STS2.0 / Low Impact Cardio Rotation question

I believe it’s RWH Low Impact 2. I think the Fit Split is cardio only because it STS 2 with low impact cardio, and you’d be lifting weights using same body parts two days in a row. Just do the cardio. Same with Fit Split Shred Cardio. That’s easy to make low impact, so I’ll be using that too in the low impact rotation. In fact, Perfect 30 High Impact, I also modify to low impact, so lots of choices.
Week 4 lists RWH -Plyo HiiT 2 - i think you meant Low Impact HiiT 2?

Also on Week 6, you have FitSplit Low Impact Cardio/Metabolic Conditioning listed. Is it your intent for us to do the entire workout or just the cardio?

Anywhere that FitSplit is listed, it is the cardio portion only that is intended. We will take a look at the low impact rotation. It should be Low Impact HiiT two listed ;)

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