Thank you Cathe and SNM


Thank you so much Cathe and SNM for making my 4th of July weekend the best ever and one me and my husband will never forget. I know a lot go's into the preparing for these events and I appreciate everything you've done for us. I met up with old friends and made new friends and some of my best friends came from these road trips. Thank you for the sweaty workouts, the chance to be in one of your workouts, the workout with Mickey, the fun fashion show, and a once in a lifetime VIP view of Epcot's fireworks. Thank you for being you and making my family feel special.

Kristin Tallodi


I am going to have to second Kristin's comment. This was my first road trip, and everything I've heard and read about them has been absolutely spot-on! I made new friends and had the time of my life, from the workouts to the food to the most spectacular fireworks show I've ever seen.

You are an amazing person, and we are all very lucky and grateful that you chose the profession you did!



How great you both got to go! I agree...everything they do is top notch! I love seeing all the pix!


I agree with Kristin and Nicole. Thanks to Cathe and SNM for ALL that they do, including the Road Trips. The RTs seem expensive, but when you really look around and see what is involved and included, it is obvious that what we pay for the RT doesn't even BEGIN to cover the costs. In the case of the Disney RT, which was done with a lower turn-out without a big corporate sponsor, SNM clearly took a huge hit.

When Cathe tells us that they do the road trips as a "thank you" to her fans, supporters and devotees, that is an understatement! They are clearly not doing road trips to make money as many (or all) of them are done at a financial loss for SNM. These truly are done "FOR" us!!!



Cathe - I am coming out of "lurkerville" to tell you how much fun I had on the Road Trip. I had no idea what to expect and was completely blown away by not only the friendliness of all the other cathletes I met, but also your entire crew. From day one I was laughing and cutting up with everyone like we were long lost pals. It was so surreal to have you kicking my rear end in person - just a few feet away. Every workout incorporated new ways to torture us which only made me work harder to keep up with you! I have to admit that it's a little harder to talk back to you when you are right in front of me though (not that I EVER do that at home when you are yelling "you can do anything for a minute")! :eek: When it was time for the spin audition, my hamstrings were "talking to me!" I had a hard time transitioning into standing and sitting positions for most of Sunday. :eek:

You are such a gracious host too. I can't imagine how hard it is to always be "on" with so many people clamouring to get a minute of your time. You were always ready to hear a story, hug one of our kids or laugh about shared experiences with fitness along the way. You are such an inspiration to me and my family and I feel blessed that I got to share a little bit of the limelight for a few days with you.

Chris - it was also a pleasure to finally get to meet you and have a chance to meet the man "behind the curtain" if you will. :p You were very entertaining and a very gracious host as well. Look at what we all might have missed had Cathe not been so persistent about teaching at your gym!

I am looking forward to the new dvds now more than ever after having gotten a little taste of what to expect! Thank you Cathe and crew for everything!



This was also my first RT and I had a blast. Met some great people and finally got to meet the gracious woman who has gotten me into shape. Disney was fun, fun, fun. So sad that it's over. I definitely plan on making another RT in the future! :)

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