STS Pyramid Challenge - December

Good Morning Gals. :) I just did Disc 24 B&B. Those drop-sets are intense! My heart just wasn't in the workout today but I am done. I just realized that I haven't taken a rest day in 11 days though, so I'm definitely taking one tomorrow. I *need* to do Ye Olde "Clean Max" tomorrow anyway before my in-laws get here next week.

Brenda: Sorry to hear about your ankle sprain! :( I've done that a couple of times before, and it takes a long time to heal. Be careful not to do too much too soon and reinjure it! I think Tracy was the one who mentioned Snowshoe. I'm in Norwest Montana near Whitefish Mountain (used to be Big Mountain, but they changed the name). Before kids I used to ski a lot. I would love to try snowboarding before I'm too old - heh.
Hi Gals,

D20, legs today :D

Brenda, I'm sorry about your ankle. Hope it heals up quickly. How fun that you spent the early days w/ your hubs in Snowshoe. I loved it there when we used to go.

Belinda, yes...definitely check out Snowshoe. If you've never skied before you will be hooked. And one advantage is it gives you a great leg workout ;)

Jules, hope you have a good rest day've earned it!

Finishing up the week here w/ D21, back/bi's tomorrow. Hope y'all have a great weekend :)

Good morning everyone!

Jules: enjoy Cleanmax really need your rest days i find in sts.. it creeps up on you when you don' feel great then all of a sudden you crash.. Well at least thats what happens to me. BTW thank you again for steering me towards sts:D

Brenda: sorry about your ankle:( Focus on the upper body for awhile and get some bulging bi-ceps!

Tracy: hope you bang out your discs with style this weekend. I have 4 and 7 on tap for fri and sat. only 2 more weeks and i have finished my way down...

I can't believe how much i have enjoyed the sts system! Its great knowing what you have to do every week. No thinking involved;) I really have to sit down and figure out jan and feb. I am seriosly thinking about pyramidding again in march...unless something else catches my fancy!

happy friday
Hey Girls,

I'm on the last week of M2 then I'll be going down to M1 ALREADY after Christmas! Can't believe it's flyin' by so fast! Did D22 today and whew...those push ups got me! I don't think I've done a single push up since last time I did D22.

Steph, have you figured out what you are doing after the pyramid? I know what you mean about STS. It's been so nice having everything planned out, weight loads figured out, etc :cool:

Hope you all are having a good Monday and your week goes well :)

Good Morning! I was feeling a bit run down over the weekend (fighting off a cold) plus I had a bunch of house cleaning to do, so I took 4 days off! :eek:

With my in-laws flying in today plus dd's b-day and Christmas, I'm not sure how much I'll be checking in here for the next week. I do plan to finish up M2W4 though and start M3 next week.

I hope everyone has a Merrry Christmas!
Jules: I betcha you feel great after that break!

Well girls i am an the home stretch...meso 1 week 3 and 4 which i am trying to get done before jan 1st since i am going to Texas and don't want to be shlepping weights with me;) It will work out great going to do week 3 wed-thur-fri and the weekend off and bang out the rest before the 1st!

Tracy: i figure i have 2 months to figure it out...then I might be starting up again with sts in march with a group on MFP...we'll see...I reaaly am looking forward to my rest week, seeing my sister and my new nephew...babies Rock!

I want to thank you again Jules for suggesting Cathe to me...I have no idea what I would have done without her...she is the best...

Happy holidays if I forget to check back!
Hey girls!!

Long time no check-in, eh?! I'm almost never at the PC anymore, so every time I get ready to check in on my phone, I find an excuse not to, lol. My back is...ok. I did finish up the last two wo's of M2 last week, & started in M3 yesterday. I can't believe how far every one is, Tracy and Steph will be ready to leave us soon! It has flown by! I'm already starting to think of what I might wanna do after I finish pyramiding, but at least I have more time left than you too.

Brenda: keep up posted on whether you pyramid down or not...sorry M2 doesn't do it for you, I feel the same way about M1. I only do it because I know the I should, lol. But I can't say I enjoy or even care for it, really... :confused:
Hi Girls,

I got M2, W4 slammed out Mon, Tues & today. I wanted to get it done before the Christmas festivities start. That'll give me tomorrow to get the house cleaned, to cook and bake then we're going to Tennessee to spend the day w/ my hubs grandparents who are in their 90's. Then we'll be heading to the coast to see my family right after Christmas...I'm so glad it worked out w/ my rest week :cool:

I'll be checking back in w/ y'all after the New Year....Steph let us know what you are doing in January.

Jules...tis the time of year, right? :eek:

KiKi, glad you checked in..keep us posted on everything.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

Hey Ladies!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, and didn't eat as much as I did :p LOL

And if you DID.....I know that you're getting back on the horn, here soon....right??? :confused:

DH was off all weekend (and yesterday) so I struggled to do anything active during that time :eek: , lol. I finally told him yesterday that we both needed to get up off our lazy butts and get in a workout, haha :D....He's been anxious to get back to STS, and now that he has his newest addition to the arsenal


, he didn't put up too much of a fuss ;) He's starting at M2 this time around, because he wants to stay in "build" mode for a couple more months, so he'll just be doing M2 & 3 (he just took a month off and did S&H, lol) until he's where he wants to be, and then start cutting w/me in March-ish. <<<<<Not that y'all cared about DH's workout plan for the year, lol, but just thought I'd share :)

As for me, I did disc 28 (C&B), and loved every SUPER heavy lifting minute of it! I'm still having to make modifications for my back , so Ive been doing a seated cable row in place of the bent-over row, because w/the amount of weight I'm lifting, I don't want to take any chances being in that bent over position for too long. So I upped the weight load a bit (my bent-over row is 100, I put about 110-115 on the cable row), and the cable row is still providing me my much desired DOMS ;) w/o throwing out my lower back. I'm contemplating throwing in the Lat pull-down in place of the pullups when I get to M1 because I'm liking being able to incorporate my other equipment, and M1 typically moves so fast that I'm too fatigued to get in all of my pull-ups by the end... :confused:
Checkin' IN (finally!).....

Kiki, nice dumbbell rack for your dh — are all the dbs new as well? Unfortunately I think I set a new record for bad holiday behavior: I bellied up to the buffet; I ate, drank, and was merry; and then I sat on my butt. :eek:

I wanted to work out last week, but I just feel weird excusing myself to do so when we have guests staying at the house. Plus, with my dd's b-day party and Christmas, there was a lot going on. Guests are leaving tomorrow, however, and I couldn't stand myself anymore, so I allayed some of the guilt by doing BodyMax 2 today -- ahhhhh :D

I plan to start in on Meso 3 tomorrow!
Just finished Disc 25 C&B. It felt so great to be back to push/pull lifting. I was able to increase all my weights! :) I am debating if I should get a little cardio in... Santa brought us an XBox Kinect with Dance Central 2, so I may just burn off a few calories while dancing with the kids.:D
Plyo Legs = FUN!!! :p

(My kids kept running in the room to whine for attention the whole time, but I just kept going- I'm on a mission!)

My goal for January is to shoot for a daily 600 calories burned thru exercise (6x/week) so I will do another workout later in the afternoon -- possibly CCC if I feel up to it or else some easier step if I don't.
Julie: 600cals/day for a MONTH!!! Wow!! That's a crazy goal, great way to kick off the new year! Man, I wish you were on MFP so that we could follow your daily progress in that goal.. Be sure and keep us posted! you mind if i join???

I came across the post on the STS forum and was so intrigued by it. I'm starting my 2nd week of M3 tomorrow and LOVED it and was debating what to do next.

I think i might pyramid down now!! :)

-Heather you mind if i join???

I came across the post on the STS forum and was so intrigued by it. I'm starting my 2nd week of M3 tomorrow and LOVED it and was debating what to do next.

I think i might pyramid down now!! :)


Hi Heather! I'm also in M3W2 so we can cheer each other on. :p I'm going to start a new thread for January, so I'll be looking for you there!

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