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  • I'm checking your profile. Are you talking about me??? hahaha. Yes, I believe you are the Laura I met in Houston! (Miss America, right?? ☺)
    Hi Jodelle! I wish we had gotten a chance to visit in Houston; you seem like so much fun! (actually, I don't think I got a chance to talk to you because you seemed to already know most of the people there-you were always surrounded! The life of the party!) I had so much fun. I hope to go to Orlando.
    I've been a "lurker" on Cathe's forums for months now and I finally "came out" because I keep seeing you and Linda and Pinkey and Jenn posting and I now know who you are! It makes it so much more fun!
    Hi, TexasLaura, I just briefly met you at the Houston RT and I wanted to say hi and befriend you! IT was so great to meet everyone, including you, wasn't it fun???? Anyway, hope this finds you well and keep in touch!
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