Tell Me About 4-Day Split


I already have a ton of Cathe's DVD's, but I'm curious abt this one. tell me why I need it...

i am thinking after this round of STS this may be a good fit to keep the cross-trg & weights in since it will then be Spring & I'll be antsy to do more cycling outdoors.

thanks for the input!


I love the weight work in 4DS! I also really like the cardio in Kickbox and Boot Camp in 4DS. I am not that crazy about the step portion of Higher Intensity and Lower Intesnity though. I need more breakdown than is done during that time.

If anything, I would say it is worth getting for the weight work alone. Great way to get heavier weights in under 30 minutes.


I love the 4DS workouts. The music is great and Cathe's energy is awesome. I LOVE the step portions in 4DS, my only complaint is that they aren't long enough :D I bought the series as a download as well so I can more easily repeat sections of the cardio so I can make it a longer workout. I love the KB cardio as well...if it were another 15 minutes longer it would definitely be my most favorite Cathe workout.

I will say that I was a little frustrated with the step segments at first...they do take some getting used to. If you have picked up her other choreography with step you'll be able to on these as well.


I LOVE 4DS!! It was my 4-5 Cathe DVD (I guess I should say "DVDs") and it is still one of my all time favorites. I have to admit I adore the step routines. They are a little easier than some of Cathe's other step w/os, but they are just so much fun I find myself reaching for them again and again (I actually just did the HIS/LIS premix yesterday). Now, it did take me 1-2 times to pick up the steps and I tend to catch on to step routines quickly. But it is absolutely worth the time to learn the routines. The Bootcamp and Kickbox cardios rock as well! I find the bootcamp cardio challenging and i'm often gasping for breath by the end. The kickbox cardio is also one of my all time favorite kickbox routines. There is something about the punching combo at the end that make me feel empowered and strong. Did I mention 4DS is one of my favorites?? :) I really like the variety the cardio portions offer - yes LIS is easier and bootcamp is harder but the variety is what keeps the w/os interesting and fresh.

Now, onto the weight sections. I'm still a weakling when it comes to lifting, so i'm only lifting about 50-60% of what Cathe is lifting BUT that's okay. I consider it a challenge and i'm already progressing. When I first got the DVD a few months ago, I was using 10 pounds for the one arm rows (I think Cathe is using 30 or 35 pounds) - i'm now up to 15 pounds and honestly i'm ready to move up to 20 pounds (I just need to buy the dumbbells - LOL). I like the slower pace so I can lifter heavier than I normally do and really push myself; I always feel fantastic - and tired - by the time I get to the end. Plus each w/o is just fun and I don't have the "dread factor" like I do with other workouts.

Okay, i'm done gushing now. Haha!


awesome, thanks to all of you! now, wouldn't it be perfect if it went on sale in the next month or two? i'm only in wk 3 of meso 1 (my 4th time doing STS) so I got some time.

i am excited abt the kickbox, too. i used to teach it for many yrs & I really miss it sometimes. i know i will love the bootcamp, too. step is my least favorite but I don't mind it now & then. i think i'm too ADD for it or something LOL!


4DS is one of my favorites...I love all of it...the music, cardio, weights and pre-mixes.


I agree one of my fav and reach for it alot because it has such a good mix of cardio and weights.

Can't go too wrong with this one :)


Another 4DS fan here! These are some of my favorite Cathe workouts. I agree with the others that the step routines are so much fun, they are definitely my favorite step routines. The kickboxing is my favorite kickboxing and the weight routines are some of my favorites. I find bootcamp to be only okay, but that's alright, the rest more than makes up for it!


I LOVE 4DS. I always reach for it when I need a pick-me-up. Love the music in Higher & Lower Intensity Step. Kickbox is short, but surprisingly effective. Bootcamp is hilarious. I'm always laughing on the last one. If the workouts aren't long enough for you, there are great pre-mixes so that you can extend the cardio.

The weight work is also good & challenging.


I love 4DS also. I work full time, have kids (you know the drill) and need a ton of flexibility in my workouts. I can do the four days as is, can just kick box or do the bootcamp section if I'm really pressed for time and need something quick, but I often find myself double or tripling up on the weight segments on a particular day if I've gotten off my routine and need to hit those body parts promptly. I also find each of the workouts genuinely fun and not super-repetitive.



I LOVE the upper body premix. It's one of my favorites. I tack it on to the end of either Kick Box or Boot Camp and feel really worked out.

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