The tank hit "E" during KPC!


My final workout before my recovery week, I chose to do the 37 minute cardio premix on KPC...I started out strong, and then I realized I was staring at 12 Cathe's on the is quite enough, thank you. I simply couldn't complete the workout.

I decided instead to do the stretch segment, turned off the DVD player, looked at my Cathe tapes, my weights....waved goodbye to 'em...see you next week.

This break has been too long in coming, I had wanted to take a break the week of the RT, but the excitement of the trip was so strong that I needed to workout to calm myself down before the big weekend!!

The only Cathe equipment I'll be using will be my yoga mat, as a week of Basic Yoga for Dummies awaits me!!

I intend on invading Cathe's club on 9/15 fully recharged!


Good for you Jerry for knowing enough to take this rest week!!! The workouts we do take alot of discipline but IMO so does taking a rest week. Hats off to you & enjoy your yoga.
Be sure to post any pics from your time w/Cathe for us to be envious of!! ;)


Enjoy your break. I had a hard time getting myself to take a little time off even though I knew I needed it. When I finally took the time off, I felt so refreshed when I got back to my workouts. It was well worth it!



Alicia ~

How did you modify your eating during your time off? Howlong did you take? Thinking I could benefit from this too, just getting myself to actually do it is the tough part.


Good for you Jerry...I slammed the wall last Monday. It's good to take a break. Have a great class on 9/, I wish I could be close enough to do that.



Hey, Jerry I do not know if you read a previous message that I left for you.
I did not ever tell you goodbye on Friday morning. I felt bad. All of a sudden you were gone. I really was stunned and overwhelmed with everything.
So I just want to let you know that it was nice meeting you.
Tell Cathe I said Hi on the 15th.

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