STS STS 3.5 Mo.-Is Anyone Else Doing This?


Hi everyone!
Well done for finishing STS - it must feel like quite a loss???
I just wanted to say thank you for keeping me going when I wasn't feeling to sure about continuing with the programme. I'm about to start Meso 2 (I'm doing 6.5months), and feel much better about STS than I did halfway through Meso1.
Unfortunately I HAVE gained weight - not the 6lb or so I originally feared, but certainly 3-4lb. Oh well :(
I've been doing quite a bit of cardio during my active recovery week, and have enjoyed the freedom of picking and choosing any w/o. Tomorrow I take my daughter to her new university digs, then I'll throw myself into Meso2. I'm planning on upping the cardio to try to stabilise my weight. I'm also doing the Ultimate Yogi 108 day programme, and when I finish that (5 weeks to go) I'll drop down to 3x week yoga, giving me a chance to up the cardio even more.
So thank you for keeping me going - I'm so glad I did.
Any tips from you experienced STSers are very, very welcome!


Hello Justinef! I moved my daughter into the college dorms a few weeks ago, too. It was a sad day for me as she is my baby and she just graduated high school, but honestly, doing doubles has really helped. It was hard to come home to an empty house but by the time I do doubles, shower and start making my lunch for the next day my husband is walking in the door. No time to sit and ponder the empty house.

I had the weight gain in Meso 1, too, which really surprised me. With those being endurance workouts I didn't expect that to be the meso I gained in, but I did. However, from day one I was lifting heavier than I ever had previously thanks to 1RM testing. I really thought I knew my own strength, but 1RM and STS proved me wrong! I am in my recovery week right now and next week I start Rock Bottoms rotation and to be honest, I feel weird about how to approach other strength workouts now. I am uncertain what weights to use now! I am planning to return to STS in November. I am going to do Cathe's bodybuilding rotation but the first time I do STS I am going to do it pyramid fashion. But Rock Bottoms is coming first!

As far as tips. Do 1RM if you haven't already. Like I said, I really, truly believed I was lifting as heavy as I could pre-STS but 1RM proved me wrong. I think I tend to overdo cardio, but who knows? I try to do HIIT/tabata level cardio at least 2x a week, plus kickboxing once a week. Do not neglect your core! I am not certain but I think that might be the source of some of my lower back issues during STS. In the first mesocycle I did good, but Meso 2 I stopped doing core regularly then had a lower back injury. STRETCH! I did Extended Stretch once a week, but as it turns out, it wasn't enough. During this recovery week my doubles have been yoga and WOW I am tighter than I have ever been before. Some of the moves hurt a little when they had never hurt in the past. In the future I need to incorporate more extensive yoga/stretching workouts. And finally--do the food! I didn't--so I am not speaking from experience but I just know that if I had altered my diet I would have gotten even better results than I got. And I got really great results! I am actually going to really try to clean up my diet for Rock Bottom rotation and then clean it up even more when I do the year long body building rotation.


Hi Justin- once again Jen is right on. The 1rm testing will really show you that you are stronger than you think. I gained almost 3/4 of an inch on my biceps - never thought I could do concentration with 20 or more - so pleased with both inces and strength gains. I also slacked on the stretching and my hams are way tighter - I need to really get back to incorporating more stretching. I did lose an inch around my hips - but my weight is pretty much the same. I'm okay with that. After Jen had that injury I made sure to do core at least 4 times a week - it definitely helped!!

I'm now just hitting each body part twice a week (once heavy once light) and king insanity cardio while I wait for cathes new workouts. I'm eyeing the rock bottom rotation for the holidays - I need something really kicking for that time of year.

Good luck Justin!

And Jen im jealous your cleaning up your diet - I've fallen off the wagon a bit there and I need to get back on!


Thank you for the replies! I've dropped my daughter off at her digs :( and then had a couple of days with my parents :D so have only just returned to my empty nest! I got home, greeted my husband and dogs, and then went straight into meso2. I loved it!
I do a lot of yoga (every day), so probably stretch enough - but the tip about core is really good. I arch my back all the time, and am really trying to stop doing that. I'll follow your advice and work on it with a little more dedication. And I guess I have no excuses for not making my diet super-clean - just 2 adults to cater for!

The Rock Bottoms rotation is wonderful. I did it after finishing XTrain before I started STS. The results were, erm, obvious. I also did quite a few push ups to keep upper body strength. I was exhausted.
Best of luck,
PS 3/4 inch on biceps is amazing....

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