STS first time!

Hello.... with Mary... the blue too much and green is too light for the walls....

I am really good friends with the owner and owners daughters of the small I come and go... I have a key....and I just go when I want to. I use to teach classes there also. So im well known. I give her a little money each year for Tim... but not much as he never goes.

I have been so busy with time to even check in. Tomorrow I have a dentist apt at 3:10....

I think I am over stressed with work.... errr!

I just started watching the series Bones on Netflix.... I love that kind of stuff...... so every evening I have been watching it.... I started at season 1.... I think there is 190 episodes on Netflix..... so I have plenty to de-stress me! LOL

Off to watch a little tv.... will try to check in tomorrow morning. week started my early mornings for the city prostate joy! an hour early I must go in! Errr!!!!
Mary, I can't believe you guys have a 3rd day!
My dh spends so much time on the sidewalks (we are on a corner!), as well as shoveling out the public bus stop, and the school bus stop. A lot of people don't bother with their sidewalks! You're walking along a nicely shoveled one and then stop dead at a huge wall of snow. Which means you have to step out onto the street. Which is not safe in places.
Jean, Mary has the best solution.
Missy, good luck at the dentist. When you have your mouth open, breathe slow and steady through your nose.
Those prostate exams came back fast.
Carolyn, I prefer not to work too, but you have a point. I don't like it when I'm harried and hurried. Too much room for mistakes!
Good morning.....I'm up and at it

We shall see how hectic my day gets today....truthfully I'm just waiting on friday at 5.... I need a weekend! I want to rest.... I've been too stressed these past few weeks at work!

I need to sit down ans plan some new healthy meals.... that's on my agenda this weekend....before I go to grocery store! Hmmmm.....

Have a nice thursday! Be back soon.... ill check in while sitting in dentist office for sure.....
Good sunny frigid morning. I had planned to get up and do arms. I know, I know. On a Thursday?! 4 days in a row?! Not. When the alarm rang, I was super tired. I slept on. Oh well. I feel virtuous nonetheless, having gotten UY in.
Sidewalks are the homeowners' responsibility. You can get fined. But on major streets sidewalk plows could help out. Never here. We get to it first anyway.
I hugely dread the streets after a major storm. I need to go to TJ's and Costco.....
Off to plumbers' job for the rest of week. What major mental health rest it has been!
We don't actually have alot of sidewalks near us, just windy roads, so I have no idea why it is such an issue. The superintendent also said if parents are not comfortable sending their kids to school on Friday, they should just call the school with their concern and their child will not be marked absent. Oh come on! My kids take the bus anyways and they need to go back to school, they were arguing too much yesterday.

I worked from home the past 2 days, had to come in today but it wasn't bad. I also got my crown replaced this morning, the novocain is wearing off and I popped some Advil. Good luck at the dentist Missy!

Jean and Betty, did you watch DA yet? Any idea what Thomas was doing? I couldn't really read the magazine.
I'm at dentist....omg....nervous I am! Lol.... dentist makes me nervous....gyn dr...nope.... hahaha... funny funny I am!
I've been trying to check in for days now but I keep getting interrupted halfway through typing my post and then it disappears because I forget to actually post it.

Tues was SJP. I was going to do KPC but let's be honest, I just am not a fan of kickbox. I did the whole 73m of SJP and it went fairly fast. I LOVE the hi/lo weights combo. Storytime at the library after that.

Wed was Plyo Hiit 1 and Abs 1. Short and intense. We had toddler class today and then went to The Blast. It's that system of tubes and slides and climbing things. He just loves it and is becoming so independent in there.

Today was PRS2. Then we met a friend at the zoo. They have a program called Little Explorers where they have stations set up....putting rings on a toy seal's nose, water table, matching colored animals to circles and such. It was fun! We also walked the tropics trail and then the conservatory. It's where dh and I got married. It's essentially a huge greenhouse with tons flowers and plants.

I wanted to lift today but last night I felt a hard lump in my palm. I'm pretty sure it's cyst but it's kind of freaking me out. I made an appointment to get it checked out next week. It's painless but I didn't want to agitate it with lifting.

Missy- Hope the dentist went ok. I as well get anxiety during it. Not fun!

Jean- Have fun playing dominoes. I vote for green. It's a really pretty color. Love all the animals :)

Carolyn- Ds just sounds so sweet. What a love of a boy you have.

Mary- I swear when I was a kid school was never cancelled. Now I feel like it's always cancelled.

Betty- Have fun at Costco ;) I LOVE that place.

Tomorrow my mom comes in town. Dh is ice fishing with the boys for the weekend up north so my mom will watch ds while I'm working.
Hiho. Today reached 35 degrees. It felt good.
Mary & Missy, glad you got your dental issues taken care of and it's in your rearview mirror (as Travis would say)!

I watched DA this aft and paused at that moment, but now I can't remember the exact words! It's to the effect of a new career or something. Is it me or is the set really dark this year? Didn't Barrow have bruises on his eyes after he got back from 'visiting his ailing father'? What was in his room that the maid saw? I couldn't make it out!
Who wouldn't want a Lord Merton being breathless and in love around you courting you? He was so gallant!
Mary Crawley is just not very likeable. Never has been. Not very attractive either. She is especially mean to Edith!
Both her suitors are handsome, and Gillingham turned a bit almost verbally abusive. Can you just picture it?
That teacher is so offensive! She just keeps going! And she is about 4 1/2' tall!

Jean, when are Broadchurch and Halifax starting. Those I enjoyed!

Marie, how do you do such difficult workouts everyday?? SJp is killer, esp the legs part. ENDLESS squats and lunges!

Crap, I've been stuffing so much in my mouth!:confused:
Tonight I had made a chickpea curry coconut rice for dinner. Dh said, where's the chicken?? It was a recipe I saw this morning in the Costco magazine. A great vegan dish, but there was a lot of rice in it. Lots of leftovers though.
Missy, what hormone do you apply topically? Progesterone? I don't know anything about these and I want something natural, non-animal. Like estriol made from yams??
Dh and I have the BigL finale on right now, only because we've got nothing else to watch. I'm sitting on my rump surfing and watching tv. Sitting kills.
Good morning! Where are y'all? Living a life??
It's cloudy and possibly flurrying the tiniest invisible flakes. Snow tonight and Monday. The dam has burst.
TGIF but no complaints here for the broken up week.
I set out to do RWH arms but ended up with XT C/B/Sh. Love XT!
Have a great day.
It is so cold and windy out today! I had a few errands to do but now I'm sitting with a hot cup of tea. Dh just asked me if I want to go out to dinner tonight but I said no, we can get takeout. I just don't want to go out again.

I took a break from rwh and did xt ch-b-sh and core 1 this morning. I love the xt weight workouts!

I wonder if we will have a snow day Monday as well. I brought my laptop home just in case.
Hi :)

Working as an ortho nurse today. One with a knee replacement, one with a shoulder, one with a hip. Good variety ;)

Yesterday my mom and I did LIH1 and abs 1. Today after I get off we will do another short one....probably LIH2. Betty- I usually do take 2 rest days a week...Sat and Sun...because I the rest of the week I try and go a little crazy. With this cyst in my hand though lifting has not happened which is a bummer because lately I've been really enjoying it. Your dinner sounded so good. I get the Costco mag but I toss it out. I should dig it out of the recycling bin.

After our workout we took B to the coffee shop with a play area. Then we went back to The Blast...slides, tunnels, etc. My mom loved it :) Then we went to Applebee's for dinner. We went a little crazy. We each got one glass of wine. I never really drink so it was kind of fun :) Then we got some apps AND dessert which was amazing! A chocolate lava cake with ice cream. Oh my ;) love at first bite.

Tonight we are going to do a chic flick and dinner on the couch.

Jean- You're so crafty. My mom and sister are but I missed out on that gene.

Carolyn- Chili smell in the background while lounging. Sounds like my kind of day! Fingers crossed for a snow day on Monday. Sorry about dd being upset. It's so hard to say no to kids but worth it in the end. You don't want them to think they can get everything they want....leads to problems later in life. For our toddler class we are doing a book study on saying no to kids. It's good so far but between reading that and studying for my ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) class for work I've been busy. Let's just say I DON'T miss school!

Alright one hour left. Come on 3:30.....
Hi Mary-

We were posting at the same time. Nice job on the workout. I have still never done the XT weight workouts. You have motivated me to try them.

Good call on the takeout. I prefer that....much more cozy plus I'm all about pj's the second I get home :)

Hi Missy!
Hi friends. Got up, made brunch (pancakes today), showered, hit the library, insane crowds at Whole Foods & Costco, came home to my cousin who stopped by, then headed to babysit my bro's kids (still here).
Super frigid gusts and only 18 today!
Carolyn, love hearing about your buys! Have not seen that link before.
Mary, I just did the same UB yesterday. Love XT too.
Marie, def get XT out. How fun with your mom!
Missy, let me know about your hormonal cream and if you know about wild yam.

I did Greatest Hits step today, that was fun! I loved all the old music.

Carolyn, thanks for the link to those stretches, he goes into a really thorough explanation for them.

Super bowl party later, oh boy! Enjoy the rest of the weekend.
Mom baby unit today :) What fun! I don't even feel like I'm at work when I'm on this unit :)

Yesterday my mom and I did LIH2. Our dinner on the couch was awesome. We got some deli salads....a turkey wild rice...the dressing in it was nice and light and then an antipasto one with kidney beans, chick peas and veggies with an Italian dressing. We also got some salmon that was already cooked. We ate it cold on crackers. Mmmmmm! Dessert was a brownie with a thick chocolate frosting. Oh and a glass of wine too :) Love mom daughter time. Back to routine tomorrow.

Dh is on his way home now. He is going to a friend's for the super bowl. I drop my mom off to take the shuttle back home at 5:30 and then B and I may go over there too. He knows I'm not a football fan though and said he really wouldn't care if I didn't want to go. I'm thinking snuggling on the couch with B sounds way better :)

Mary- I always forget about GH. It is fun! Have fun at your super bowl party.

Jean- My mom and I watched "Wish I was here." Have you seen it? We liked it. Have fun at the party. Good call on the soda. I try to get out of cooking as much as possible too ;)

Carolyn- Bummer about your back! I have a whole bag of epsom salts I'll send you ;) I'm not a bath person. Omg laughing about your fraud purchase. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out at home. Work limits what websites we can use.

Betty- What a productive day! Mmmm pancakes ;) Ds and I made them on Friday. It was fun! It was only the second time I've made them.
Hi friends! School was cancelled in late afternoon. I went to my PA job today instead of tomorrow. But I have my ob/gyn appt tomorrow aft, so don't know if it'll happen.:-/
Sitting in front of the Pats game, er, Super Bowl.
Marie, I forgot to say that molten lava cake is to die for!
I just watched that movie last week!
You and your mom are so aweome.
Mary, GH is fun!
Enjoy this evening.
Jean, sorry about your m-i-l.
Interesting about the JJM book--it could be an electronic mini-book (can't think of what they're called), which she has several of. I just finished Windfallen; it was just mezza mezza.
Have you read Sandra Brown? I've got Mean Streak right now. It's good.
I'm stuffed--had some apple pie with vanilla bean gelato. AFTER I had a madeline cookie:-/
I'd love to have an epsom salt bath one of these days!
I'll be enjoying a long workout tomorrow morning after I sleep late!:D

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