Update to Cathe’s Bodybuilding Rotation


Hi Cathe, I was wondering if you would change any of your recommendations in your “Bodybuilding Rotation” from a few years ago? I know you’ve made several new workout series since then, I own them all, and would love your input on adding any of the new ones to this rotation.
Do STS in its entirety.

Take one week off.

Do Gym Styles for one month!

Do the low impact series for two weeks.

Do Four Day Split for one month.

Do Shock Cardio Series for two weeks

Do STS Meso two and Meso three


I am obviously not Cathe, but I do have an idea for updating this rotation. I haven't tried it yet myself, but this is what I've been thinking:

Do STS in its entirety

Take one week off

Do Xtrain for one month (but NOT Burn Sets or CLB)

Do the ICE series for two weeks

Do Fit Split series for one month

Do cardio of choice for two weeks

Do STS Meso 2 and 3

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