STS first time!

A sunny morning! I did RWH Ch, Tri, Sh. It was hard! Al is so slim. I love Cathe's tank with the fanned out straps on the back. (I think I pointed these out when I last did this workout. Sorry to repeat myself, but it's worth repeating:D.) And I did some of Abs 1, which I ran out of time on.
We don't do V's Day with the kids. If dh remembers, he buys me flowers. I love getting flowers but hate the holiday premium he'd pay. But he's too Yankee practical to pay the premium though. Lately, we learned that Costco's is so inexpensive! Who knows if I'll get something. I sometimes have something in return for him. Not this year. It's so funny that you think it's a waste of money, Carolyn! I'm sure most men think the same thing. Same goes with buying jewelry on this holiday. What the?? I'd want me some jewelry though.
Eons ago I told him to send me flowers at work for our anniversary. The first time he did it, I was an emotional wreck!:D
I absolutely am filled with dread about the upcoming blizzard. Another foot. Can you say depressing??
Yahtze sounds fun.
Hello friends.... Im still sick.... cant seem to get rid of this mess! ERRR!!!!

Happy early valentines day! My hubby sent me flowers on Ive been enjoying them for a few days.... I will take them home tonight so I can enjoy them this weekend.... Its not very often I get flowers, so when I do..... I feel special...LOL

My lungs feel better, Im not taking Mucinex D to get rid of the congestion. I am battling severe sinus pressure, headaches, and drainage.... Errrr!!!!! Tim told me last night, he was ready for me to get back to my workouts.... I asked why...he said....he misses his tv time.... LOL.... says I hog the tv..... and that always gave him a full hour or so to watch his man tv.... LOL...hehehehe

Be back soon!
I did UY Strength this morning. Felt so good plus it was hard which I love :)

We went to a gymnastics place this morning. It was fun! The whole gym was open for the kids to run..... foam pits, bars, mats. His favorite was the trampoline. Then we met an old work friend at a burger place. I had a bowl of chili. B chowed his cheeseburger. I packed him a lunch but I thought I'd be fun and let him get a burger.

I did my challenge too :) Today was 60 chair dips, 70 jumping squats, 70s plank and 50 mountain climbers.

Yesterday my weights were a 20# for sumo squats, 15's for lunges, plank with 12# row and kickbacks started with 10's, ended with 8's.

We don't make a huge deal out of vday. Dh usually gets me something like flowers and chocolate. I get him a card but honestly this year I doubt we will do anything. I'm actually hoping to work a double.

Missy Ugh you're still sick :( Funny what Tim said about the tv :)

Betty More snow?! Dang! A friend from Boston posted a pic and I couldn't believe the amount of snow.

Carolyn Good way to practice math. I should do that with my nieces. They hate math.

Hi Jean and Mary!

Better get my laundry then painting time with B :)
I had a huge stack of bills to process at work. Phones were not bad at all!
F-REEZING. God help us with this upcoming storm!
Jean, hope you're home safe and sound!
Marie, high five on your workouts! You're awesome.
Missy, it's going to take a lot of time to heal. It sounds like you've been run over several times by an 18-wheeler.
So it turns out she hasn't had surgery yet. She went in today to talk to the surgeon, hoping for surgery next week. She has lung cancer that's not likely to have been caused by smoking, but rather by paint--she used to paint murals and decoratively for a living, over 15 yrs. She used to mix solvents and such:confused:. Apparently she is in huge distress and needs to be medicated in case she causes herself a stroke or heart attack. And she refuses to talk to anyone, not even her mom. The owners told my coworker to come in later today so he wouldn't see her. Supposedly this cancer is the best one to have if you must have it, so that's promising.
I'm freezing.
Tomorrow morning we have a funeral. I wanted to go to the wake tonight but it was over by 7, and dh didn't get home till just before 6. The traffic with the snow is so bad we didn't have a prayer of getting there tonight.
Mom baby unit today :):):) I have a couplet (mom/baby) where the husband is not the dad of the baby. It's so sad! I guess he already knew but still, how unfortunate. And on Valentine's Day nonetheless. He just seems so sad :( which can't say I blame him. The mom is very sweet but I can tell she is having a tough time too. The biological dad of the baby has no idea she was even pregnant. I understand that mistakes happen, but that is one big mistake!!! I can tell the mom is remorseful that she cheated but ugh what a terrible situation.

Just finished my first walk. Hoping to get in another. I signed up for a double but kind of hope they don't need me. I'd rather be at home with my boys of course ;)

Betty- How terrible that the cancer was caused by paint. Something she enjoyed doing and a healthy behavior at that to cause this :(

Carolyn- Great deal on the sunglasses! I always buy cheap ones too. They either get scratched or lost so I replace them often.
Hi ladies! I did PRS #2 this morning. I haven't done that one is a long while and I really liked it, but my brain got saturated with all the step moves so I stopped after the 5th combo and did core from rwh.

We watched 'A boy's life' last night, that's the one that spans 12 years and keeps the same actors. It was good!

Marie, enjoy work today. How sad for that dad, I hope they can overcome it, the baby needs the same amount of love no matter who the parents are.

Ok, we are bundling up and heading to NYC!
Hello. Frigid day. Long too. Finally sitting by the fire.
Carolyn, looks like you might get more snow than us!
Marie, why was it so obvious at birth the baby has a diff father? Does the baby look a different race?
Mary, I haven't heard of the movie but will look it up.
I don't reach for PRS2 any more. I must!
Have a great getaway, and be safe out there.
I got the Downton dvd set today! And the Marigold movie. Omg, have I seen it before??
hiho. snow has stopped and the sun is out, but the blizzard intensity gusts persist for a while. We probably got a foot too. The guys just went out to snowblow. I said, is it ok if I stay in?:eek:
I always buy inexpensive sunglasses too. My latest is from TJM.
I made a Dutch baby pancake this morning.
It is starting to look like I won't have a snow day tomorrow!:D
Jean, wassup??
Got to discharge a patient. Be back soon. She is so cute! She turns 90 tomorrow and wanted to be home for her bday :)
My couch has been having my butt on it a lot this winter! Enjoy lazing about! No guilt.
The mayor told people to stay in if possible, so it's interesting up in NH you guys were able to venture out.
Doing a couple of loads of laundry, and washed the sink and stove areas, which were so gross!
Longer discharge then I thought. Cutest little lady and very talkative :)

So yes Carolyn was right. The labor and delivery nurse asks a billion questions including are you married. Next comes....Is he the father of the baby? Oops that where we got a no ;/ And then the story came out that she "made a mistake." Eek! I guess the husband plans to sign the recognition of parent and raise the child as his own. Seriously what a standup guy. I could never do it!!!!!!!!! To think every time he looks at that child he will think of what his wife did. So sad! And then they will eventually have to tell the child. They have a 5 year old son together. That child will eventually know what happened too :( The baby was bi-racial. The only way you can really tell that a baby is of a different race at birth is looking at their anatomy. It was a boy and it was pretty obvious before I even got to the assessment of the inside of the diaper, to put it nicely. The baby had a huge headful of dark black, tightly curled hair. Just so sad :( I feel for them all.

Alright off to give report to the evening nurses :)
I woke a few mins before the alarm too:confused: I did Boot Camp but skipped at least 10 mins of stuff just because I didn't have enough time.
Frigid and sunny. Plumbing company today. On Friday we had moved a lot of today's appts, ironically. So we'll be able to handle a lot of emergency calls anyway.
School vacation week here. Carolyn, yours is next week?
Happy monday.... waiting on 5 oclock so I can head to the woods...LOL

I am planing on doing css tonight! Hopefully I can breath.... this will be my first cathe workout since I was sick.... I did a few standing exercises this weekend.... but nothing too crazy! Fingers crossed I make it!

Tonight I am having chicken for dinner.... should I have a salad with my grilled chicken or sweet potato and veggies? Hmmm.....

its suppose to get awefully cold here this week... eekkk!!!! Not looking forward to it.... I want 80's and sun!
Jean, you're buying a treadmill?
That's sad about your neighbor. Any moment your life can change for the worse. As Carolyn, always points out, life is short.
We just watched The Interview. So silly. Much ado about nothing!
Carolyn, stick thee to the rotation! I always falter because I don't exercise that many days!
DS is on school vacation so I had him clean the upstairs bath. He needs to vacuum all the carpeting too.
Missy, how is the slow road to recovery?
Jean, that's good news about your mom.
Marie, what an interesting story in the delivery room. You must see/hear a ton of them.

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