Two weeks until the road trip!. Where has the time gone?

What to do, what to do?

Can I lose those 10 pounds that I wanted to? Nope (maybe 2 if I'm lucky)

Can I increase my endurance and stamina like I wanted to? Maybe a little

Should I worry about some new or fancy hair style? Nope (hair is going to be in a pony tail most of the weekend any way).

Should I rush out and buy new workout clothes? Hmmm! Maybe.

So what should I do? Relax, prepare my packing list, get my camera ready and most important of all - PLAN ON HAVING A BLAST SEEING MY FRIENDS, MAKING NEW FRIENDS AND WORKING OUT LIVE WITH CATHE!


This is so funny! I too gave up on the weight loss deal....mine was more for flat abs but it ain't happenin' LOL
I had not planned on buying new clothes or shoes......oh well :D

I am working on increasing endurance and might happen (still cannot to straight leg in progress)

The hair goes downhill after the first workout and gets worn home in a ponytail

I have mentally started packing, but wont actually pack till a few days before

Looking forward to the live workouts and to see everyone

I was hoping to lose at least 10, too, Jean. ;) I'm just thankful to be going. The good thing about getting in during the last two weeks is that you don't have time to fret too much about anything. :eek:

Suzette, building core strength and improving on my pitiful pushups is my summer project. I'm not where I want to be but I am improving. :D

I look forward to meeting you, Mare. :D

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