STS Pyramid Challenge - December


I thought since we are now in December I'd start a new thread. :) Here is a copy of Kiki's November invite for all to join:

This is also an invitational opportunity for any ladies that were considering joining. For anyone who is unsure on what the STS pyramid is about, feel free to check out the thread here. Basically we are doing the STS program in the following order: Meso 1,2,3,2,1. This will allow us to take advantage of the wonderful STS program, while using it with the traditional "bulk/cut" mentality in mind. The ladies in the check-in are all over the place as to where we all are in the program, so no matter what stage of the game you are in (whether just starting or a couple months in), all are welcome. Some ladies are already about to begin their way back down the pyramid, and some (like me) are just getting started. Either way, the check-in will help us to see how others make the program work for them (everyone does some things differently), to stay accountable, best of all, stay focused....

I posted earlier today in the November thread, so sorry if this is redundant! :p

Hi gals! Today was Disc 20 - Legs. Well it was by no means easy, I find this one much kinder than Disc 17. Not sure if I'll do anything else workout-wise today. Both kiddos came into our room and woke us up at 4:45 am, so I didn't get enough sleep. Plus my daughter's school Christmas program is tonight. (She is in kindy and they are singing "Jingle Bells.)

I hope everyone is getting their STS groove on! It's tough to stay motivated during the holidays. My diet has been better for sure, but I just can't say no to all the delicious holiday goodies.
Hey Jules!

I am on my rest week and sort of liking it...I miss my weights...really weird since I used to love cardio..
Today I did Hiit 40-20 and followed up by LIS lower body trisets with no weights...
One more meso left and my pyramid is complete!
Hi Steph! Too funny you are missing your weights... STS is addictive, isn't it? :p

I've actually been jonesing for some cardio, but I'm gonna be good and finish up Meso 2 before I add more. I am glad that I decided to do STS 6x/week just for Meso 1 and 2 on the way up the pyramid and dropping to 3x/week soon -- I'm ready for a change! I just did Disc 21 (B&B) and I'm gonna go finish up my workout with some Insane Abs... Later!
Hi Gals,

I'm on M2, W2 now. Got D16 done Monday but I haven't been able to get to anything else yesterday or today. Lots of things going on at the kid's schools! The plan is to get legs done tomorrow and back and bi's Friday. I'm loving being back on M2.

Steph, that's awesome you are already on your rest week! You'll be done w/ the pyramid before you know it :D

Jules, thanks for getting a new thread going this month :)

Hey girls!

I'm on my rest week, too! I ended up taking it early because I was having back issues at the end of M2, so I finished up all of the workouts except the last 2 back/bi wo's. I'll (hopefully! :eek: ) be tacking those on to the beginning of M3 when I start back next week.

Jules: will you be taking a rest week this time around? or just diving into M3?

Tracy: Hope the plan goes well, and you can squeeze in some wo's in between school event madness :eek:

Steph: We were doing M2 together, right? So does this mean you're going down to M1 now?! Man, the time flew!!! Any plans for when you finish?
I was going to ask you when we start up again to get rock hard for summer????;)

I am thinking maybe Rock hard bottoms feb 2011 rotation or maybe one of the ones jules mentioned to hel0p melt off my layers of lard...(having a fat day:mad:)
Today was cardio and I was feeling retro so I did MIC. :eek: A decade ago I could tell I was in good shape if I could do this one non-stop using an 8" step. Drumroll...... I did it! :p I had to laugh at the cheesy old CIA set and uncomfortable looking cropped "jackets" and high rise shorts the poor girls were wearing - LOL. I'm not a huge fan of Hi-Lo, and I only did that portion cuz it's like my personal "fitness test," but I *love* the step portion. "I Wish" + "Love Rollercoaster" = FUN. :)

Kiki: Sorry to hear your back hurts. :( It stinks that you didn't get to really enjoy your rest week. I am actually planning to take a little rest in between Meso 2 and 3 as it just happens to fall on Christmas week. The 23rd is also my daughter's 6th b-day and my in-laws are flying out and staying at our house for about 10 days too. Maybe I'll sneak in a couple of little workouts though if I can.

Tracy: I hear ya on all the school stuff. It seems like there is something every day!

Steph: I'm not worrying about the "last ten pounds" until after Christmas. I know I'm gonna want to indulge in yummy food in the next few weeks, but I'll definitely join you in trying to blast off that extra fat come January. ;)
Hi Girlies,

Legs today...felt SO good after my w/o's being interrupted for a few days. Back and bi's will be tomorrow and I'll be back on track to get started on W3 Monday :D

KiKi, hope your back is better.

Jules, I'm with ya...I'm not going to worry too much about my eats till after New Year's. I think I'll be finishing up M2 right after Christmas and before we head to the beach for the New Year so hopefully my rest week will fall into place. WTG on getting the cardio & 8" step done!

Steph, count me in on a fast blasting/get rock hard for summer rotation! I need to check the calendar but I think I'll finish up M1 early January so I'll be ready for it :)

Hope y'all have a great weekend,

Good Afternoon all...
Well I am on the home strech ladies...i can feel the end is near!!!! Today I started week 1 of meso do i hate push-ups:mad:
I used to love them before i started sts...:p

I am still on the fence about doing it 6x a week...I skipped it on meso 2 and 2 on the way down...however...i am thinking it might really help define...If I could keep my lips glued shut:( I also forgot how the house looks like a gym exploded in it!

Okay so... so far we are 3 for a rock-hard-butt blasting- fat shedding workout in lets say mid january of Febuary???

All that is left is to choose one....

What a weird day I'm having. Hardly got any sleep at all last night as my husband and I had "date night" at home (translation: watched 3 episodes of "Burn Notice", ate popcorn, then worked off the popcorn calories with some extracurricular activity :p) So I was just going to bed at 1:30 am when dd crawled into bed w/us. She has an ear infection and has been wanting extra cuddling. So I didn't get much sleep... again.

I could barely drag myself around the house this morning, but finally gave myself a pep talk this afternoon ("STS will give you energy - JUST DO IT!) and did Disc 19 (CST). Here's the cool part: I really wanted to get some core work in as well, but didn't have time to tack it on after STS before I had to go pick up dd at school, so I worked it in circuit style into all the 1 minute breaks during STS. It was AWESOME!

Steph, I know how much you hate M2 W3, but I think you would LOVE doing it this way! :eek: I did all the core work from Ab Ripper X and Cathe's Boot Camp. It was a great challenge and I didn't feel like the core work compromised my lifting at all. I was thinking you might like to do plyo work instead of core, but not sure if that would get your heart rate up too high. Anyway, the time flew by and I had a blast. :)

Unfortunately, ds had a tummy ache on the way to get dd and threw up all over my car. :( It seems like everyone is always sick around here. :( He is feeling better now that we are back home though. He wants to watch "Cars 2" so I better go get it all set up for him.

I hope everyone is having a good day - TGIF!
Hey Jules: Way to go on that work out..You actually made it seem like fun!
Sorry about your you have sick kiddy karma..hopefully it will go away when they hit 7 or 8;)

I had an idea for my meso 1 situation..insatead of doing it 6x a week..I want to bang out 1-2-3 lets say fri-sat rest sunday..mon lis total body tri-sets and again on wednesday... i will try it this week and see how it goes..or mabye stick to fri-sat-sun (one each day) rest mon. tues tt-tris rest wed. tues tttris and just stagger off one day of the week..kwim...mmmm...lots to ponder today...I should also try to get in some cardio huh?? I have rediscovered the HIITs love them because they get it done quickly..

I'll let you guys know what i end up doing to think (and do kiddos homework :confused:)
Hallo ladies,

I am still here::D Today I startd STS M3 D31 W3 Chest and Back:

I am done with my workout. My chest and back is fried. Not bad, for working out in an RV, hah? I do enjoy the STS 6 month rotation, which gives me enough time to play around with my weights.

Workout: 4 sets/6 reps

Flat Bench Press BB - 48 #
Flat Bench Press BB - 48 #

Flat Bench Press
- 82#
Barbell Rows - 82#

Flat Bench Chest Flyes - 30's
One Arm Rows - 39#

Incline Barbell Bench Press - 82#
Barbell Deadlifts - 82#

Incline Chest Flyes - 30#
One Arm Horizontal Row - 35#

I am to lazy to change weights, as you can see:p LOL!

Step - are you doing down with STS already? BTW, Cathe posted a rotation like this before. I will do something similar like that going down;) What rock hard rotation are you girls talking about? I am in!:eek:

Kiki - how is your back doing?

Jules - hope your DS is doing better? ((HUGS))

Tracy - have fun finishing up M2 before x-mas. Are you going down already?

Just a little update :
Sorry, for the lack of persoanls lately. But as you all know, my husband I are moved from Germany to the US this summer.We had a house under contract over 5 month (long story)got the word last week that we got it. Looks like we are moving in the end of Jan 2012.

Off to the shower, I will be back later.
Hi Gals! Today was cardio and I did MMA:Boxing including the bonus bag add-on. I'm a sweaty mess. :D Tomorrow I start M2W4.

Belinda: Nice scores on your workout today and congrats on getting your house too! Where are you moving? I live in beautiful Montana. :) Thanks for the well wishes - dd is on antibiotics and feeling much better, although she still keeps sneaking into our room in the middle of the night.

Steph: What did you decide to do for Meso 1?
Last edited:
hey Jules
Well for meso 1 I have decided ...drum roll please....
I did the 3 discs this weekend friday, sat (legs and back)
Today i did lis total body tri-sets...both upper and lower..tomorrow cardio...wednesday..either tbtris or hi-reps...or....

Belinda Congrats on the house...
Jules - glad to hear your DD is feeling much better. Yeah, you almost done with M2. We are moving to Harpers Ferry, WV. We put a contract (short sale) on a house a long time ago, now it went through. DH and I are so excited.

Steph - wow, on doing 3 discs this weekend. You go, girl! Like the looks of your rotation! Thanks on the house! We are very excited.

Waving Hallo to the rest of the gang!
Hi Girls,

wanted to check in super quick before I head off to bed. Got back/bi's done yesterday and chest/shoulders/tri's/abs today. Gonna take a day off tomorrow to go up to my son's class for their Christmas party waffle breakfast. Then try to finish up my Christmas shopping tomorrow. I think I'll be ready to tackle legs on Thurs. after what I'm fearing will be a crazy day tomorrow.

Steph, the M1 rotation sounds great...can't wait to hear how it goes.

Jules, hope the kiddos are feeling better. I love how you did core during the D19 w/o :cool:

Belinda, congrats on the house! Are you all anywhere near Snowshoe? We used to go skiing up there a lot when we lived in NC.

Okay, off to bed...nighty, night :)
Hey girls,

I will do D39 legs today and D33 (SBT) tomorrow. Don't have time to get it in on Friday.

Thanks Tracy! I never heard of Snowshoe? Need to google it. We just moved to Harpers Ferry, WV. Have fun x-mas shopping today.

Waving Hallo to everyone that follows.
Just finished up Disc 23 Legs. It wasn't too horrible - Disc 17 with all its squats and deadlifts is by far the most difficult STS leg workout for me. I am pretty good at endurance exercises (must have mostly slow-twitch muscle fibers) and today's wall squats and low plane lunges were a gift. :)

Yesterday was CST and the pushups were back- ugh. With all the quick drop-sets plus pushups I felt like I was back in Meso 1, but with much heavier weights. :mad: I also did some cardio yesterday with the first 1/2 of Intensity. Today I plan on doing S90 Ultimate Ball, but I need a little break here first-heh.

I hope everyone else is having a good day!
Hi Ladies!!
I have been AWOL from the forums due to computer issues.... just found out the laptop I ordered 2 weeks ago won't be shipped until Jan 3!! My desktop computer died right before thanksgiving so I have learned the hard way this time of year is not the best for trying to find a replacement!! Anywhoooo I will check in occasionally on my DS's laptop.

Just finished Meso 3 and started my rest week. I am not sure about pyramiding down since meso 2 tends to bulk me up. I was tinkering with replacing the leg workouts with some LIS lower body workouts- until I sprained my ankle (very badly) last Friday!!! I am telling you it is not fun getting older, the recovery time for injuries is excruciating LONG!!! My ankle is still double in size and I am wrapping it in a heavy support. I can barely walk for 5 minutes!! I may take an extra rest week and do some upper body workouts but cardio will have to wait until I can stand on the blasted thing for more than a few minutes.

Jules: I met my husband in West Virginia when he was my white water rafting guide. He worked the New and Gauley rivers spring and fall and then worked up at Snowshoe in the winter!! Boy did we have some good times there! It was fun to see you mention Snowshoe- we haven't been there in about 10 years. I am thinking it might be fun to go down there this winter. Ahhhh to go back to were it all started 28 years ago!!!

Steph: Don't tell me pushups are still a grind after pyramiding! I guess the exercises that we hate are the ones we really need. I am hoping my wrists are stronger since I have been doing the handgrip thing everytime I drive. Looking forward to seeing how much endurance I have built up. I know they are stronger judging by how long I can hold planks in my Pilates class.

Belinda- Congratulations on the house. I bet you are itching to get in there. When do you move?

Ladies: you inspire me with your 6x week sts, the numbers you are posting and the way you use the rest time on Meso 3. I love these forums because I learn something new everytime!!

If I don't get back before December 25, I wish you all a blessed, peaceful Christmas

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