STS first time!

Hello! Still sick!!!! But the fever has finally left.... 5 days of fever, and I am exhausted! I still have a horrible cough (sounds like a smokers cough) Nasty!!!! And I have tons of mucas.... and a head cold! Blowing like crazy! Still on antibiotics (2 days left)

Hope you girls are staying warm! Looks pretty yucky on the news!

Yesterday, Tim drove me to the grocery store....hehehe.... I got groceries then went right back home. It took all my energy!LOL
Today...Im at work! Hoping the day goes by quickly so I can go back home and rest!
Oh Missy you poor thing. Get better! l can't believe you're at work :-( No fun!

Just a quick check in to say I did Greatest Hits this morning. Such a fun workout! Abracadabra :) I was singing along to so many of the songs. Thank goodness I workout alone in my basement lol!

Swimming lessons soon. Have a great day everyone! I'll check back later :)
Oh no, Missy! How awful! I feel so terrible for you! Sending you healing thoughts! When you finish your antibiotics, get on probiotics stat! Seriously! I'm not taking the pill or dairy kind; I'm drinking kombucha.

Carolyn, so sorry about your back! Are you on pain meds--is it that bad? Keep hanging and stretch, or whatever is your prescription for it!
How do I know if I'm lacking estrogen vs progesterone??? I only talked about estrogen with my doc, damn it. There are creams for both I could buy. I am paralyzed from all the options to treat symptoms too. I went to Vitamin Shoppe the other evening and same thing--too many things treating one symptom, mainly hot flashes! Aaaaargh! I don't know what to do!

We have fine, fine snow falling. I've lost count of how many inches. Dh snowblew yesterday, but there must be another 8-10". Who knows? I could be over- or undercounting. I just know I can't take any more of this!!!!!!!
This morning I pulled out RWH LB Circuit, which I had not done before, and yes, it was fun, but partway (is that a word?) through it, I didn't feel like doing it any more. I kept thinking I should be lifting weights. And my knees are feeling menopausally wonky. So I stopped it around the 25 min mark and skipped to the stretch. Then I pulled out LIHI B/Sh/Bi and did the premix with two sets and no finishers. Love it.
Eating my breakfast now (decided on matcha instead of coffee today), then shower, then start lentils soup on the crockpot.
Carolyn, did your sister make it here yesterday? A ton of flight cancellations today.
School just got cancelled again.
I'm dreading going outside. There's at least a foot on driveway.
Good Morning.... Today is my last day on antibiotics.... I am still taking stuff for this head cold I have.... Still have done zero exercise.... which makes me very sad! Not sure when I should start back.... as I still have breathing difficulties at the momment.... :(

I want to feel good and do my workouts.... At work early today for city exams...which do not make me happy.... LOL.... leaving home an hour early is not fun! It messes with me.... hehehehe

Weather says its going to be very raw this weekend! Yuck!!!! I need my sunshine to keep me healthy...... I already dream of spring.....come on sun....bring me warm happiness!

Hope everyone has a nice day..... ;)
Missy, don't worry about the exercise yet. Your body isn't ready. You can do gentle stuff, just not cardio exertion. Make lots of your chicken soup and put in tons of onion and garlic.
Dh is snowblowing. I'm going to my PA job in a bit. I would have liked to stay home, but would have been unproductive.
Your mom flies into Manchester? It's not as bad as Logan, right? The snow here is worse.
Im not a good listener either, Carolyn! LOL.... I use a manual brush too, but I need to invest in an electric one...but havent! Maybe soon.... I have another dentist appointment in 1 1/2 weeks (hopefully im all better by then).... not looking forward to it...but its much needed. Trying to get all my filings fixed, so I dont end up like Tim and need a root canal. He had the root canal last week.... so he has to get a crown now.... Lets just $$$$
Jean.... I am starting to feel better...if only this head congestion would leave me... I have felt bad enough for long enough. I had fever for 5 straight thats enough to make you feel like your dying! I am very tired at the end of the day though. Last night I was trying to watch tv and I just passed out at 8:15, as I was fighting to make it that long! Thankfully my husband is very loving and he has been cooking and cleaning for me. But he did tell me, he was ready for me to be better, because his lunches sure were not as pretty, yes...pretty! He said he cant make the food pretty like I can.hahahaha....too funny!

btw....these men are so outspoken in the mornings.... it just blows my mind....women are not embarrassed when going to the are gross! I had one man tell me I was the only positive thing about coming to this appointment.... I asked why...then regretted it.... he said he likes watching my butt walk up and down the hallway.... omg! really????
Thats what I thought.... men are too vocal.... thats why they die before us! LOL....

I am very blessed that Tim is such a great husband! He is cooking chicken tonight! :D

Just a few more weeks then Bates Motel is back on! Yippeee!!!!
Hi girls. I was lazy and didn't get up at the crack of dawn like a normal day. It was still a partial snow day for the region, after all, so I went to work at 11. Till 5. It was so quiet I could hear a pin drop! No nearby noise, no people, no traffic, no school, no construction. The roads were pretty empty, thankfully, but narrow, and the snowbanks block visibility. Dear dh drove me since, would you believe, the public rail transport was closed?! I could take the bus and train to my PA job but couldn't today. Ridiculous! Dh had to go out and get gas for the snowblower anyway.
When he works, he comes home and I'm cooking. When I work, I come home and I'm cooking.:-/:D I made cajun boil again. Yum.

Missy, that guy was such an a$$. I can't stand men who look at women for one purpose only. I'm thoroughly disgusted by them. I could burst a vein just thinking about it. Animals.
I can't believe you had a fever for many days. Heed your body and sleep as much as you can--it is healing.
I finally broke down and bought an electric toothbrush a few yrs ago. I don't know why I didn't earlier; it still doesn't clean my teeth well enough though.

Carolyn, why didn't you play WWF with your mom in FL?
How frustrating to see the trucks go by! Did they pick up on the 2nd time around?

Jean, I saw a commercial for the movie too! I can't believe it hasn't been released yet.
Lasagna is yummy! I rarely think to make it.
I'm sure your sis and mum are relishing your visit.

Hmm, what to do tomorrow morning....
Good morning. It is flurrying out! Fat flakes.
I didn't realize it was that long ago you hurt your back! Can you ice skate right now in the early morning? Or snowshoe?
I envy you your daily chats with mom.
I forgot to mention that I gifted GG to my friends when I met them for lunch Saturday. No feedback yet:D. That's what I did this morning, seeing what I got them into.
Hello there.... still congested and I feel like my head is blown up! LOL.... talked with my doc this morning.... said my lungs sound good.... now we just have to takle the viral stuff.... hopefully soon.... he told me to still rest.... no exercise as my brochial tubes are prob still inflammed due to the congestion.... rest rest rest.... all I do is work and rest.... my chest is still very sore and I cant breath much....but all I want to do is workout...LOL

Carolyn.... rest rest rest....LOL

Betty... yes men are animals and should be caged...seriously! I tink I only have 4 more mornings to go... friday, tues, thurs, friday.... hopefully I make it without going nuts on someone...hehehehe

I hope the snow stops for yall.... the temps this weekend will be dropping big time here in the south....not looking forward to it....

Off to the bank for the office.... be back....
I totally forgot to check in yesterday. We were extra lazy. We planned on going to storytime but then it started snowing out and we decided a pajama day would be much better. I did To the Max yesterday.

This morning was Legs and Glutes. Then we had our toddler class. Nothing else planned for today. Tomorrow I have my advanced cardiac life support class from 8 to 430. Hoping I can get up early and do XT Bi and Tri.

I have a manual toothbrush but like you Carolyn my dentist says I push too hard and has been bugging me to get an electric for years now. I probably should switch over one of these days.

Missy I'm so sorry you're still not feeling well. I know how much you're missing your workouts but definitely and take it easy and you'll get better more quickly. I can't believe that man said that to you. What a pig! It's just wrong in so many ways. When I worked at the nursing home there is an old man who would always look down our scrub tops when we leaned over. He was something else.

Carolyn I love that you chat with your mom everyday. Same here :) If we miss a day we at least text. Sorry to hear you're in pain again. I hope you're able to get out for a walk at least.

Betty GG is a good one to gift. That's a fun workout!

Jean Bummer you're not on Facebook! I would love to do a challenge with you. Her name is Camille Zeller. When I was a home care nurse I used to take care of her brother. Today was 60 curtsy lunges, 60 bicep curls, 50 chair dips and a 50 second reverse plank with leg lifts. I always do my morning workout but it's nice to have a little something extra to do in the afternoon.
Seriously, Carolyn, many a time I've hit a wrong key and am so happy to find my post is still there!
I LOVE beadboard! White though.
What did you have for breakfast?
Thank goodness for small miracles--the phones were so great today! Considering all the snow dams left and right, it's nothing short of a miracle we didn't get more calls. The owners are having a medical crisis right now and we're shorthanded. I'm praying for the wife's health--she went into surgery today.
Marie, great job on your workouts! And 'pig' is the perfect word.
Missy, (((((heal, heal, heal)))))
Omg, I just hit the wrong key!
Good cloudy morning. Slept an extra half hour on no-exercise Thursday.:-/
Thank goodness for this check-in forum. I've apparently forgotten to record many a workout in the past! Although if you had asked me, I would have believed the opposite.
Carolyn, we believe it is cancer. Of the lung. They have never uttered the word. She had no symptoms. Happened to ask for an xray for her ribs. She is in her late 50s. Praying for her.
I could eat breakfast foods till the end of time!
I will have won the gazillion $ power ball drawing last night, so next time I check in, I will be filthy rich.:D
Hello everyone!

Just wanted to check in, work has been so busy I never get a break and then much to do when I get home. And I think this weather is making me so tired, it just doesn't end. Light snow here today.

Betty sorry to read of owner's illness, I hope she is ok but that is scary.

We are going to NYC on Sat. for a few days, and will take in a show while we are there. We just wanted to get away for a few days of the girls' Feb vacation, but it will be strange to be away without oldest dd. Now they are saying there will be another storm Sat into Sunday, NY might not get as much snow there but it won't be great for walking around. And cold!

Carolyn how is your back?
Enjoy NYC, Mary! The food choices are phenomenal. Hit some places! Enjoy the show and your weekend. Have you heard of Katz Deli? Best pastrami ever. Supposedly. How about NY bagels? My dh loves NYC but me not so much. He would like to try Tom Colicchio (Top Chef) restaurants. I'd go for ramen, and to a little hole in the wall in Chinatown with delicate sponge cakes.
Carolyn, I believe she is a former smoker.
We're supposed to get another foot of snow! Blizzard. At this point I'm so numb from it all.
Not filthy rich. Waaaaah!
I did XT Bis and Tris this morning before work. I had my recertification for Advanced Cardiac Life Support. It went well but the instructors were drill sergeants. Glad I don't have to we do that for another two years. After work I did my challenge. It was 70 sumo squats, 70 lunges, 65 tricep kickbacks and a 65 second plank with rows.

Dh is giving ds a bath right now. Breaktime for mama. I just ate two mini dark chocolate peanut butter cups, the ones from TJs. Hopefully it stops at just two.

Betty I'm so sorry to hear about the owner. That is very sad! Fingers crossed for her.

Carolyn Yantzee so fun! We will definitely be having game night when B gets a little bit older. You guys always seem to have so much fun!

Mary Have fun in New York City. Dh and I went a few years ago and loved it. Not a place I want to live but fun to visit.

Missy I hope you're feeling better!
Yikes, Marie, don't know if I'd like doing that challenge:confused:
I have a container of the same chocolates! Saw it and got sucked in!:D

Carolyn, I don't know how to play Yahtze!:eek: You guys always have so much fun!
That's a real downer about your sis but who can blame her??
I rarely play Power Ball either but at the plumbling place we were all planning to win together:-/

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