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Attention Cathe Live subscribers: Thursday, June 4th, 2020 at 9:15 am EST we’ll be doing “Metabolic 300” Live! Come join me for the celebration of our 300th CATHELIVE episode. This pandemic certainly has made party planning difficult and therefore tomorrow I will once again be flying solo in the house. But don’t be a party pooper and come join my party . We’ll be doing 30 exercises for 10 reps each....300 hundred reps for our 300th episode.

Equipment Needed:

A full-sized step with three risers under each side.

Various weighted dumbbells

A fitness mat

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I so love that you had a celebration all by yourself yet managed to share it with us. Thank you Cathe!! I appreciate your commitment to giving us workouts every week and keeping us fit!
I did this one yesterday and loved the 10 rep pattern for each exercise. It means I can match Cathe's weight more often than not because, as I tell myself, "Surely I can get 10 reps out." Fast pace and fun.

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