or chair) for leg work only
A mini yoga ball (optional as exercises can be done with or without the mini ball)
A fitness mat

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This one looks fun...and easy to divide up into shorter workouts.....I thought I was going to have to order a
small ball...but like everything else, I have balls coming out of my ears :) and I looked & looked and found
a smaller ball which looks exactly the size that she is using....Yay! I had to add some air, but I am good to
go now! Another good reason to keep things you haven't used for years !
I opened a thread about it....probably won't be there till Monday at the earliest.

I just finished the warmup & standing portion of it which was using the ball & weights, then Went to the stretch at the end.'s a lot of reps but it was fun....I might even consider purchasing it too.
Thank you!! I see where you asked about this and hopefully, it will be ready sometime Monday, when they have time.
I did this one today, but I think my hands are too small to do a lot of the ball exchanges. It was fun anyway, and definitely not too hard.
Yes, the ball does help, and makes it more interesting & fun. Even though I have a ball that works great, I ended up ordering 2 of Cathe's, curious to see if
What I have and hers are about the same size, it's gonna be close...I got 2 because the shipping was the same for 1 or 2.....felt like I was getting a bargain!
And I like to have a backup, or 2 :)
I did this one this morning and loved it! Great variety. I don't have a yoga ball, but the ball my boys use to shoot baskets in the basement is the perfect size for my small hands!

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