Updates on the new step dvds?


Staff member
Hi tlc93, we normally don't like to start our updates until filming actually begins as things can change and we want the information we provide to be as accurate as possible. Plus, you really need pictures and videos to make an update like this interesting and meaningful.

Though we're silent now, rehearsals and all the work necessary to make Step Boss goes on 7-days a week, including today. It will also be very obvious when our updates start as we will post tons of pictures and social media posts once filming begins. And we will certainly let everyone know here in our forums once Step Boss filming begins. Hang in there, it won't be too much longer.


Yes it is nice just to hear what is happening and rehearsals are going on even without pictures, thank you for this update, very exciting !!!

Does anyone remember the picture of Cathe sitting on the floor with note papers all around her working on, I think it was 4 day split, that was a fun picture !
Any thing like this gets me pretty excited Lol ! :):p:)

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