Supportive Mommas -- May


Roll Call:
Ashley Boy due May 10
lateeda Girl due Aug 10
Courts3 due Aug?
Cee(dragonf1y) due Sep 2
Heidisue due Sep 6
Marie(mfv3) due Oct 10
Cindy(lifeisgood) due Oct 14
MissyP due Oct 30
Courtney due Dec 18

For all you ladies with questions about modifications and what amount of work is appropriate: please read Cathe's post.

I am now 23 weeks and have had a pretty awful month. I have been having an allergic reaction with itchy red (and sometimes oozy) welts from my neck to my knees. Benedryl is not helping and even a round of prednisone has not completely knocked out the rash. I am starting a new round of treatment tomorrow as agreed upon by my dr and her nurse practitioner. Please pray that this comes under control and that the medicine will not harm the baby. The allergic reaction has also eaten up all my energy, so I have been working out little. Mostly trying to get in walking and swimming.

Heidi - the stability ball is my best friend when I am pregnant. Most exercises that I would do prone, I just do with my shoulders supported on the ball and keeping my butt down more than a table top position. Since crunch type motions are becoming impossible, the extra core work is a good thing. With my first I would also do wall squats rolling the ball down the wall as I hit my third trimester and balance was an issue. In other words: sit on it, lay on it, lean against it - the stability ball is my best friend when I am pregnant.
Also, feeling you on the potty training. My 2.5 year old was potty trained a month ago, but could not seem to pay any attention to his body yesterday. He does really well and gets back on track when I just leave him with a bare bottom.

Courtney - so happy to hear your good news and will be anxiously awaiting a good report from your first checkup.

Looking forward to getting caught up with each of you.


Cee- So sorry about the rash. Is it hives? My mom had those when she was pregnant with me. That sounds aweful. I hope everything heals up quick and they can figure out what medicine will work for you and the baby. Take it easy. {HUGS}

That's a good post from Cathe. I have the incline for my step so between that and the ball, it will help out a lot. Yesterday I did the upper body only from High Reps using lighter weights and the ball for an incline. Today I am super tired. I just took my little one for a nice walk and am probably going to take a nap now. I haven't been sleeping very good since my allergies have been making it hard to breath. Also I have been having really wierd dreams.

Hope you all are doing good. Thinking of you, Heidi


This week has been a bit of a struggle. I got a kickboxing workout in on Tuesday and yesterday I planned to go for a run once we got home from t-ball but cruddy weather came and it snowed most of this morning. Tonight I need to clean the house since my parents are coming up to watch the kids this weekend. We're doing our annual Anniversary get away at a local hotspring resort so we'll soak, eat very well, and soak some more :) I don't expect a lot of exercise this weekend so I'll have to get something in on Sunday, hopefully a run since the weather should be back to being nice.

Cee - That rash sounds miserable, I hope this treatment works for you. That's the last thing you need right now!

Heidi - I hope you can get some needed sleep, I know my average of 7 hours at night catch up to me a lot quicker right now.



Hey everyone-

Doing well here. I was crazy and did CCC today. I had to modify and definitely was not as intense as Cathe and crew but I made it. It was the first time I did that one. I ordered it when I preordered the new ones. It was sooooo hard!!!!! I for sure won't be doing that one again until after baby. I have been so tired lately. I slept until 11am today, am at work now and plan on going to bed right when I get home. I give major props to all you moms with young kids. I don't know how you do it with being pregnant...very impressive!

Cee- Sorry to hear about your allergic reaction. I'll be thinking of you and hope it gets better soon. Thanks for posting that info from Cathe...lots of helpful stuff!

Heidi- Hope you get in some good sleep. Much needed for sure. Glad you like High of my favorites! I read your post from last week too but figured I would just write on this one.

Cindy- Enjoy your get-away! Those are always fun. My husband and I used to love the hot springs when we lived in CO.

Courtney- I read your post from last week but figured I would post on here. I am hoping to work until the day I have the baby. Don't want to waste vacation time just waiting around at home. We will see though as things may change. I work at a hospital so if my water breaks at work I'll just head upstairs. It's not the hospital I plan on delivering at but I'm thinking driving after my water breaks wouldn't be the best idea. How long do you plan on working?

Alright back to work for me. Talk to you all later :)



I had a great weekend and happy (late) Mother's Day to everyone! I had a great time relaxing and soaking with the hubs then we spent Sunday at home as a family enjoying water since it was really hot outside. So far this week has had a great start. Food has been on track and I tried my new Kinect Zumba game, it was a great workout and a lot of fun. I'm sure I looked silly flailing around but that's OK :) Tonight I'm trying my new Slide & Glide workout, I'm really excited about it.

My belly is starting to grow, I think the skirt I have on today won't fit again and there's no hiding a bump anymore. I'm actually pleased that I've been able to go so far in my normal clothes, it helps that my hips are big so the waist on jeans is usually roomy.

I have a work conference Thursday and Friday so the end of the week will be exhausting driving back and forth, at least this weekend we don't have any plans.

Marie - I hear you on the exhaustion, I think once you already have little ones you just find the zombie in you and keep going. I do pick a night here and there to just go to bed early so that helps.

How is everyone feeling/progressing?



Hey Cindy-

My belly is growing big time. Like you say no more hiding it. I tried on my jeans the other day and they were so tight! No more wearing those...although I'm more into leggings and stretchy black pants myself anyways. It's fun to see it grow!

I worked out today after way too many days of being lazy. I ate horrible this weekend too so I had to put a stop to that as well. I did CSS+bonus step today. It was good but working out is definitely getting harder...I need to start modifying soon.

Chat later!


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