Undulating Periodization


Hello Cathe and educated crowed! :)

I am following the undulating periodization rotation posted by another Cathlete and I really like it. I love the fact that every week the workouts are very different and always challenging. I'm working on cleaning up my diet to try for some more dramatic results than I got the first time through STS, which I loved too!! :)

Anyway, I have a question about when and if I should take a rest week while doing this. The cycle goes: Meso 3 week 1, Meso 1 week 1, Meso 2 week 1, Meso 3 week 2, Meso 1 week 2, Meso 2 week 2, etc.

I'm also wondering how often you all do abs, I seem to only be able to get them in twice per week.

Thanks so much for your input and ideas!!



Hi Steph...I am following the same rotation. I decided not to take a rest week as I want to be done with this rotation 3-4 weeks before my actual marathon (I am training for that too!), when I will go into my taper mode for running.

I have tried getting abs in 3 times a week but mainly I get in 2 times also.

I am really enjoying this rotation!! Although the 1st leg workout from Meso 1 fried my one glute! So I am subbing the Plyo workouts for Meso 1 and 2 leg days.

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