Two Pit Bulls Just Killed My Cat


I was upstairs and I heard a horrible ruckus. At first, I thought someone was breaking into my house. When I got the door open, two pit bulls were on my porch, one snatched up Little Miss Muffet, one of two stray kitty's for which I've been caring, and they both tore off into the street. I ran after them, halfway down the block, screaming and shrieking. The dog that had Muffet dropped her and they both kept running. I stupidly hoped I could get her to the Emergency Vet clinic and she could be saved, as I scooped her up from the middle of the street. As she stared blankly ahead gurgling sounds issued from her fragile, fluffy little body. Neighbors watched, unsure of what to do, and I asked one guy if he could hold her for a second (so I could grab my purse and keys and get her to the Emergency clinic). He shook his head and said "No" and before I could react angrily I felt the life leave my baby and she went limp. She was such a tiny, young little lady.

I laid Muffet down on the porch setee. I was in shock and confused about what to do next. But I knew the dogs were still running loose and I had to get to the phone and dial 911. Soon, I was hooked up to Animal Control and there were searchlight choppers overhead (they're back now but, in this area, that could mean anything). I stood outside for a moment, looking up and petting Muffet's lifeless body when I realized I had to get PunkinHead (the other stray and Muffet's best bud) and my cat Tangerine inside the house. I called for Tangee, who'd (luckily) seen nothing and was blissfully ignorant about the tragedy that had just occurred. I got him inside easily. Getting Punky, who'd witnessed his friend's murder only 90 minutes after she'd brushed lovingly up against him, in the house was harder. First, he attacked me out of fear and it took forever to get him to finally relax and come in the house.

Then I had to bury my Muffet. She had an awful deep gash in her hind quarters and I realized I was covered in blood. Before I gathered her up I whispered "You deserved better than this, my baby... But I want you to know I love you so much." I always worry the many strays for which I've cared wonder If I love them or just feed them out of pity, all the abandoned cats in a bad neighborhood. I pray she knew the answer to that question after the lady who fed her, stroked her, and spoke to her sweetly as she gave me sweet little love nips chased two dangerous dogs for one last chance to hold her close and whisper tender words of love.

Tomorrow it will sink in. No more tiny little chirps instead of meows. No more little love nips. And nobody knows where those dogs came from or where they are now.
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I am so very sorry, really this is so awful. I can't say how it affects me too reading this. I am worrying also that these dogs will not be found, or the owners held responsible. Please keep us posted and I hope in anyway you will feel a little better tomorrow.
So Very Sorry for your loss. Rest in peace sweet kitty.

This just happened in our area of town also! how awful! something needs to be done!
That is awful. {{{HUGS}}} No idea who the dogs belong too? Did you happen to see what they looked like? Collars? Well fed? Skinny? I wonder if they were strays or belonged to someone.

I am so so sorry. Words can not even express my sorrow for you. You were are still are a wonderful mother to those cats.
OMG...I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. I'm so sorry for your loss. That kitty didn't deserve that horrible death... Hopefully they'll find those dogs. Take comfort in knowing that you made her life special, and she loved you for it.

Take care.
I am so sorry for your loss. Your story brought tears to my eyes. The same thing happened to my sweet Welsh Corgi last year. The next door neighbor's pit bulls got out of their yard because my neighbor had not replaced the battery on her invisible fence. I can't even look at those dogs after what they did. ((((((Hugs))))) to you! I am so sorry.
Sooo sorry this happened to you and your kitty. How incredibly heart breaking! :(

I hope they find the dogs and in turn the dogs' owners and I hope charges can be pressed against the owners for being so incredibly irresponsible!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so VERY sorry for you loss, so senseless. It won't bring her back, but I sure do hope the find the dogs for the safety of others, and the owners to hold them accountable.
Oh Stacy- what an unbelievable heartbreaking thing to happen! :( It makes me cry to even think about it! I'm sooo very sorry and sending lots of hugs to you!

Oh my gosh...this just breaks my heart! That poor lil' sweet kittie! I so wish I could say something to help take the pain away! I hope they find the dogs and cage them up before something else happens to an innocent pet OR person! Big hugs! You were special to your Lil' Miss Muffet and she KNEW it!!!
Heartbreaking! I am so sorry to hear about your sweet cat! The same thing happened to my kitty. Darwin was outside in our yard minding his own business when two dogs came from out of nowhere and attacked him. He died shortly after. It is a very sad situation, but take some comfort in knowing that she was loved and that although her life was short, you made it special!

Hugs to you...

I can't say enough how much everyone's kind words mean. Thank you so much. The shock is starting to wear off so your words really help.
Oh Stacey, I am so sorry for the loss of your sweet kitty. This breaks my heart to hear what those dogs did. Lots of hugs.


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