Thank you, '09 Road Trippers!


Hi everyone!

Please pardon me for taking a few days (I've been in a stinky-laundry-induced fog!) to thank you ALL for the wonderfully generous gift certificate. What a perfect treat! I am going to have such fun deciding which of the awesome new Fitness by Cathe items to buy, courtesy of YOU! :D (I'm leaning toward those 4-lb weighted gloves, or putting your GC toward the new heavier vest or even towards a Turbo Tower -- what do y'all think? ;))

And thank you, too, for the e-mails and PM's and Facebook messages telling us Coordinators how much you appreciated our work. You can't imagine how good that makes us feel. As we told you on the Road Trip, we try every year to make the Road Trip better for you. We try to make it a little fresher, a little more smoothly-run, a little more balanced in terms of your feeling busy but not stressfully rushed from thing to thing, and of course, filled with the maximum amount of time with Cathe on and off the exercise floor. We're so glad to hear that so many of you thought we did a good job, and that you liked the tweaks we made this year such as the new Friday night "Name Your Table" game and having a Cathe class first thing on Friday afternoon.

But please don't feel like all you can say to us is "thanks -- I liked XYZ." We really do want to hear from you if you have constructive criticism for us -- we're pretty thick-skinned and we need to know from YOU what you think needs improvement for next time. So please keep those comments and ideas coming, everyone. The Road Trip Forum's open all year (as is our G-mail account!) and we do check often to see if we've got feedback from you guys. Don't be shy! :D

And finally, our apologies again, everybody, for the problem we had with the Who's Who Book pictures. Honestly, to a person y'all were SO gracious with us about that, and we can't tell you how much that helped ease our own deep frustration and disappointment. We promise to work our hardest to make the Who's Who Book process problem-free next time.

I hope many of you will get to see Cathe on her Eggland's Best National Tour this year, and I hope to see you, too, on the next "traditional" Cathe Road Trip! Hugs and my sincere and teary-eyed thanks to you all! You're the best!!!! :)


Yep, that would be my only beef too. Where the heck were the brownies? Oh but the rest was outstanding!!


It was an AWESOME RT! You ladies did a wonderful job as usual and this was SUCH a good time. Last year was fantastic, but this year was heads was just perfection. I loved every last second. Thank you!!


Thank you RT coordinators for a great time. And, thanks for making Kevin feel welcome. He was excited to join the RT this year and it did not disappoint him. He's now part of the Cathe family and that is in large part due to your efforts.

Hopefully, we'll be able to participate next year!



The roadtrip was FLAWLESS!! You ladies were remarkable! It went do fast; because there was NO down time... your hard work truly showed and the fun was non-stop!!!!! HUGE HUGS!!!!


Kathy, Debbie, Lorrayne and Cynthia, this RT was even better that the first one I attended in 2007 and I thought nothing could top that weekend. From what I heard from other repeaters, they agree that they keep getting better and better. Thanks for all the hard work you do on our behalf. Never having tasted a Green Grille Brownie, I guess I don't know what I'm missing! Maybe next year...


You coordinators are so awesome. I know that there is so much behind the scenes work that you all do to make each road trip better than the last....and believe have more than done that. This year's road trip was really terrific and my hat's off to you all. We appreciate it so very much. Miss you all already. Can't wait for next year.

Oh...btw, my only minor disappointment was no fattening hot dogs! I was so looking forward to being bad, lol.

Love you guys!



Thank you so much coordinators for all your incredibly hard work and many kindnesses to all of us Roadtrippers!!:D Kareng


I had a BLAST. Thank you coordinators for ALL your hard work.The new games and changes was a hit.I cannot wait to do it again.



Thank YOU!

Trust me, our thanks from you all comes from seeing all your laughter & smiles all weekend long. It still amazes me how 105 people gel so well! Cathe attracts the neatest people in the whole wide world and I am truly blessed to be a part of it all! Thanks Rters for making my 2009 RT a total blast!


All I could possibly ask for would be....Just one more day! :D

It seems that just as we were all getting to know eachother it was time to go. Makes me hungry for next year!

Everything else was wonderful!

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